Losing my best friend (Need guy 1x1)

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Katlyn and _______ have been best friends sense they were little kids. They grew up together, they know everything about each other and get along better than any brother or sister would. But as the years progress, and Katlyn begins growing up, out of the little girl that ______ once knew, and into a beautiful woman, He finds himself falling in love with her. Afraid of ruining what they had or making her uncomfortable and not like him anymore. ______ begins to avoid her, But Katlyn is a stubborn girl and she is detirmind to fix whatevers wrong with their friendship. Determination makes her plan a sleep over at his house while his parents are out of town, but as the night grows longer and longer how long will _______ be able to hide how he feels?

Need guy.

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Come on...someone please?
  Katlyn McClellen / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 62d 1h 24m 1s
  Katlyn Outsider / Torinchan / 10y 62d 10h 41m 56s

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