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The Twisted Rose is a night club for the most unusual of people. The club is well hidden from most humans, but any non-human who stumbles on it is more than welcome.

Employees and customers needed.
Normal ES rules apply.
Violence and Romance allowed but do not go over board.
Semi-literate to literate, but please don't make a post so long that it takes up an entire first page; no one wants to really wants to read that much. I don't have a problem with posts that are of a good length: enough detail to make good posts in return, but not too lengthy.

Character Skeleton:
new or old customer:
employee position:
you can be up to two characters if you'd like. Please make separate skeletons for each character.
Real or anime pictures; I don't really mind either and I have this awesome real pic and I just can't find a good anime pic to replace it. So I'm fine with both.


Username: AidoChild
Name: Rueger
Age: unknown
Race: Flame Demon
sexuality: bisexual
personality: easily angered but flirtatious. He's has no problems with speaking his mind and he has no problem in kicking the snot out of anyone that bugs him.
bio: A lot about Rueger is unknown, but he agreed to help start this club out of sheer boredom. Now, he's come to really adore his little creation and enjoys the night life of a club owner.
employee position: a bartender and one of the club owners

Username: AidoChild
Name: Ferro
Age: unknown
Race: Water demon
sexuality: bisexual
personality: calm and gentle, yet can be flirtatious and charming. He's more cool headed than his counterpart.
bio: Ferro founded the Twisted Rose with Rueger. He never really liked Rueger's attitude, but there was something about him that he found irresistible, so he had no problems in sticking around. He has a love-hate friendship with Rueger, and vice versa.
employee position: owner of club

Username: Stalker
Name: Brittany De Vous
Age: 1599
Personality: Well for being one of the immortal, she's pretty perky. She hate's all the steryotyping people put on her race, so she's decided to change her appearance. She wears some dark colors, . She's dedicated to where she works, and tries to break up fights that happen and doesn't like to cause them. She's a bit on the sensitive side, which means someone can easily change her moods, and when her mood changes so does her eyes.
Bio: Brittany doesn't remember must of her previous life, she barely remembers how she was transformed. All she knows is that since she's changed, she has a stronger 6th sense and has an unquenchable thirst for the one thing that she is most squeemish over. Taken in by a human, she has learned to blend in with them and walk among them so as to go by unnoticed.
Employee: Bartender

personality:quiet and a little lonely
bio:her memories were erased so she is trying to build a new life from scratch.
new or old customer:new customer.

Username: Stalker
Name: Andrew Lloyd
Age: 1700
Personality: Unlike his sister, he is more dark and complex. He is a fighter, always in trouble. He's gay, which causes him lot's of problems, but that's okay when your one of the strongest creatures alive. He's the mysterious character that all girls swoon for, and yet he turns them all down.
Bio: The brother of Brittany, he met up with her late one night and they connected. Not in the relationship way, but mentally and emotionally. Andrew convinced her to infuse their blood, so the they could really be blood siblings. He's protected her since they met.

Username: Vampiress020
Name: Mikael Lloyd
Age: 1710
Race: Werewolf
Sexuality: Bi
Personality: Mikael is a calm person, but has a soft spot for his cousin Andrew. He hasn't seen Andrew since a few centuries ago, but hopes that they will met up at some point. He knows that there is a lot of hate between him and his cousin races, however he honestly cares about the vampire and doesn't care what others might think.
Bio: Mikael was human in till the leader of a near by pack took a liking to him, he had no idea what he was getting himself into, and hadn't listened to Andrew when he tried to warn him about the trouble he might be getting into. How the younger male had known Mikael had never been able to figure out, but he had. The wolf had attacked him not long after, leaving him to deal with the fate he had chosen all by himself.
New or old customer: New

Username: double_rainbow_omg
Name: Tessa Faith
Age: unknown
Race: Fire Demon
sexuality: bisexual
personality: Flirtatious. Quick-Tempered. Blunt. Somewhat Sarcastic.
bio: Tessa is another aquaintance of Rueger and Ferro from way back when. She is the only person that Rueger has ever had an actual attraction to. However, back in 1666, Rueger and Tessa had their differences. After some playful bantering back and forth, Rueger took it too far. He challenged her by saying that "No other demon would want you." Taking his challenge, she went to none other than Ferro and seduced him. Rueger, furious, set fire to the city they were in: London.
Tessa heard about their recent endeavor together in the club and has come to see how they are doing, and maybe start some trouble.
new or old customer: new

