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The Seaside Academy is an all boys boarding school, one of the best academies around. Everyone wants to get in, no matter what the cost. However, one day, a girls, who longs for the best education, sneaks in, dressing up as a boy, desperate for enrollment in the school. She gets accepted, skipping through several exams by bribing the school. She gets put into a dorm with a boy named Jalen. Eventually, the girl falls for Jalen but he is completely oblivious, and ignores the signs of love from the girl. Will the girl reveal her identity, or will she turn to another method?

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Jalen smiled "I feel bad for them" he laughed, slowly getting out of the hideout when it was silent. He held her hands and pulled her out. "Come on, their gone" he smiled.
  Jalen / ellocalypse / 7y 187d 13h 18m 51s
Angela waited until there was no sound. "The office, coming to get them." She held his hand tightly, and than took a deep breath.
  Angela[Anime] / XxChocolateLoverXx / 7y 187d 13h 21m 51s
Jalen continued walking until he felt someone pull him. Soon he was right beside Angela as he bit on his tongue to keep quiet. He held her hand and heard someone enter the dorm room. Turning to Angela, he spoke "Who is that?" he asked.
  Jalen / ellocalypse / 7y 187d 13h 25m 14s
Angela heard her name being called. She did hear him talking to the office as well. She peeked her head out, and grabbed his hand, and pulled him down quickly. Than she pulled him in the hiding place with him, and than they broke it. She put one finger up to her mouth motioning them to both be quiet. She than heard someone else walk in. "Hey, this is not your dorm! Get out now!!" Angela was trying to so hard not to laugh.
  Angela[Anime] / XxChocolateLoverXx / 7y 187d 13h 29m 2s
Jalen quickly dialed the number of the office and told them that there were a bunch of crazy people trying to break into their dorm. As soon as he hung up, he ran around the house, looking for Angela "Angela?" he called, hoping to hide with her.
  Jalen / ellocalypse / 7y 187d 13h 34m 49s
Angela nodded, and ran quickly to hide, and she made sure that she hid good. She was starting to shake badly. She didn't know what to do.
  Angela[Anime] / XxChocolateLoverXx / 7y 187d 14h 3m 48s
Jalen wrapped his arms around her tightly and sighed a little from the throbbing of his eye. He soon heard a bang on the door and bit his lip "Love. I think that's them, quick go hide. Ill call the office" he said running to the phone to dial the number.
  Jalen / ellocalypse / 7y 190d 16h 7m 46s
Angela smiled at him, and walked up to him, and hugged him tightly, but made sure she didn't bump his eye, because she would feel so bad. She thought about how long they have until they graduate. All she knew is that she couldn't wait.
  Angela[Anime] / XxChocolateLoverXx / 7y 190d 16h 27m 31s
Jalen smiled and waved her over to sit beside him. They were so close to graduating and Jalen just couldnt wait to get out of this school. "Love, Jalen wants a hug, he feels so cold and lonely over here" he chuckled.
  Jalen / ellocalypse / 7y 192d 19h 59m 23s
Angela was so worried. She was so tired of this. The two had to get out of here soon, but she didn't know how to talk him into it. She bit on her lip slightly, and than giggled at his question. "Babe, you'll always look handesome in my eyes." She smiled softly at him.
  Angela[Anime] / XxChocolateLoverXx / 7y 192d 20h 10m 44s
Jalen felt himself pulled inside her dorm. He rubbed his cheek and felt nervous as she grabbed the ice. Sitting down on the couch, he took the ice and placed it on his cheek "Man, he hits hard" he said softly as he laid back. "Do I still look handsome?" he said joking.
  Jalen / ellocalypse / 7y 192d 20h 14m 54s
Angela was still running, and than she decided that she needed to hurry up, so she took out her key and unlocked the door. She looked at Jalen, and saw the bruise forming. "Oh god." She said gently. She shook her head, and than she opened the door, and than she grabbed his hand, and pulled him into her dorm, and locked it, and looked at him. She went to get some ice, and than she came back, and handed him the ice. "Here you go."
  Angela[Anime] / XxChocolateLoverXx / 7y 192d 20h 19m 0s
The guys held her up before they noticed she slipped out of their arms. He looked at Angela and tried to get a hold of her as he felt her kick him. "Oh, god. Your going to pay for this" he said as he fell to the floor. His friends were kicked down as he tried to get up. Within no time, Jalen and Angela were gone "Damnit" he yelled, waiting for his friends to get up so they can come up with a plan.

Jalen ran behind her, following her close as they made it back to her dorm. A bruise started forming on his cheek as he waited for her to get the door open.
  Jalen / ellocalypse / 7y 192d 21h 33m 59s
Angela was just enjoying her day when she can tell things were about to happen. She didn't like this one bit. She looked at them. "I don't want to be with you guys. So go." She said and than she watched as Jalen go punched in the face. God, she hated this so much. She thought everyone learned there lesson last time. Than she realized that the guys were running off with her. She grinned, and slid down a little. "You think your that smart?" She grinned again, and kicked him in the nuts, and than the other guys were helping him get up, but she kicked them all, and than she ran back to Jalen. "Come on lets go." She said running back to her dorm.
  Angela[Anime] / XxChocolateLoverXx / 7y 192d 21h 38m 21s
Jalen couldnt wait until they got back home. He just really wanted to spend some time with Angela alone. As he finished his food, the group of guys that beat him up waled up to them. "Hey look. Its the old couple. So Angela, when are you going to leave this guy and go out with me. I can make you so much happier than him" he said as he walked up to her and took her hand in his, picking her up in his arms.

"Hey, let her go. She doesnt want to be with you" Jalen said as he shoved his hand away from Angela. The man punched Jalen across the face "Oh so Jalen thinks he can fight me? Bring it on. Winner takes the girl?" he said as he Jalen shook his head and wiped his mouth. "I dont need to fight for her. She already wants to be with me" he said as the guy and his friends carried Angela over their shoulders, running away from Jalen. "Angela?!??!" he yelled, running after them.
  Jalen / ellocalypse / 7y 192d 21h 42m 25s

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