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The darkness is growing, and there

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Looks like it
  Sayomi Imone / Adrij / 10y 144d 8h 11m 50s
uh, is this thread dead? xD
  Xero / missalice / 10y 145d 6h 46m 9s
~Quick questions. can the humans have powers, nothing major, like fast healing or something.~

Sayomi let out a breath and left her home locking up as she left. She had a knife strapped to her leg and a hand gun in her deep jacket pocket. SH ejust hoped she wouldn't have to use it. She hsook her head adn looked around> Everything seemedto depressing even ifit was a beautiful night. She sighed and shook herself from her daze before walking. She needed a walk, some fresh air. She knew it wasn't really safe. She was small and fair often mistaken for ewak but she could fend for herself.

She foundherself lost in her htoughts again and shook her head as she headed to the store she needed groceries. She walked past the park and looked as she saw a man with crimson hair. She hurried past him and the park.
  Sayomi Imone / Adrij / 10y 152d 5h 38m 22s
Scarceity. That was one way to describe the human race. Xero could think of this to be grand, but they were loosing those worthless collections of skin and bones to a much force. The thought did discomfort him greatly, as the moonlight poured upon his face, and the wind took his hair hostage. (I Death from a beauty, that
  Xero / missalice / 10y 152d 6h 9m 49s
  lina [Selena] Yamato / mikaXlove / 10y 152d 6h 22m 44s
Purple Pickles are the Best Pickles, honestly, I prefer green. Joinage?
User Name: Miss Alice
Name: Xero
Doll, human, Demon Master: Master
Age: Fixed at Twenty, he is really well in his two hundreds.
Theme Song: Chain by BLOOD
Background: gifted in the arts of black magic, Xero is a moderately powerful demon, he specializes in fire magic and blood based summonings. Other than that, he has the standard ability of a demon, a durable body, accuracy, speed, and charm. However, he does not own a doll. Xero was forewarned by a fortune teller, that a doll would be the death of him, so he has steered very clear of them. Xero is a sucker for a cute face, and will almost go out of his way to help a 'damsel in distress'. He is naturally elegant, and can be seen as a bachelor. Xero avoids fights as best as possible, since using black magic can have a hazardous reverse affect on the user, his blood summonings usually consists of small four legged beasts called 'Worgs', which can be fatal to humans, but not dolls.
  missalice / 10y 152d 6h 29m 45s
(b Join please.
(b Okay, you're added as well. Thank you.
  || Still Doll || / StarlessSky / 10y 152d 8h 14m 52s

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