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------ is a vampire and completely hates the human race. So much, that he dosn't even watch when he feeds. One day, an evil thought popped into his head. What if he captured one and made her be his slave? To torture the species that he hated the most. He puts his plan into action, but what if Lilly has an attitude and chooses to fight back?

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  Lilly Scott / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 338d 17h 15m 54s
  Lilly Scott / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 342d 16h 41m 22s

  Kai / Priera / 9y 342d 16h 45m 24s
Lilly sat up and cried. This was uncalled for torture, being that she had never actually done anything to him to deserve it. Never had a man been so ruthless with her. She tried to clean her hair out, with no success. It was only rubbed in more. Without any food, she would probably die in here. Returning home was a far away dream that would never come true. Locked in here forever with a man that only abused her. A life of hell.
  Lilly Scott / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 342d 17h 10m 44s
Grabbed the girl and threw her to the ground, fngs bared with a hiss. He loosened his pants and discarded them, revealing an unnaturally large member. He leaned down and held her down, squeezing hard enough for bones to creak. He waited until she got ready to say something before striking...


He wiped himself clean with her hair before trowing her against the bed. "Perhaps you will learn to control your mouth. Defending an argument is one thing, but knowing your place when taken captive is another" he growled. He reclothd himself and strode to the door. "No dinner unless the smallest part of my undead heart takes pity" he growled, slamming the door and locking it.
  Kai / Priera / 9y 342d 17h 17m 46s
Lilly was actually appalled with him. Men were disgusting and he was just another one of them. "The day that I get on my knees for you is the day I die. I don't care what I lose, because it's not going to convince me any other way. You are a chauvinistic pig." If he was a normal human, she would have just slapped him, but she knew better. Even though she did, she wouldn't follow his whims.

  Lilly Scott / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 342d 17h 25m 19s
Kai chuckled slightly before laughing hard, clutching his stomach. "Stupid wench, one as intelligent as you are should have gotten the point. Humans are at fault in general, and I picked you, a female, to sate my sexual whims on! Now get on your knees and open your mouth! I'll give you something to learn, and should you disobey..." he trailed off, crushing yet another bed frame. "Let's just say you don't necessarily need both arms to function!" he roared.

  Kai / Priera / 9y 342d 17h 32m 57s
He could kill her in a matter of seconds, but she didn't care. She had words to say and a mouth and heart to say them. "In my seventeen years, I havve had no part in that. May I remind you, that females in that time were not allowed to work or make any income. Putting me at fault for being just how the feminine race was back then is just disproving your point." Then, she actually shut up. Her life was on the line here, and she couldn't go too far. "And what is my place? I can't learn what isn't being taught."
  Lilly Scott / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 342d 17h 42m 7s
"Hmph! Don't you dare compare me with those insects! When I was a human people lived and worked hard, constantly toiling to simply live! You humans today have grown lazy and wasteful, abusing the land and desecrating the memory of those that built the foundation of this easy life through sweat and blood!" he roared, striking her into the bed before leaping upon her. "Control your mouth or I'll start the punishments here and now! You WILL learn your place!"
  Kai / Priera / 9y 342d 17h 49m 12s
She coughed and wrestled out of his grasp. "May I remind you, that you were once a human too. But I see that you are speaking for the mosquito's of the world, just like you. They were here before us, but you were definitely a human once." He actually disgusted her, which was rare. She never looked at anyone like this before.
  Lilly Scott / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 342d 17h 53m 35s
He grabbed her neck and squeezed slightly, blocking all but a tiny bit of airflow. "Human bitch, it's human in general that pollute this world. That reason I choose a female for my punishments should be obvious" he growled, his other hand coming around and squeezing her breast harshly.
  Kai / Priera / 9y 342d 18h 4m 43s
Lilly moved her jaw from his touch. He was the last person that she wanted to be touching her right now. Well, she would rather never he touched her. That would resolve this whole thing, if he had just left her to sleep. "You are the most vile man I have ever seen. What if I refuse to follow your demands, hmm? And why did you choose me? It is men that make this world such a vile place. Not I."
  Lilly Scott / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 342d 18h 11m 46s
"As I said before, you were brought here to bear the brunt of my disgust towards your race" he whispered, his hot breath on her neck. "I suppose you could call yourself unlucky that you happened to be my choice.." he trailed off, running a finger down her jawline. "But should you amuse me perhaps you need not die."

  Kai / Priera / 9y 343d 12h 28m 26s
Instantly, Lilly stopped teasing and she simply nodded. She was now almost too afraid to speak. He could kill her in a matter of seconds. "What would you like me to do..?" Lilly would do anything to keep her life, because once she lost it she would never get it back. "I'll shut up, but why do you have me here?"

  Lilly Scott / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 343d 12h 38m 58s
Kai lazily raised a hand to the metal bedpost, and effortlessly crushed it, leaving it it broken. Quick as a flash he was behind her, holding her head to the side exposing her neck. "Might I suggest you reconsider? My patience is nowhere near as long as my age girl" he trailed off, holding her tightly.
  Kai / Priera / 9y 343d 12h 47m 42s

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