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Moving to a new town can be extremely scary, especially when someone begins to sneak into your room each night whispering things into your ear. Sweet things that were not to be spoken aloud, and sometimes she couldn't even remember. It scared her, because in the morning he was gone. It was a male voice, and she could tell. Will her mysterious stalker ever show his face to her?

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It wasn't abnormal for Alice to awaken in the middle of the night, caused by the slight insomnia passed to her by her grandmother. Not only her, but her mother and cousin had it as well. It was one passed on trait that she detested. Though, she had her mothers green eyes and her fathers nose. Only the internal traits were the ones that she hated.

Trying to fall back asleep now would just be a failed attempt, but she tried again. Her insomnia rang true, not allowing her to go to sleep right away. It would take an hour or two, so she stood and turned on her light. The light shocked her for a second, but once her eyes adjusted Alice walked to the window. The sounds of the night were so calming to her, hearing them so clear being the fact that she slept in silence.

Opening the window, she climbed onto her roof. This would be impossible in New York, because she lived on the first floor of an apartment. Being on the roof calmed her and helped her think. Maybe she could get used to being in Louisaina, but so far it wasn't going to happen. The dry air ran across her legs, causing her to shiver. "The air is so empty here. I miss the gusts of home."
  Alice Roviera / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 339d 10h 22m 5s
  Alice Roviera / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 339d 10h 34m 55s
{{Sorrry I was cooking}}

It had been years since Alex had seen the city's park. The river that ran under the wooden briedges where the car would pass. He walked by, heading back to his house from the long trip he had from the other town, near the border of New Orleans.

The bright and eerie climate made him feel at home. Not to mention he loved the hot days, and the freezing cold and rainy nights.

New Orleans was his home, though many myths, and spell ran over the country. The witch doctors, and the black magic prests. They were like his friends. Since his father was one of them...

Alex breathed in the dry air, and smiled as he settled himself on the front porch. He stared out to the next house in front of his, which was a pretty house, but it had a wierd touch to it. One part of him was tugging at him to check the new people, but the other part told him to stay were he was, and just stalk from afar.

No reason to rush right?
  Alex Evans / XIII / 9y 339d 10h 51m 15s
New Orleans was somewhere that Alice believed she would never end up. All the way from New York, it was a huge climate change. It was so hot down here at the opposite end of the state, and the towns were so small. Where were the skyscrapers and huge bits of scenery? All of the things down here were so small scale, and much less packed. It actually scared her. She felt like everything was just closing in on her, getting smaller, getting closer.

Another thing, everyone was a stranger to her now. The only people she knew were her parents, her being only seventeen. It was a move that she just wasn't ready for. How could her parents do this to her in her senior year? Her dad had work, but they did have a station in New York, so why should that interfere? Getting used to this small, jazz influenced place would take a while.

Personalizing her room was the only thing to reassure her that this was home. The first night would be rough, especially because of the time change. She would just have to do it, because she was stuck here until she could move. Maybe she could get used to it? She laughed at that idea.
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I will. Give me a minute or two to type something up.
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Hm... Who ever you want to start. I don't mind.
  Alex Evans / XIII / 9y 339d 11h 33m 52s
Lol, so should you start or shall I?
  Alice Roviera / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 339d 11h 47m 31s
Oh ok lol xD
  Alex Evans / XIII / 9y 339d 11h 48m 18s
It's alright. I took a nap. :)
  Alice Roviera / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 339d 11h 53m 52s
It's alright. I took a nap. :)
  Alice Roviera / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 339d 11h 54m 10s
You're welcome ^^ Sorry I replied slow, I had to walk to the store =3
  Alex Evans / XIII / 9y 339d 13h 22m 15s
Ahh, thank you:)
  Alice Roviera / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 339d 14h 58m 55s
I shall tell you another sweet nightmare for a tale when I Whisper to you in the dark....

^^ I sahll join =3
  Alex Evans / XIII / 9y 339d 15h 15m 46s
The best secrets are the ones untold.
  Alice Roviera / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 340d 8h 14m 3s

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