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Have you got an OC for the anime Hetalia? Or do you want to rp as someone that is hardly seen/never seen but has a character created? Here is where we can all roleplay ^^


Country/state/island etc.:
Languages spoken?:
One fact about the country/state/island etc.:


Username: Blaze
Name: Abigail Antonella
Country: Menorca
Age: 19
Pet?: Gecko called Gonzales
Personality: Cheerful, caring, kind and only mean when she has to be.
Languages spoken?: Spanish, English, Catalan and traces of French.
One fact about the country: Menorca is the first place in Spain to see the sun rise.

Username: DarkOfHyrule
Name: Lassono Hiyugatsu
Country: Soviet Russia
Age: 18
Pet?: A kitten named 3NNA
Personality: Easily scared. Is always with 3NNA and is usually found asleep in bushes.
Spoken Languages: Russian, German, English, and Frence.
One fact about the country: Before it became Russia, Soviet Russia was the most feared country.

Username: TsuykiomiArianne
Name: Lin Yi Ling
Country: Taiwan
Age: 16
Pet?: no
Personality:Taiwan is described as a strong-willed, fashionable young woman, but she is also said to have become more of a nervous type in recent times, unable to stop worrying. She is a rather smart-mouthed girl with a somewhat quick temper and a cheerful disposition.
Languages spoken?:
One fact about the country: Was formerly known as Formosa or Beautiful land by the Hollanders

Name:Selena Lavinia Vargas
Country/Province:Ferrara, Italy
Pet:A calico kitten named Ferrari, after the Italian sports car
Personality:Sporty, with an attitude mix between Romano's and Italy's
Languages spoken:Greek, Italian, Latin, Spanish, French, English, and German
One fact about the country:Has had a trading relationship with Greece that is still continuous today ever since the Renaissance.

Country:Is a state NEVADA!
Pet?:no but she has a tiny stuffed bunny plushie on her right braceletshe calls Tilly
Languages spoken?:english and a little spanish
One fact about the country:(STATE >::Was origenally part of spain , known as the silver state because of the mineing industry.


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ES Rules
Please try to know atleast a little bit about the country you will be rping as, for example: Mayonnaise was invented in Menorca and also has more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza put together.

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  Abigail Antonella ~Menorca~ / Blaze / 6y 260d 21h 58m 47s
  CheshireWolfPrussia / 6y 261d 19h 36m 20s
Nevada sat out in the garden around her fathers house meditateing trying to stay calm but her mind kept raceing and she couldnt help complain that it was too hot out. "ACK!" she hissed falling over on her back and rolling in the dirt childishly "THIS IS BOOOOERING" she bit her tounge looking at the plants growing. Her sister was growing sunflowers. She wanted them to shrivle up and die. Plants annoyed her. It was too much work to keep them alive so why even try? She wondered to herself then closed her eyes giveing up on this pointless time wasteing activity.
  Nevada (Alice Baiden) / animeluver / 6y 361d 7h 41m 52s
"Alright." Selena said smiling.
  Ferrara / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 18d 19h 44m 39s
Abigail sighs, yawning then stretching a little, "I couldn't get any sleep last night so I might doze off.. Lo sentimos if I do.." she tells her.
  Abigail Antonella ~Menorca~ / Blaze / 7y 18d 19h 49m 4s
Selena sits with Abigail."*sigh*Si agreesd..."
  Ferrara / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 18d 19h 51m 22s
"Sí, I guess so." she agrees, smiling before wandering over to a table and sitting down, "Dios.. When do the others get here?" she mumbles, mostly to herself.
  Abigail Antonella ~Menorca~ / Blaze / 7y 18d 20h 4m 23s
She sighs, "Si, but he's a total idiota!"
  Ferrara / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 18d 20h 11m 4s
She blinks, "You got ruled over by Francia too?.... He ruled over me for 7 years.. It was horrible." she sighs, "Inglaterra.. He tried to help me but he failed.." she mumbles.
  Abigail Antonella ~Menorca~ / Blaze / 7y 18d 20h 18m 1s
She nods, "Yeah, Holy Roman Empire, Austria, France, Britian, and Spain."
  Ferrara / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 18d 20h 23m 21s
Abigail looks at the kitten and smiles, "She's adorable~" she says, putting Gonzales on her shoulder and he soon fell asleep again. She then decided to make random conversation, "So... Have you been ruled over by any countries...?".
  Abigail Antonella ~Menorca~ / Blaze / 7y 18d 20h 28m 5s
Selena points to left shoulder. "This is Ferrari, my kitten! Greece gave her tome!" She said as she picks up Ferrari.
  Ferrara / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 18d 20h 32m 36s
Abigail grins, "It's nice to meet you~" she says, then scoops her gecko off of her head and strokes him with a finger to wake him up. It worked and Gonzales lifted his head, looking at her then at Selena, "This is Gonzales, my gecko~" Abigail says.
  Abigail Antonella ~Menorca~ / Blaze / 7y 18d 20h 36m 54s
Selena giggles, "Ciao, I'm the north Italian city Ferrara, but my real name is Selena Lavinia Vargas,ve~!"
  Ferrara / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 18d 20h 40m 29s
She smiles, "I'm Menorca, a Balearic Island belonging to Spain~ But my real name is Abigail, Abigail Antonella." she introduces herself, walking over to her.
  Abigail Antonella ~Menorca~ / Blaze / 7y 19d 10m 26s

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