Username: Kia Tenshin
Name: Roui
Age: somewhere in the 300s or 400s
Race: angel/human
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Although skeptical of everyone she meets, she can be rather friendly and talkative. She is very spontaneous and can't really keep her mind on one track for very long and ends up confusing others, and often herself. When it comes to discussing herself or her past she's very hesitant due to her torture as a child. However, she is working on becoming more confident about who and what she is and is slowly beginning to get comfortable with the people she's around with the faith that someone would help her if she found herself in trouble. On any normal day she goes through a million emotions and isn't very shy about hiding them, resulting in a very expressive face and voice.
Bio: Roui has always had difficulty being accepted, being the offspring of a fallen angel and a human, both humans and non-humans sneer at her daily. As a child she was frequently beat and tortured by her peers as well as older beings for what she is. Her mother had been a guardian angel in the form of a slender, scale-covered creature humans call dragons. Her father was the human. After her birth, her mother was expelled from her position and later both her mother and father were killed by anti-human extremists. A few kindhearted folks hid her from the extremists for years, and Roui learned how to blend in with the non-humans. Somehow, throughout her entire life she has never felt resentment or much of a need to act any other way than just herself. She finds comfort in the thought that her parents had been truly happy together for the short time they were, and hopes one day she could experience it too.
Customer: New

Username: Vampiress020
Name: Kyla Glades
Age: Old as Dirt x3
Race: Ex-genie
Sexuality: Bi-curious
personality: Kyla is bubbly, energetic, can be oblivious and innocent at times. She's been know to give strange nicknames that have no real meaning.
Bio: Kyla has been around the world, literally. Her flying carpet is in the repair shop, so she found this place that seemed full of unknown and intriguing life. She's know Brittany since birth and was the only one that was ever around to help her. Brittany was the one that wished Kyla free, which has made her have a very affectionate, mother-like nature towards her.
new or old customer: New

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Brittany smirked at Kyla, loving how ditsy the girl could act. She was incredibly smart when she wanted to be, but if she didn't want to be then she was the definition of a bimbo. She leaned in and gave a small giggle, "He's gay." she said, her eyes flashing up at her brother. He was flaming, but he never looked like it. Girls hit on him all the time, never picking up on the fact that he wasn't into them. It was very odd how no one but her and the men he hit on noticed. She sighed, it was probably because of how much time the two of them spent together that she could so easily noticed his swaying hips and the slight gay tone to his voice. "I've missed you so much my darling Kyla... We should catch up over a nice hot cappiccino." she said smiling.
Kyla was one of the only people that understood why she couldn't stand the thought or taste of real blood, though there was one occasion where the perky genie had to give her some blood straight from the source after she had been brutally beaten by her ex. She shuddered at the memory of Kyla's bloody wrist being savagely held to her mouth. She pulled her thoughts away from the horrible memories of her life before she met Andrew. Sighing, she looked around at the people that were in the club, not many were there, just a few regulars who were always there at opening time and then most of the people who worked there.
  Brittany De Vous / Stalker / 8y 97d 16h 32m 20s
Tiliting her head to the side when Brittany called Andrew her sister she thought for a moment and knew she had heard right. "But you just called him a him, how can he be your sister?" She asked her blond tendancies showing through at the question. She could be smart when she wanted to, but sat moments she could be a complete ditz who made herself look like a complete fool. Kalya felt the unease rolling off of the other girl and reached over to wrap her arms around her neck pulling her close as she ste her chin on the slightly taller girls shoulder. "I missed you... it was really lonely without you to talk with."

She let go of the other girl and waved off the offer of the drink, srinking made her do things that could get her into trouble. Giggling she spun in a circle showing off the dress. "What do you think? I poofed it up when I saw it in a magazine." She whispered her hair falling in her face.
  Kyla Glades / Vampiress020 / 8y 312d 3h 58m 33s
Mikael leaned against the younger boy his eyes shut as he let out a sigh, he opened an eye to look at Brittany he really didn't mind getting up so early it was the aches in his body that was bothering him more than anything else. He turned to face Andrew and wrapped his arms around Andrew pushing his face against the others exsposed cool skin. He let out a content sigh, he was glad to have found his cousin after all this time though he wasn't one to really stay where every he was at for a long time.

