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Aaron took the dress, his eyes lowered to the ground. He felt so..weird. And he didn't even have the thing on yet. He waited for the other to turn around, then he changed quicly. His blue hair tossed over his shoulder. He chewed lightly on his lower lip, holding his arm to his chest, "A..Ano...I'm do...done.." He mumbled, his body shaking a bit, his bangs hiding his eyes and blush from him,
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 41d 22h 36m 32s
Derek finds a dress that he likes. It is a french maid outfit, complete with a little hat. The skirt is very short and the short-sleeves are puffed. "I won't look so long as you put this on." Derek hands it over to Aaron. Seeing the frown, Derek raises an eyebrow. "Relax. I'm not a complete ogre."
  Derek Donahue / kolache_lover / 10y 42d 15h 42m 12s
Aaron frowned, "Wa..Wait! Noo! I'll do it...!!" He said, shaking his head. Not wanting the other to see him naked. His frown deepend, "..Please?? Don't look...while I do change..?" He asked, looking at him as he looked for somethng for him toput on.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 44d 14h 40m 54s
Derek stands up, setting his book on the chair. "If you don't want to, I can dress you myself." Grabbing hold of Aaron's wrist, Derek drags him to the bedroom. "I just want to see what you would look like. It's not 'weird' in this house." Tossing him inside, Derek locks the door. Going over to the closet, he rummages through it, looking for something that he likes.
  Derek Donahue / kolache_lover / 10y 44d 14h 42m 52s
Aaron frowned, "Bu..but I don't wanna..!" He said, pouting a bit, "It'll be weird!" He said, nodding. He huffeed softly again, then shook his head, "I'm not going to put one on.." He said, looking at him.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 44d 14h 52m 17s
Derek allows a small smile as the boy protests to wearing a dress. But at least he has a little fight in him. Addressing Aaron again, "Boys wear dresses when I tell them to. In fact, I think you might be cute wearing a dress. Go put one on. One of the ones in the middle of the closet."
  Derek Donahue / kolache_lover / 10y 44d 14h 56m 50s
"N..No! I..I'm sorry..I mean..I...um.." Aaron said, not really sure how to put it, "I'll...I won't do...as you say then?" He said, holding his arm to his chest, "..I..I'm a boy.. Boys don't wear dresses.." He said, pouting a bit, turning his face away from him. He huffed softly, now crossing his arms over his chest.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 44d 15h 13m 45s
<I apologize for being away for so long>
Derek raises an eyebrow. "Don't do that. You know you are very submissive in nature, I can see it without knowing you from Adam. Just admit to it. I like my men to have an opinion. If you don't start shaping up I will make you one of the scullery maids. Would you like that? You will live in a cuboard with one dress. You will cook, clean, help Sebastian with anything he asks of you. You will rise at 4am and will not be allowed to sleep until everything is completed, usually around 11pm. You will do so until the end of your days. Or you can liven up a little bit and have a much better life. Your choice, boy." Waiting for a more satesfactory response, Derek picks up his book. He only pretends to read, instead watching the boy's every move and reaction to his speech.
  Derek Donahue / kolache_lover / 10y 44d 16h 2m 29s
"..A..ano...I guess.." Aaron said, tilting his head to the side a bit, tapping his chin lightly, "I donno.." He said, shrugging. He chewed lightly on his lower lip, looking at him.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 63d 14h 11m 19s
Derek nods. "Well, Aaron, I am pleased to meet you. Are you very free spirited? Opinionated, etc.? I wouldn't think so, you seem very timid." What was Sebastian thinking when he picked this boy? He is very attractive, but he isn't the sharpest one around.
  Derek Donahue / kolache_lover / 10y 65d 12h 8m 35s
"..Yes master.." Aaron mumbled, then shook his head, "I mean....Yes, Master." He said, a bit louder.
He sighed softly, "My name is...Aaron. I'm..16. And i'm from here...I only live...I guess a few minutes away from here...or so.." He said, shaking his head as he held his arm to his chest, looking at him,
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 65d 12h 22m 29s
As the boy re-enters the room, Derek again sets down his book. Looking him up and down, Derek nods. "That is much better. However, when you come into my presence you must always bow and address me as 'Master'. Don't mumble or stutter." Despite being seated, Derek had a way of looking down on people when he spoke to them. He did so now. "What is your name, boy? How old are you? And where are you from?"
  Derek Donahue / kolache_lover / 10y 65d 12h 25m 2s
Aaron stuck his tongue out at him as he left. He huffed softly, tugging his jacket off then shirt and pants. then put on his new clean clothes on. He brushed his hand through his blue hair. Huffing softly as he did so..
He walked back to his 'Master'. Then slid into the room slowly,"A..Ano.." He mumbled, a small frown on his lips.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 65d 12h 32m 11s
Sebastian keeps his sly smile as he looks through the closet. Pulling out a hanger with a button-down, dark blue shirt and some nicer black pants, he hands them to Aaron. "You are staying here. Now quit whining and put this on. Quickly. You don't want Master Donahue angry with you. Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes. You will change and see Master Donahue again before that time. Understand? And do something with that mess of hair." With those final words, Sebastian exits.
Derek is still in the library, impatiently tapping his foot. Where did that boy run off to? He is wasting my time.
  Derek Donahue / kolache_lover / 10y 65d 12h 36m 39s
Aaron looked at him, "..I hate you....Stupid...liar..Meanie head." He mumbled, pouting a bit as he moved out of the way, crossing his arms over his chest. Then turned his head to the side, "..I'm...not staying here.." He mumbled, glancing at him,"..I'm not a....slave." He said, shaking his head.
He sighed softly, watching as the other picked out the clothes.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 65d 12h 57m 40s

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