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The world was in Terror once again by an Evil Lord named Dragak. He has enveloped the world in Complete darkness. upon doing this he brought on 6 legendary warrior's that don't know it yet. they all were given a Crystal weapon by a mysterious man. the 6 legendary warrior's were now learned about by Dragak he sent out a Group of his own named the Pandora Extermination Team
which contained 5 top Generals of his army who wield Red Ruby Weapons. Since the world has been plunged into darkness the world is now roaming with Darkness Creatures. As the Pandora Team Ventures close to The Crystal Warriors they were all contacted by the mysterious man to meet at a spring called the Crystal Birth Where the Weapons were made. so now they must go to the spring and meet with this man and find out the secret.

Crystal weapons-

Crystal Blade - taken by deathblast101
Crystal Lance-
Crystal Tome(spellbook) -
Crystal Javalin -
Crystal Axe -
War Mace - taken by worldsend
Bastard Sword
Mornign Star
Bow & Arrow
Basic War Axe
Battle Axe
Kasorigama* Check spelling on that
Short Sword
Long Sword


Crystal weapon:

Crystal Weapon:Crystal Blade
Bio: Crystalix was the son of the Black Smith who was under the service for the king he has been around many knights and swords so he been taught by many people how to use a sword and when the world was plunged into darkness he and a few remaining knights were the only one's left out of an entire castle and town.

Name: Kia Lucian
Age: 19
Crystal weapon : Lance
Bio: Kia was a born and raised a a Knight for the Miracle Blade Caravan, a group of Specialized Knights who took the King from city to city. They were a proud group of warriors until one of their own betrayed them and slaughtered almost all of them and the king in a single night. Kia, her older brother and one other remain of their once grand army.

Name: Vitali
Crystal weapon : Crystal War Mace
Bio: Vitali born some time ago was the son of a great Merenary King. He loved his father and fought with him to become stronger, soon at teh age of 18 he was a young Master Merc, His father still ruled over all Mercs. One day when he was 26 His father became mad with power during a war, Vitali was forced to kill his father. With out another thought he slayed his father and then went off on his own as a lone warrior. It has been 11 years sense that day and 10 sense he took up a weapon, his skills remained great and unrivaled and still are to this day.

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Age: 16
Crystal weapon: tome
Bio: aurora born of a buetiful mouthed and a strange farther she never knew. Living with in a small mansion by the sea. Well until she se was givin the book. Thought it was strange when she got the strange book and began to read it the book was a spell book and with a flip of her wrist she began to do magic from reading and learning the magic from the book.
  Auroua / Cittykat / 9y 271d 15h 54m 2s

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