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This a school for vampires of all sorts to find a girlfriend, and spend time with her, there can be no humans charaters, cause the vampires hunt and kill them for there feeding time with is on the full moon.

One vampire though, a princess of vampires, the only that has not shared her blood with anyone is called miyu, she feels lonley seeing other vampire cuoples, will she find someone to share her blood with?


human age:
vampire age:
room number:
crush on:


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human age:17
vampire age:220
room number:11
crush on:none
Name: Glenn Evans
Human Age: 18
Vampire Age: 150
Sex: Male
Room Number: 13
Powers: Heal by using his blood
Crush On: No one yet

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can i join please^^

human age:17
vampire age:100
room number:10
powers:can command animals
crush on:person who saved her when she became a vampire never knew his name and can only remember vaguely what he looks like.
  Arianne / FallenAngel / 9y 226d 3h 4m 56s
human age:15
vampire age:300
room number:17
powers:shadow manipultaion
crush on:no one as of yet.
  Kairen / Riptide / 9y 330d 3h 32m 34s
miyu sighs as she landed, she wiped the blood from her motuh "gah what a nasty taste of blood, that teacher is worser than the other one " she said outloud not knowing someone was here, she jumped into a tree and clicked her fingers letting her own world come around the tree that slenn was sitting at, she sighed again "sometimes being a royal vampire is not all that, people hate me,i hardly have any friend, and i've never shared my blood with anyone, sometimes.....i just wish for a normal vampire life...but i'll never have that " she said as a smaller form of her appeard at the bottom of the tree crying, she just sat there with tears that looked like blood.
  Miyu (Princess of vampires) / darkstartalker / 9y 341d 5h 35m 42s
Glenn was up pretty early this morning. He got up and got dressed and ran to class, his hair blew in his face as he ran quickly. He knew he was late and so he took off in full speed once he got there he quickly opened the door, almost tripping over his feet as he walked in. He sees that someone had attacked the teacher. "I was hurrying up to get here for nothing?" he frowns and sighs and walked out of the classroom and went outside and sat under a tree.
  Glenn Evans / NoraGene / 9y 344d 3h 14m 21s
miyu just sighed, she looked at thee teacher not able to hold back her thirst for blood, she stood up and slowly walked to the teacher, she put a spell on her and made her turn her back, she moved to her ear and said "" she said bitten hard into her neck the teacher screaming in pain, she cut her thrat to make her stop screaming, she then went back to her seat her father coming in to get rid of the body "miyu i told you not to bite out staff member" he said ot her but she just opened the side window and jumped out of it.

  Miyu (Princess of vampires) / darkstartalker / 9y 344d 3h 21m 28s
Name: Glenn Evans
Human Age: 18
Vampire Age: 150
Sex: Male
Room Number: 13
Powers: Heal by using his blood
Crush On: No one yet

  Glenn Evans / NoraGene / 9y 344d 3h 23m 35s
he sighed he hated people like her he put on hid ipod and sat back not careing what the teacher was saying he's eyes were red from the day he was born but when he wated blood they wold be this light blue.
  Dark / fireflys202 / 9y 344d 3h 25m 38s
she turned her head "i never said i was looking at you so please just stay qiuet and listen to the teacher ok?" she turned back to face the window her eyes turning bright gold, a normal vampires eyes would turn red but her's turned bright gold, she looked at the other looking at them "if you have a problem then i'll take care of you after class now turn away" she snapped her anger getting a bit out of hand.
  Miyu (Princess of vampires) / darkstartalker / 9y 344d 3h 30m 41s
Dark was the only one who had wings and a tail he sighed as the girl looked at him "hey why are you looking at me" he said and every one looked at him and her he was geting a little mad.
  Dark / fireflys202 / 9y 344d 3h 39m 14s
miyu was still in he hall ways, she came into her class once again her teacher looking at her "so you finally came back huh miyu" the teacher said to her, miyu just gave a death glare to her.

"don't waste my time girl" she said ot the teacher sitting in her normal seat at the back, not many vampire here liked her but she neever cared, her fangs showed, she licked her fangs watching another vampire just beside her but she was not looking at him, she could smell his blood a mile away.
  Miyu (Princess of vampires) / darkstartalker / 9y 344d 3h 41m 45s
dark walked out of his room and down the hall into class. all the girls loved him. he sat down there was no windows he sat at the back of the class he realy hated school his tail moved sid to sid his wings streached out.
  Dark / fireflys202 / 9y 344d 3h 47m 9s

  Miyu (Princess of vampires) / darkstartalker / 9y 344d 3h 56m 45s
thank you
  Dark / fireflys202 / 9y 344d 3h 57m 26s
you may join =3
Miyu woke up just as the sun was about ot set, witch is kinda early for a vampire princess to wake,but she did not care, she pushed herself out of her coffin and onto her feet, she looked around wondering why she was even awake, could she feel like something bad was going ot happen?

She was not so sure,the only thing that was sure is that she had school and she had not been going to her classes,witch made the head master her father, very angry at her, she just sighed looking out of the window.

'being a vampire of the royals is never easy but i am bond to what i am' she said ot herself looking out of the window,a silent smile came across her face, she got into her black clothing her father gave her as a birthday present and finally in a long time came out of her dark room, number 199 witch is the room no one came near.
  Miyu (Princess of vampires) / darkstartalker / 9y 344d 4h 20m 19s

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