After a few more moments of relaxing against Andrew he moved away from him and stood up, he was thirsty yet doubted that he could get anything that had no alcohol in it. deciding against going to the bar and bugging brittany he sat back down next to Andrew and sighed leaning his head back against the cool skin he had gotten used to so many years ago.
  Mikael Lloyd / Vampiress020 / 8y 312d 4h 10m 56s
Brittany's eyes skimmed the room. She saw Andrew all cozied up with Mikael. Making a 'ick' noise she pointed across the room. "That over there is who took me in. He's just like me... He adopted me as his sister. His name's Andrew." she said, rolling her eyes. "He pretty much is the sister I always wished I had." she laughed lightly at her own joke, even though it wasn't all that amusing. She ran a hand across the top of her head and fiddled with her pony tail, looking down to the floor. It had been years since she had seen Kyla, she was picked up on the streets one night in a fit talking to herself about eating someone, but being to moral to do so. Kyla was the one that got her the substitutes for the first 50 some odd years of her transformation.

"So what brought you here?" she asked, batting her eyelashes preciously. "I work here by the way... Anything I can get you?" she asked polietly, smiling as she thought back on the very first encounter she had with the genie. She was still human when she met her, she freed her from the spell of being forced inside of the horrible bottle. That same night she was attacked by a vampire, turned for being so nice. She felt her stomach churn as she thought about the dreadful night she was turned. The searing pain, the horrible weakness, the overpowering bloodlust. She sighed. She hated that she was a vampire sometimes, but there was nothing she could do about it.
  Brittany De Vous / Stalker / 9y 16d 21h 7m 19s
Kyla giggled pushing her hands around the other girls neck, as she hugged her back just as tight. "I was just soooo worried about my only friend..." She said a light frown on her face as she looked at the other girl making sure everything was alright with her. "Have humans always been so mean? I asked one for help finding you and he took me to his house and... and attacked me..." She said tears suddenly filling her Bright green eyes as she held onto the other girl, she had always been the most unstable of the two.

Not that Brittany had been to far behind her insanity, she just wasn't sure what to do in the new society. "I managed to poof away from him and run away... I got lost and wandered for a long time until Toto found me and flew me to a less populated area." She said softly the tears suddenly vanishing as she smiled again at the mention of her wonderful flying carpet.

