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{Girl} is an angel, a special angel, she has always been special not just because she was a descendent of the highest power, but because she is able to travel between Earth and Heaven. One day, she went to Earth to visit a boy, someone she had fallen for, but the love was dangerous. She was an angel, and he was one of the possessed, a demon, a devil spawn as some claimed. In truth, she was not to have any relationship with a human because it was forbidden to begin with, but to have a relationship with a demon, that was beyond the forbidden law. She however was blinded because her love clouded her judgment, that eventually was the start of the war between hell and heaven.

Several hundred years later, {Girl} is reborn on earth. She is born a human and so is the new heir to take over the devil’s throne of hell. She has become a top agent of the FBI, but she is also still working for he angels in the mean time. She and her partner, {Guy}, are given a new mission. There is a new private school that opened a year ago, and several girls have gone missing since. They are sent there as she takes the position of a student, and he a teacher.

The headmaster is a demon adviser to the new heir, and he pretends to be {Heir’s} father. {Heir} is one of the hottest guys at the Academy and all the girls are crazy about him while all the boys wish they were him. He usually uses the girls for their souls, and moves on to the next girl. That is until {Girl} walks in and seems to be unfazed from his beauty and smarts. He instantly becomes curious about her, but she blows him off a lot and is making him want her all the more. He notices that she hangs around the new science teacher, which for some reason makes him very angry. What will happen with the demons are summoned and the school is under attack as the students start losing their souls and the girls are endangered of becoming slaves?

NOTE: Alright, just so whoever joins understands, the girl is me, and she and the heir are supposed to be lovers. Her partner also has feelings for her but she doesn't know it yet, and eventually he is going to admit it to her. The adviser, is supposed to protect the heir until he can take the throne. And I plan having the heir remember everything first, but the girl's memories are being blocked at the moment and she refuses to remember to allow him to explain.


Literacy is a MUST, if you cannot at least get two to three paragraphs in your post, then I will have to kick you out, this is a lit role play which means grammar, spelling , and punctuation. I know that I sound mean but I hate when people consider themselves as lit when they use computer and text language, which is completely semi-lit.

Make sure you are following the story line, and please be creative at the same time, I love twists and it would bring this role play many possibilities.

Romance is a must, but none of that instant stuff, love doesn't just happen, it needs time to build.

Please post and be on everyday or tell me if you will not be able to post then please inform me, I do understand when things come up.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a PM (:

If you have read all of these rules then please put, "Pretty butterflies" in green.

NOTE: I do read all new posts, if I find that someone has been stealing my role play, then I promise you that I will spam your role play or annoy the hell out of you, this is my idea not yours, got it? Good. If you have read until this point you are to send me the pretty butterflies in a PM.

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