Endhaven, Lost Hall of the Blackrose.

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These were once the Lands of Baron Adrian von Blackrose, Brother to Lord Renald Blackrose. These lands are located in the deep and thick forests of Caladan. The area surrounding it is rugged and nearly impassable except for the few routes once known only to the Blackrose Family and the main path, a cold, barren strip of road. Rotting buildings and collapsed towers can be seen along its length. The path is noe fraught with danger. Ghosts and demons now drawn too the keep by the power of its new owner. Lord Evantius Kilvarough. A Demon from olden times, finding this land and growing quite fond of it.

Currently the castle houses only the Lord Evantius as he found this old jewel rotting in the forest. He has since restored it too its former glory.

The throne room! Here is where dignitaries and royal members gather to discuss buisness of state.

A standard room at the Hall of Endhaven is well furnished and always well lit and warm.

The Feasting hall! Eat! Drink! Be merry! It is a joyous place! Boasting a large fire! Mead! and plenty of food!

Of course the Armory! What Home is complete without one? You may store and draw your weapons here and train in the sparring room.)

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