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1.) Two boys meet each other and become extremely close. One is dedicated and in love with the other, as the other feels the same but tends to have commitment issues. It's not until after [X] loses his virginity that a short while after he learns his significant other cheated on him and had slept with other people during their relationship. Is love strong? And can both boys stay together? Or will fate tear the bond that had been formed to be so strong for good.

2.) [X] walks into his Geometry Class to find that there is a hot, new substitute filling in for the regular teacher. Will something happen between the two? Or is the sub as Straight as all of the other guys?

3.) Jerk X Nerd thing..e,o I don't have a plot for that..

4.) Abusive boyfriend...I don't have a plot for that...>,>

5.) Stalker/kidnapper thing....Not plot..>,>

6.) Slave x Master thing...No plot...

7.) "Go in..." They chanted over and over again. This day....This every day at that very moment, [X] wished he was dead. There him and his friends stood in front of the biggest mansion they had ever seen. The only bad thing...It was haunted. You see, about three years ago a little girl about...four went into the house and she was never ever seen again. Everybody whom stepped foot into that house was never seen again. So...now you know why [X] was so scared...
Little did [X] know...Something very bad was about to happen...A vampire was about to make him his slave....forever

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he went over to him holding him still" please dont hurt your self"and i cant let you go becaue i would be in deep shit if i didi
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 10y 244d 20h 7m 50s
Jake frowned, glaring at him, "Lemme go!" He yelled, wiggling around. Trying to get the ropes or whatever off. He whimpered softly when they started to dig into his skin.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 244d 20h 22m 39s
He bit his lip runing a hand threw his hand "i dont know. he paces looking at him. he didnt know what to do now he had him to him self just like he wanted but had made no ferther plans
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 10y 244d 21h 15m 2s
Jake did as he was told and shut up, not wanting to keep the tape and blindfold on. When the other took him to a room and took the blindfold and tape off he looked at the other," Wha..What the he..hell is wrong with y..you?!?" He yelled, moving away from him, shaking a bit.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 245d 15h 36m 12s
he places a gentle hand on his chest as the stop at a stop sigh and he reaches over buckling him in so hes safer " please do be quite or the tape stayso n your mouth" he keeps driveing till he gets to his house then he takes him inside and lays him in a bed in the spare room and removes the blind fold and tape for him. he wasnt much older then him only by 2 years. he looked down at him nercvously not able to belaeave he acctually did this. oh he was in so much trouble.

gtg nighty nite love
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 10y 245d 15h 39m 19s
Jake sighed softly, stopping once he got to spongebob. He giggled softly to himself, slightly singing along with the music, "It's the best day eveeeer!" He sung out then giggled softly once again, humming along now. He glanced around, for some reason he felt like he was being watched. He chewed on his lower lip. Then shook his head, sighing softly. This...was why he hated being alone.

Everytime he tried to tell somebody that something wasn't right. All they would say was, "It's nothing." Or something like that. But Jake knew something wasn't right. He turned his TV up a bit louder, hoping that would make the watching feeling go away. But it didn't help at all. He let out a small sigh. Then hugged his knees to is chest, his shoes already off and laying in the floor. He put his chin on his knees, staring at the TV. Trying to block everything around him out. His eyes widend when he felt something go over his mouth and eyes. He let out a small scream, trying to pull away, but wouldn't. He breathed heavy through his nose. He kicked his feet and tried to pull away. He let out a muffled gasp when he was put in a car. He let out another muffled scream, kicking his feet.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 245d 15h 45m 28s
Ryan finally was gong to go threw with it. he had always wanted jake to him self even thought he new it was wrong of him to be so selfish.but he jsut had to have him befor any one else got him. he has been watching him for some time now and slwly and quietly enters the boys house comeing up behind him he quickly wrapes a blind fold on the boy ducktapeing his mouth. as he tryes to get away he quickly binds his wrists and ankles and gently puting the boy over shis shoulder carrying him to his car and siting him in the passengers set geting in him self he starts to drive quickly to his house nervous about what he just had done.
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 10y 245d 15h 50m 20s
Jake sighed softly as he walked home from school. He looked around, having the felling that somebody was following him. He shook his head and gave himself a small slap on the face. He shook his head once again, "No more sweets at night for me.." He mumbled to himself, chuckling softly. He rubbed the back of his neck lightly then looked around once again.
Soon he got to his house, "I'm home!" He called out, though he knew nobody was home. He chewed on his lower lip a bit and closed the front door. Forgetting to lock it. He really hated being alone at home. After all...He's been having these weird feelings...like he was being watched or something.

He shook his head once again, running a hand through his hair. Then walked up to his room and put his bookbag on his bed. He yawned softly, "I'll do my homework later.." He mumbled to himself as he walked back downstairs. He walked to the living room and sat down on the couch. Then turned the TV on. He chewed lightly on his lower lip once again as he flipped through the channels.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 245d 15h 54m 51s
okay io will wait for you
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 10y 245d 16h 2m 21s
[[xD Okay. I can post first..hold on.]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 245d 16h 4m 25s
hm okay what if i ended up kidnaping your person because i liked him so much but didnt know what to do about it because i wanted him all to my self?
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 10y 245d 16h 8m 53s
[[I like 5, 1, and 4..]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 245d 16h 11m 45s
hmmm they all sound goo dhun you go ahead and pick one i dont care witch
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 10y 245d 16h 15m 34s
[[Sure. =D Which plot do you like?]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 245d 16h 16m 48s
oh may i join love iam looking for a good rp!
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 10y 245d 16h 18m 52s

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