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New Chat Features

See new features here.

Why Chats?
There has been 5.5 million messages made on ES threads, and over 1 million PMs, all of which get stored in the database forever and ever and ever unless you delete them. ES is setup in a way to be as interactive as possible, but as a consequence many people have used it to chat instead of roleplay. Forums store every single message made and are not designed to be used like chats, it takes too much disk space storing all those messages. These realtime chats let you OOC and Chat without refreshing the page constantly for updates. Only the last 18 messages are stored for each chat.
It keeps getting disconnected
You cannot join more than 1 chat at once. This is to prevent people having like 50 windows open and eating bandwidth. Some kind of multiple room search and join might come in the future at some point.
I'm on my cell/school/work computer and I can't use the flash chat
Get back to work.
Will there be a way to lurk anonymously
Probably in the near future to very soon.
Will we be able to moderate chats we own
Probably soonish, as well as limiting who joins protected chats.

Chat Commands

The commands are a lie.

Chat formatting that works

Chat supports limited ES formatting and only those commands which use parenthesis.

size10Font size 10
gGoogle link
wwikipedia link
#rrggbbAny color


  1. Honoring protected chats.
  2. Count how many users online at once.
  3. System messages to all users.
  4. Message of the day.
  5. More commands with spiffy features.
  6. Counting all posts made.
  7. Multiple chats at same time in same window
  8. Realtime updates for posts and PMs .
  9. Thread owner can kick
  10. Ignore feature
  11. Option for sound
  12. option for sound when someone says your name or certain phrase

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

  Cosmic Lifeforce / Jon_the_assassin / 6y 187d 8h 21m 18s

  Spc. / X-000 / 6y 238d 11h 43m 10s
  (‿l‿) / Jon_the_assassin / 6y 239d 15h 37m 35s
  Free / HanakoYamanari / 6y 265d 16h 10m 18s
lurk lurk lurk
  DAFUQ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 265d 16h 10m 55s
Hiya all.. who exist here
  Teen Seth / Nienharo / 6y 265d 17h 27m 0s
Yeeah x3
  Neptune / HanakoYamanari / 6y 276d 58m 6s
Merry Christmas indeed. =3
  DAFUQ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 276d 59m 51s
No ones heere ~~~ Merry Christmas i guess <3
  Neptune / HanakoYamanari / 6y 276d 15h 17m 6s
  (‿l‿) / jon_the_assassin / 6y 322d 2h 14m 10s
  (‿l‿) / jon_the_assassin / 6y 322d 2h 14m 52s
hey girls
  puertor1can19 / 6y 339d 7m 48s
  Project: skyfall / Jon_the_assassin / 7y 3d 21h 52m 53s
It's neglected. =/
  DAFUQ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 7y 5d 1h 31m 24s
Hmm how have I never noticed this room before?
  Cole / SilentOne / 7y 5d 10h 32m 59s

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