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Perv, bully student X Shy new student

Yaoi = BOY x BOY
Uke = ..One who is...fucked?

Seme= One who fucks the uke.

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Leo nods and grabbed his own books out of his locker and closed it and headed off to class. When he got there he sat in his seat in the very front. He hated sitting up front but he had no choice.
  Leo / NoraGene / 10y 71d 47m 59s
Aaron smiled at him, "Thank you!" He said, then put his stuff in it. His blue hair tossed over his shoulder. He hummed softly, then closed it slowly, making sure he had eevrything.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 71d 49m 59s
Leo smiles and stood next to Aaron and put in the combination and with just one try it opened. He smiles at him. "Here you go." he says and stepped away from the locker.
  Leo / NoraGene / 10y 71d 55m 8s
"A..Ano....Yes...Please.." Aaron mumbled, a small blush comin to his cheekss. He moved out of his way, letting him to his locker. Then told him the numbers. He chewed lightly on his lower lip, waiting.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 71d 57m 55s
Leo was the captian of the football team. All the girls wanted him, Leo didnt want them. He wanted to keep his heart safe. He enters the school and goes to his locker which was right next to a girl with blue hair. When he watched her try to open up her locker, he smiles to himself. "Need some help, hun?" he asked, moving a strand of hair from his own face.
  Leo / NoraGene / 10y 71d 1h 36m 29s
[[o.o Helllo?]]
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 71d 12h 34m 7s
:D Sure!

Aaron tugged lightly on the end of his pink and blue jacket sleeves. He looked around, chewing lightly on his lower lip as he walked around. Soon he found his locker and tried to open it, but failed. He sighed softly, looking around again. Most of the time boy's thought he was a girl. Because of his long-ish blue hair, and well his bright colors. He tried to open his locker yet again, but failed. He looked around, wondering who'd he ask to help..
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 71d 17h 55m 54s
  Leo / NoraGene / 10y 71d 14h 3m 0s
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 71d 14h 18m 17s

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