"So who was the one who helped you?" She said jumping to another topic as if they had been talking about it all the time. She was unpredictable, you never knew which emotion you were going to pull out of her goody bag until you walked over and tried to talk with her.
  Kyla Glades / Vampiress020 / 9y 16d 23h 48m 19s
Andrew chuckled. "Yeah, you really don't want to know." he said, running his fingers through his cousin's hair. He remembered Mikael throwing up clearly because he had to hold the boys bangs out of his face so that he wouldn't get puke in his hair. "No promises there Mikael... You know how much I love drinking and people drinking with me." he chuckled, running his fingers over the purple streaks. "I can't believe Brittany got us up so early..." he grumbled, feeling sleep pull at his eyelids.
  Andrew Lloyd / Stalker / 9y 17d 3m 44s
Mikael leaned into his cousins cool touch, he blinked opened an eye wondering what he meant by that. He gave his head a light shake and decided it was better not to ask knowing Andrew. He was an awful push over when drunk and completely innocent, he was sure he didn't want to know what he had been talked into. " I don't want to know..." He said quietly as he moved his back was bothering him, but it wasn't so bad. He knew he had fallen at some point that night and he clearly remembered the hours he had spent in the bathroom at around nine in the morning. "Don't ever let me drink again." He stated firmly.
  Mikael Lloyd / Vampiress020 / 9y 17d 12m 16s
Brittany sighed, her memory of yesterday was a bit hazy after her kiss to Ferro. She woke up later than normal that evening, only 30 minutes later, but none the less not on time. She threw a couple of looks at Ferro, feeling her gut wrench up inside of her. She turned around and leaned on the bar, relaxing a bit before the nights rush. She heard a bubbly melodical voice from behind her and the sudden noise startled her. Brittany gasped and spun around to see the ex-genie sitting atop the counter. "Kyla!!" she squeeled, excited. She tackled her, giving her a big hug. "Someone took me in and helped me... I thought I'd never see you again!"
  Brittany De Vous / Stalker / 9y 17d 5h 23m 35s
Andrew put his arm around his cousin. "You held your own last night better than I thought you would have. It was pretty impressive." he muttered, feeling Mikael's warmth radiate to him. He couldn't say he was proud of his night exactly, but hell, he had fun and that was all that mattered. He thought he recollected Brittany coming home around 3 and yelling 'faggots' but he wasn't sure. He had pumped more alcohol into his system once he got home. Oddly, Mikael had more as well and they spent the rest of the night and some of the morning in a drunken blurr of... You get the picture. He smirked, pulling Mikael tightly to him.
  Andrew Lloyd / Stalker / 9y 17d 5h 26m 50s
Kyla walked in and looked around her, her lime green eyes looking for some thing interesting. She spotted Brittany and let out a small sqeak of surpirse as she poofed over to sit on the bar. "Oh my god, Brittany is it really you?" She asked leaning closer to the girl as he chewed on her bottom lip. She hadn't seen the vampire girl in a long time and it was way over due for them to meet up. "I knew something had been pulling me in here..." She said mostly to herself. She was glad that they had finally met up again tough she had to wonder what happened Brittany had said she would come back the next night and never did. "You left me all alone in that being house... It was scary and I was worried about you..."
  Kyla Glades / vampiress020 / 9y 17d 5h 35m 13s
Mikeal walked in and rubbed the back of his head, he had no recollection of what had happened last night. He didn't think he wanted to, looking over at Andrew he walked over and sat next to him. He leaned against him and closed his own eyes. He had a headache, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. "Man no more for me..." He muttered on a sigh as he pushed closed to his cousin.
  Mikael Lloyd / vampiress020 / 9y 17d 5h 40m 46s
  Rueger / AidoChild / 9y 17d 6h 4m 58s
Andrew trudged in sleepily behind his sister, she had woken him and Mikael up earlier than what he was used to. He rubbed his eyes, yawning as he crawled over to his sound system. He waved a half hearted hand twords Ferro and Rueger, before sleepily going and sitting down by his stereo system. "No body wake me... I'm tired." he muttered to himself, closing his eyes and falling asleep again.
  Andrew Lloyd / Stalker / 9y 17d 6h 33m 18s
Brittany enter in the building, not making eye contact with anyone. She had her shades on and her purse with her hair pulled up into a sloppy pony tail. She walked into the back without speaking to anyone and slid her card into the machine to clock herself in. She stuck her purse in her employee locker and grabbed an apron. Throwing it over her Pink Floyd shirt, she wiped off her black skinny jeans for any trace of dirt. She yawned, leaving her sunglasses on. "Well it's a new day..." she said, sighing. She walked out behind the bar and collected the drinks that she knew they would need for the night before washing her hands in the sink.
  Brittany De Vous / Stalker / 9y 18d 7h 12m 26s
As if on cue to Ferro's hope, Rueger's Hot Red McLaren F1 pulled into the employee parking lot. He cut the engine and got out of the car, locking it up behind him when the door was closed again.
He was absent of his jacket, with just his fitting black shirt hugging his well built frame, dark jeans and steel-toed boots. He walked into the club through the employee entrance in the back and walked right on through to the front.
"It's about time you showed up," commented Ferro, turning in the stool to look at Rueger. "Where did you get off to anyways?"
"Driving," answered Rueger as he walked over to the bar and sat down at the opposite end from Ferro. "Last night was too damn crazy for me. I mean Tessa showing up and everything! Why is she around again!?"
The temperature was kicked up a coupel notches and Rueger's temper rose at the subject.
"Maybe she has changed," replied Ferro. "Her temper has calmed down after all, unlike someone else's I know."
Rueger scowled at Ferro. "So, she's less of a hot head now. So what? She's still back..."
He lifted one hand and let his fingers glide softly over his lips. His memory drifted to when she had kissed him last night. He quickly dropped the thought and pulled his hand away. "She better not cause any trouble, that's all I'm saying!"
  Rueger / AidoChild / 9y 18d 9h 22m 14s

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