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Welcome~ To CrossOver High School!

This is a high school that houses any and all anime characters who've accidentaly strayed away from their natural worlds. All accidentaly congragateing in this mysterious high school. Characters from one anime will interact with characters from other animes. How will they deal with each other? Will there be fights? Will there be romance? Will there be competition?


Remain in char or its no fun!
Romance-most deffinatly!
Violence-Yeah! way fun!
Cussing- Go ahead i dont care, but dont have F*** ever other word. its annoying.
Cyber-take it elsewhere, not in my rp people. *glares* you know who you are.
Teacher or Student:
Where from:
Small Bio:
Miss Yukari is the principal of Cross over high and the char i will use as Admin of this rp, for oocing and such.

Name: Crona Makenshi
Age: 16
Gender: female
Teacher of Student: Student
Where from: Soul Eater
Small bio: Crona is nervous socially awkward and mentally unstable because of all the things her mother did to her when she wa young. Includeing various expiriments to turn her into a demon god, or Kishin, by implanting a human-like weapon named ragnarok into her useing "Black Blood". She is manicly depressive and not very social unless she's near one of her few friends.

Name : Deidara
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Teacher/student : student
Where from: naruto
Short bio: deidara used to be in the rock village but he left and join the akuashi

Name: Ulquiorra Schiffer
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Where from: Bleach
Short Bio: fourth and one of the strongest Espada. Left in charge of Las Nochez when Izen left and supposedly killed by Ichigo... Ichigo could have never killed him.... >.>

where from:Naruto
Small bio:im a ninja from the hidden leave with the uchihas eye sharigan in my left eye

Name: L Lawliet
Age: 17-ish
Gender: Male
Teacher/student: student
Where from: Death note
Short bio: Used to be a very great and world known detective, only ever worked on the hardest of cases. And then only when no one else could solve them

Name: Devil jin kazama
Gender: male
Teacher/student: student
Where from : Tekken 1-8
Short bio: devil jin is the evil side of jin kazama .Who cant be beaten and when he beats his oponets he takes there power.

Name: Tidus
Age: 17
Teacher or Student: student
Where from: Final Fantasy
Small Bio: A young man telported to the futuer by his father and he goes on a quest to go back to his time.

Name: Celty Sturluson
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Teacher or Student: Teacher
Where from: Durarara
Small Bio: A headless Dulahaan fea from ireland who went to japan in the search of her stolen head. Inhumanly strong, she can not speak due to her lack of a head and is always wearing a motorcycle helmet unless she's relaxeing. Rides a black motorcycle that hold the spirit of her fea horse companion. Communicates useing a notepad program on her cell phone.

Name: C.C.
Age: Immortal
Gender: Female
Teacher or Student: Student
Where from: Code Geass
Small Bio: An immortal witch endowed with the ability to give people a power called "Geass" through means of a contract. Favorite food is pizza she is cold and sarcastic usually seen following lelouch. her current contractor. Her real name is unknown therefore she is refered to as C.C.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

i will hehe
  Deidara / matthardy / 9y 254d 2h 26m 36s
I know this rp could be major fun, anyone want to join again please?
  C.C. / HeadlessRiderVI / 9y 257d 3h 58m 13s
sorry ya'll i've been haveing a really hard time rping lately. ><;; i cant seem to find insperation or writing drive anymore...
  Crona Makenshi / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 21d 46s
<nothing lol just ooc. last post of mine is down below>
  Ulquiorra Schiffer / sinkaiyen / 10y 27d 6h 58m 57s
Hi what have i missed?
  Crona Makenshi / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 27d 14h 40m 27s
<nothing much just me and crona's been on really>
  Ulquiorra Schiffer / sinkaiyen / 10y 29d 7h 39m 45s
deidara was walking around looking for sasori as he was lost with out him and pein and everyone else knew that but deidara was bored too.
  Deidara / matthardy / 10y 29d 12h 23m 4s
<sorry that i was gone so long can yall please tell me waht happen.>
  Tidus / DarkArt / 10y 31d 11h 6m 41s
"An espada" Ulquiorra said simply like that explained everything. He figured she probably wouldn't know what that meant but decided to play ignorant, making a game out of this though it didn't show in anything he did.
  Ulquiorra Schiffer / sinkaiyen / 10y 33d 36m 6s
Crona shook her head 'No, Souls are very real" she said calmly and tilted her head to the side curiously. "What are you? to not have a soul?" she spoke softly fearing it was rude or out of turn but she did ver much wish to know
  Crona Makenshi / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 33d 41m 3s
"Ah... i see" Ulquiorra nodded his tone back to usual. "So... then souls are real.... unless.... what your seeing aren't really souls at all but just the essence of what once was... a remainder of the spirit.... different from a soul... but yet very similar or so rumored..."
  Ulquiorra Schiffer / sinkaiyen / 10y 33d 56m 36s
Crona flinched at the harsh tone and shrunk back "Its not somthing out of the ordinary where i come from...alot of people can see souls....but you also see and retrive a soul when...when you kill someone...then ragnarok usually eats it.." she stummbled over the words shifting her feet frightendly she looked at him uneasily.
  Crona Makenshi / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 33d 59m 2s
"I meant how.... how would you know" Ulquiorra restating losing his patience. He started to tap his fingers at the air inches from touching his patns each time
  Ulquiorra Schiffer / sinkaiyen / 10y 33d 1h 2m 46s
"Who...would i know?" she asked tilting her head to the side in confusioun. Her constant inability to deal with things led her to be very confused very often. Forceing a nervous smiled she looked away from him and at the ground then darting her eyes around the room. "Would you mind restating in simpler terms?"
  Crona Makenshi / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 33d 1h 4m 50s
"You've told me.... before" he told her. "Who... would someone like you know though?" Ulquiorra was curious about this girl. More curious than he'd been in a long time, a really really long time.
  Ulquiorra Schiffer / sinkaiyen / 10y 34d 2h 27m 55s

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