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It was the begging of the end for the world of Narerth and a small group of mercenary's known as NLC were the only thing Standing in between Apocalypse and the world being saved, The Leader of the group was Necron and he had one other person with him Viper his Step Son, his Kids were gone because he sent them else where and he is now in a broke down town looking for people willing to fight. He only needs good ones for his fight against whatever hit this world the only information he can gather is they are known as the Apocalypse Army and from what he can tell the only people alive are very lucky and they are all scared to death, So now Necron wonders why his Lord asked him to come to this world and look for the Apocalypse Army. He knows looks among the people to see who is good enough to help him stand against the unknown enemy.

Player's I will be using-
More Later as we go on.

Needed Races:
Lizard Folk-1
Dwarf- 1/2



Character's So far-

Name:Necron Lucis Caerlum
Age: Immortal
Race:1/2 Human 1/4 Elf 1/4 UnDead
1st- Necrod
2nd- Regulus
3rd- Fine Steel Kantana
Armor- Dragon Scaled Mail and UnDead reinforced
Shield- N/A
Skills- mystery


Name: Viper Neroth Toxid
Age: 21 but still Immortal
Race: 1/2 Human 1/2 Serpent
1st- Venom Dipped Steel Sharped Claws
2nd- Venom Dipped Steel Kantana
3rd- N/A
Armor- Venom Scale Reflective Armor
Shield- N/A
Skills- Immortal Speed, Venom Magic, Venom Tactics, Venom Mending.


Name: Dorwydin
Race: 1/2 Human 1/2 Youkai
1st- Claw of regeneration
2nd- Sword of Moki
3rd- Eyes of future sight( able to see 2 seconds into the future-
Armor- cloth samurai outfit with steel leathermail underneath
Skills- Invisibility, fading through objects, summoning youkai minions


Name: Hides His Heart
Age: 57
Race: Lizardfolk
1st- Spear Of Bitter Mercy
2nd- Cold Iron Short Sword Hidden in his shield.
3rd- Throwing Knives
Natural Attacks: Bite, Claws, and Tail Swipe.
Armor- Hides Of the Forefathers
Shield- Huntsman's Favor
Skills- Animal Instinct, Master Hunter, Scent, Water Breathing, Swampland Adept, Intimidate, Spearmaster, Swordmaster, Diplomat, and Master Tactician.



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Roleplay Responses

Necron looked over his shoulder and looked at the ghostly figure "So you know what has happened here, speak now please so I could continue on with my search and you are welcome to join if you want" Necron said in his deathly cold voice and his piercing red eyes and his silver hair glistening in the moon's light and his two swords shining in the light also.
  deathblast101 / 9y 238d 22h 42m 26s
Dorwydin smirked and followed after the skeleton. whoever this skeleton's master was, They were good at making pawns that were actually of use. After a while, the skeleton pointed ahead of him. Dorwydin saw a tall figure covered in capes that seemed to look more like a trail of shadow looming behind him. His face was mostly hidden due to a hood that hid the man's face. He walked past the skeleton and said " what threat would this be? If your willing to change the way things are, I will help....for now."
  Dorwydin / Ghostdoc / 9y 240d 1h 54m 14s
"Then I would want you to come with me to my Master so you could explain what happened here for my Master is here on a mission given to him by his master to find and eliminate this threat" The Skeleton moved back and started heading towards the Area Necron was at and he waved Dorwydin to follow him.
  Necron / deathblast101 / 9y 240d 2h 10s
Dorwydin was appalled by the skeleton. It had enough intellect to use the human language adequately. Dorwydin replied back " What If I said I survived that while everyone else was struck down around me and I was forced to watch?"
  Dorwydin / Ghostdoc / 9y 240d 2h 20m 39s
Hides His Heart swiftly and quietly passed buildings, getting closer to the strange elf like creature that entered the now Dead Swamp. With his climbing abilities high, within an instant he was up on top of a building near Necron and now another new life form. He clawed against the ground slowly and quietly, not the slightest sound could be heard nor did the wind pick up a sent to bring to the men below. He kept his pace getting closer to the edge to spy on these two figures.
  Hides His Heart / WorldsEnd / 9y 240d 2h 25m 17s
The Skeletal Scout stopped and looked at Dorwydin then spoke in it's undead voice "My master sent me to look for survivors from the catastrophe that had happened here" The Undead then looked around the surrounding area and waited for Dorwydin to response.
  Necron / deathblast101 / 9y 240d 2h 32m 0s
Dorwydin, walking through a dark forest of murky water and rotted trees, found the look of the place surprisingly beautiful in his eyes. he traveled alone for the most part, watching anybody around him without the skills for survival, die and wither away as the savages of the land feasted on the corpses. regardless of this gruesome sight, it payed no heed to Dorwydin. It was not his concern. Even now in the swamps, where hiding is effective, There was a very small chance to find someone...alive that was.

coming straight at him was a skeleton, a simple-minded solider that had probably been reborn to follow the simple duty of a pawn. Dorwydin stopped and looked at the incoming skeleton. " so what kind of task are you assigned with, to be charging through a almost deserted swamp?" He asked.
  Dorwydin / Ghostdoc / 9y 240d 18h 14m 39s
Necron looked around suspiciously, he then clutched his sword and kept on walking down the crumbling path. "So nobody's here, huh?" Necron then consumed his hand with a greenish black sphere and snapped with it around his hand and Five Skeletons crawled easily threw the already crumbled ground and looked at Necron with glowing green eyes of the departed, "What shall you have us do Sir?", Necron smirked and revealed a thread connected to all of them, "I want you to scout for survivors or and apocalyptic soilder, Now *he raises his hand* Disperse". All the Skeletal Scouts shot of in all directions while Necron stood there just as blank as can be.
  Necron / deathblast101 / 9y 243d 14h 36m 30s
Hides His Heart lay quiet at the bottom of a shallow pool of swamp water near a old destroyed town. He peeked his glowing yellow and green eyes up from the depths as only part of his body raise from the shallowness of the standing swamp water. He looked around for eatable game that might pass by, but to his surprise he saw a strange looking man walking through the town. He lowered his head back into the water and grabbed his spear, the ancient artifact spear known as the Spear Of Bitter Mercy. He slide on his shield, which was a prize like no other to a hunter in the swamps. Then he slide his body to the top of the water and out of it elegantly and swiftly, making the water make only the slightest of ripples as he exited it. Light on his feet, Hides His Heart made his way to the nearest building for hiding with not the slightest of sounds. He began to stalk around the ruined buildings to watch this man, study him, and if needed to kill him, if he were a threat to his survival.
  Hides His Heart / WorldsEnd / 9y 243d 16h 45m 53s
Necron was wandering Through the broken down town just looking for survivors that hadn't made it away from this dreadful site or a soldier from the enemy Army so he could find out what is going on in this hell hole but he finds nothing but corpses and burn marks in a slithered trail and ripped bodies. "What happened here" Necron thought in his head as he could not comprehend what has happened here.
  Necron / deathblast101 / 9y 243d 17h 10m 8s

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