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he frowned and kissed her on her gently lips once more, he sighed sadly and wrapped on of his massive arms around her as he started to walk again -i am just.... nervous, thats it....-
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 8y 250d 20h 24m 49s
Jenna felt him tense. "Whats wrong?" she asked, frowning. She moved so she slipped out of his arms, so she stood next to him.
  Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 251d 17h 43m 6s
he smiled warmly, kissing her soft, cold lips gently, loving the feel they had, he got near the village and he was getting nervous, he had never been in a village outside of the one he was in as a child, so this was going to be new to him
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 8y 251d 17h 50m 25s
[Its cool.]

she pulled herself closer, tightening her arms. She let her forhead rest on his, and she sighed contently.
  Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 251d 17h 51m 53s
he smiled brightly and kissed her back lovingly, he was very happy to know that this new, cute girl that he had feelings for liked him back, he held her close to him, hoping to make her happy

OOC: i have to go in like ten minutes so sorry if i poof
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 8y 251d 17h 58m 21s
"And you mine," she replied, leaning up to kiss him on the mouth, and then kissed his shoulder, as carefully as he had.
  Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 251d 18h 17s
he smiled warmly at her and snuggles her close, kissing her wound on her neck, he walked fairly slow, so is to not make her uncomfortable -you are my favorite person in this world right now, you know that right?-
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 8y 251d 18h 2m 49s

she laughed. "Because I'm completely incapable of walking," she said with a smile, resting her arms around his neck.
  Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 251d 18h 6m 57s

he smiled warmly and picked her up and held her close -well i am carrying you the rest of the way babe-
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 8y 251d 18h 17m 55s
[No kiddiing! I'll kiss you too^^]

Jenna laughed, playfully smacking his hands away. "Come on," walking into te village, she looked around at all of the buildings.
  Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 251d 18h 24m 43s
know huh, imma miss you!

he smiled warmly at her, he groped her gently, liking her body, he started to walk again, he took her hand gently and pulled her slowly towards the village
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 8y 251d 18h 34m 17s
[That kind of sucks, but okay.]

Jenna smiled again. "I know," she said sarcastically with a smirk. "And so are you."
  Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 251d 18h 36m 1s
OOC: i got grounded from my computer so i will be on in the morning but thats it till Friday

he smiled warmly and laughed a bit, seeing that it had not been touched by the bandits yet -your awesome honey....-
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 8y 251d 19h 2m 26s
Jenna laughed, playfully punching him in his good arm before hugging him back. She looked up towards the outline of the city and smiled.
  Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 252d 11h 33m 30s
he smiled warmly and within the next few hours, they were able to see it in the distances, he grinned and slapped her butt playfully and hugged her hard
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 8y 252d 11h 37m 13s

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