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H- h - ey! Where are you going! . . . NO! Not [color=teal][i]THERE[/i][/color]. Don't you know what the Maximus Taneous ship is like? Oh, you don't. I'm sure, after you hear my tale, you won't go there... oh wait, how did it go? Oh, yeah: [/size]

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Doctor Doc. He didn't like the whole formal name, so he let people just call him 'Doc'. Which they called him anyway since he was a doctor, and a lot of people used the new generation's slang and whatever. Doc had a lot of odd qualities about him. For one, he used methods that were just... weird and pretty painful. Another thing is, he was considered a genius. Yeah, a Genius. He was one of those kids that spaced themselves away from others, only while he was away from others, he was learning. Everything, if anything he could. Doc was one of those guys who could do just about any job. Kind of cool, you think? Well, wait until I tell you what he decided to do. [/size]

[size=15][color=teal]W[/color][/size][size=10]ell, you see Doc wanted to accomplish many things in life. Like make a monochrome world, using only the color white. And build the worlds tallest tower. And even one was to become a... well, 'the' great leader of the world. He couldn't, or wouldn't be allowed to complete any of his tasks. So, he made smaller, easier things. One, was designing, engineering, and building the large aircraft ship ever known to man. Well, he did; known as Maximus Taneous. He hired many people aboard his ship to work. He was, obviously, captain of this vessel.

[size=15][color=teal]D[/color][/size][size=10]oc was dying, fast-like. Since his health was plummeting down the drains of life. So, the man entrusted his great vessel to a great nephew, his only family bound relative left. The boy was only thirteen when he was given the aircraft. So, he would have to wait until he would be able to put it to use. So the boy waited, and waited.

[size=15][color=teal]T[/color][/size][size=10]he nephew is old enough, now. But whoever boards that ship, is usually never let back out. You'll be forced to stay on the ship, traveling to every place the boy chooses. It isn't a bad fate, so you think. But you do not know the customs of the nephew... you do not, no one actually, knows what he is like. He is mysterious, yes. But there is one woman that leaves and boards the ship every day, everywhere they go. Her name is Anastasia. If you find her, stay away. She'll take you to the ship if she sees that you are fit enough, worthy enough, and healthy enough to be on the ship. She'll ask you if you would like to take on with this journey, and if you object, she'll take you by force.

[size=15][color=teal]Y[/color][/size][size=10]ou see, she is the nephews 'right-hand-woman' and does whatever he says. She is a loyal servant to him. But she's different than the other humans on there. She holds a power, unknown to almost everyone outside the ship boundaries, so be careful if she picks you out from the others.


My rules are simple. I will have you read this through, then find out what the secret is. Okay, so first off, there will be no cybering in my thread! Clothes start comin' off do a time skip, no don't go to PMs DO A FRIGGIN' TIMESKIP. Violence is obviously a must in every role play, so I advise to do it. Just not randomly, I mean c'mon, there has to be some sort of reason why you and whoever character is in a fight. No killing off characters unless giving permission to do so, please. There will be no god modding, unless your trying to get into a fight with Anastasia or Richard, you have really no chance of winning, just an FYI. Your character's pictures should be... mm... Anime, yeah. No inappropriate pictures please, and be unique and don't use a cliche picture, yeah? Also, your character can't look like it's ten years old, and then the actual age be nineteen. Have the picture look the age, yeah? Good. To join just put the title what your character is: Captain, Engineer, Soul worker, servant, ect. Please post in the OOC, I'm sure making a FEW role play friends wouldn't be that bad... OH YEAH, you have to be NICE to the role players, the characters, I don't what your like to them, but the person you have to be nice. Give them the respect you want from them. AND, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Your posts should be 'pretty' in some sort, and you should have posts between 2 - 7/8 ish paragraphs. Got it, get it, good.


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"Yes ma'am" he said and moved backwards a bit to get a bowl for her. "For todays pasta it's angel hair, rotini, shells, spirals, wheels, and ziti with sauce. I'll give you the standard size for starters. Come see me when you want some more" Fenrir smiled and put the six different noodle types into a bowl. He reached over and took hold of the sauce pan and began to pour some of it into the bowl. He placed the pan back and one of the underlings went over to make more. Fenrir took the bowl over to Juriko and placed it infront of her. "Enjoy"
  Fenrir / Seraphir / 10y 144d 11h 14m 0s

Kuriko Homogashi

Kuriko chuckled. "No your talking the right speed." she answered. "More 700 and less than 1,000." she said smiling. She then thought about what she was going to eat. "Hmm...I'd like a hmmm...just give me some pasta." she ordered smiling.
  Tobi / Misao_Kurisaku / 10y 148d 7h 24m 10s
Fenrir heard Kuriko's voice and turned around from his "Ah Kuriko, good to see you" he stopped and motioned one of the helpers to finish what he had been doing. "Today we have a lot of food, I got creative and bored... But for catagories of food we have pasta, sandwiches, meats, frtuits and vegetables, rice, and the usuals. Of course there's also your personel menue, what would you like?" he smiled knowing that he probably made to much again, but he enjoyed watching the passengers eat heartily. Some of them were poor and never knew this type of luxury before.
"So how many passengers do you think will be joining us today? I need an estimate for dinner tonight" he looked at how many were already in the dining hall. "I forget how many we already have, do you remember? Am I talking to fast again?"
  Fenrir / Seraphir / 10y 152d 7h 41m 29s

Kuriko Homogashi

Kuriko chuckled. "No your talking the right speed." she answered. "More 700 and less than 1,000." she said smiling. She then thought about what she was going to eat. "Hmm...I'd like a hmmm...just give me some pasta." she ordered smiling.
  Tobi / Misao_Kurisaku / 10y 152d 8h 34m 42s


  Tobi / Misao_Kurisaku / 10y 152d 8h 35m 41s
sure sure
  Tobi / Misao_Kurisaku / 10y 152d 8h 46m 24s
[Name: Fenrir
Age: 19-20
Bio: Fenrir's original name was Lavier Fargo, but when he left the orphanage he was abandoned at as a baby he found himself captivated by the story of Norse Mythilogical creature Fenrir, and took up its name as his own. While he was at the Orphanage he found that he was skilled in cooking dishes with little ingredients avalable. It was because of this that he was able to find work at a restraunt for a while until it closed down. He has a tendancy to talk fast at times, and though he may not look it he has had many scuffles on the streets and learned how to fight before long. While searching for work he noticed the Maximus Taneous and thought that maybe it would need a Chef, and found himself staying with enjoyment.
Mind if I join as the Chef?]
  Fenrir / Seraphir / 10y 154d 5h 9m 2s
Name: Kuriko Homogashi
Age: 18
Bio: Kuriko's family was always very poor, and didn't like Kuriko much. She was always on her own, no one really cared who she was and what she was doing with her life. By the age of 9 she started looking into cars and air crafts. She loved them all. Her parents abandoned her at 11, well that's what she thought, they accidentally forgot her when packing things to move to a bigger apartment, but when putting her other nine brother and sisters, she was getting her things and the drove off, and when they came back she had ran away. She never liked her life, so for those two years she just sucked it up and tried to find food and shelter. Well when at the age of 13 she enter the air craft just wandering for food and ended up staying. She is also the engineer of the Maximus
  Tobi / Misao_Kurisaku / 10y 154d 7h 27m 51s

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