I'm not scared (Naruto 1x1 Need Gaara)

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Sukino is a hyper, outgoing, goofy, talented, quick witted, ninja. She is a sand chunin, works hard at everything she does but unfortunatly she has a bit of a hot temper, which is ironic given her ability to control water. She has a habit of getting into fights and even sometimes messing up on missions because she gets distracted or angery. While she's a great ninja, she cant help her stubborn noisy nature. ON her last missino however, her tempermental slip up cost her team the mission. Reporting to the kazekage ashamed and depressed her punishment is that she has to accompany the kazekage on a two month mission into The Leaf village. But the catch is, Sukino, has always had a small thing for Gaara the Kazekage, admiration if you will. Now on a two month trip alone with him. What will happen?

I'm not going to lie, there isnt much of a plot in my mind right now. I just would really like to do a 1x1 with Gaara.

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ok later mabey can make another some other time or just talk?
  gaara / hauwd / 10y 62d 40m 31s
<I'm sorry hun, this rp is kind of...un interesting...really not to lit and doesnt seem to be getting much better. I'm not really enjoying it. I'm sorry. none against you personally. but in this rp...i find its sort of bored.>
  Sukino Hishenmio / torinchan / 10y 62d 2h 56m 58s
in the clearing there are ten elite anbu black ops ninja guarding him but they are only new recruits
  gaara / hauwd / 10y 62d 3h 24m 58s
Sukino isnt surprised by the ambush and uses ice clones to fght them. Takeing two down with the clones she attacked another and he easily went down. "Where is the Kazekage!" she demanded kunai at ones throat.
  Sukino Hishenmio / torinchan / 10y 62d 3h 27m 29s
*a couple of mist ninja try to ambush her but one fals out of the tree
  gaara / hauwd / 10y 62d 3h 35m 56s
Suino narrowed her eyes and sealed him in ice carefully, not pleased but not a killer she let him stay where he was immobile taking the map she headed towards where she hoped Gaara would be even though it was most likely a trap.
  Sukino Hishenmio / Torinchan / 10y 62d 11h 2m 43s
im not lying ..... seriously * he said the look of fear still in his eyes * just take this map the 'X' is the place i was ment to go to give you to them
  gaara / hauwd / 10y 62d 17h 49m 37s
< im sorry its my retard douche friend just admin delete the message ill kill him at school tomorrow
  gaara / hauwd / 10y 62d 17h 58m 38s
<yeah...who the fuck are you McKay?>

Sukino narrowed her eyes dangerously and pressed the blade tighter against his jugular vein. "It would be increadibly ill advised to lie to me right now." she told him harshly.
  Sukino Hishenmio / torinchan / 10y 63d 5h 11m 28s
Garra: Oh let me put my hard one inside you!...Oh your so good

  Agent_McKay / 10y 63d 16h 44m 7s
i dont know * he said fearfully looking up at her * i was just told to get you to surrender then bring you to the randevues point * he said struggling with her grip*
  gaara / hauwd / 10y 63d 20h 34m 47s
Sukino paused and backpeddled retriving kunai she charged the ninja harshly pinning him to the ground easily and pressing the kunai to his throat. "Where is he?" she asked harshly sounding more dangerous than one would expect.
  Sukino Hishenmio / Torinchan / 10y 64d 56m 42s
ok * suddenly garra burst into smoke and a mist ninja was standing in his place * we have captured your beloved kazakage hand yourself over to us of we will kill him
  gaara / hauwd / 10y 64d 57m 26s
Sukino raised an eyebrow and blushed again. "I...I dont know what you mean" she said stepping back and looking away from him nervously coughing. "we should keep moveing" she said casually and kept walking.
  Sukino Hishenmio / Torinchan / 10y 64d 1h 3m 14s
ive seen what happened on you last mission you are worried that you are not good enough to protect me but i could have gone alone but i chose some one who alway used to look at me .....you
  gaara / hauwd / 10y 64d 1h 8m 24s

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