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Gail and Lina's romance continues after the beach house. What happens when the both of them face their life problems that the vacation hid? Would they still be together?

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Gail took the DRIVER'S SEAT and took the keys from her hand, starting the engine as he headed down the street. He followed Lina's directions until they reached the abandoned warehouse. Lina's directions had suddenly stopped and he figured this was the place that Dan could be hiding in. When he glanced at Lina with the side of his eye, he could see something was wrong with her. Not only was she in a poor condition, but she was still pushing herself. He needed to do the same even though he was simply dragged into all of this.

After parking the car in the lot, he stepped outside and just looked up at the old and abandoned building. "Li? This is it? THat's just great. They took our daughter in there? Perfect" he gulped and then waited for her. He wasnt used to this adrenaline lifestyle, but he was ready to just bust in there and save Holly at all costs.

"Let's go" he told her before making his way towards the back of the building, keeping himself hidden in the bushes as he did so.
  Gail / ellocalypse / 5y 240d 22h 49m 11s
Her face was stern and serious as she sat back in the PASSENGERS SEAT. As they took their way into the town Lina looked curiously over the town, she suddenly yelled "STOP!" when they came to a halt she immediately jumped out of the car running towards the derelict that she had spotted.

She remembered the club well full of disgusting perverts and greasy women that she had never liked until the day that Lina herself had set the place ablaze with the help of petrol and a loose lighter that she had found the night before. As she stood infront of the club she gave out a light sigh trying to gather her feelings and draw them inwards. Her and Gails actions not only determined their fate but also that of their child.
  Lina Amrose / BlueEyedTears / 5y 241d 1h 28m 31s
Gail couldnt believe how fast her recovery was to the point of running in the parking lot. The image of her on the ground, blood all around her filled his memory once more. Closing his eyes, he shook the thoughts out of his mind. THe most important thing to remember was that their daughter was missing and Lina was well enough to help him get her back.

So when he released her in a hug, he couldnt believe what was coming out of her mouth. What were they going to do with their babygirl? She was just a toddler! Gail had a lot of questions for her because this was a side of Lina he's never witnessed and honestly it was scary to not know your wife. She had been holding out on him and all he wanted to do was get those answers.

For now, he hurried back towards his car, getting into the passenger seat since it was clear Lina was driving. He kept quiet in his seat, just wanting to find HOlly. His eyes would glance to Lina, seeing that she was focused on a goal and he mentally thought about how maybe he didnt really know her. Who she was, or even if she was still that girl he met at that beach house. He just gripped the handle on the door and then stared out the window, hoping that they didnt lay a finger on Holly.
  Gail / ellocalypse / 5y 241d 4h 32m 1s
Resting back against the car, she spots Gail over the other side of the parking lot running towards her. Smiling weakly she wraps her arms around his neck, nodding her head lightly to his question. Of course she wasn't one hundred percent well but Holly was the most important thing now and nothing was going to nstop her from getting her baby back.
"Yeah Im fine. I dont know where theyre taking her but I have a rough idea." She frowned slightly before continuing. "I think they're taking her to the old club its run down ever since Dan lost control of everyone. I think hes trying to build it all back up again. And don't ask me how or why I know all this. It's better if you don't know." Slowly she unwrapped herself from around Gail and took the keys out of his pocket with a wink before opening the car and climbing in and climbed into the passengers side.
  BlueEyedTears / 5y 241d 1h 50m 53s
At that moment, Gail was a nervous wreck. Not only was his babygirl taken away from him, but his wife was found laying on the streets, a pool of blood surrounding her body. Everything had happened so fast, why was this random guy after his family. Why did Dan come back to haunt his family all of a sudden. So many memories were rushing through his head, all his past evil attempts to steal away Lina and get him out of the picture.

Waiting in the lobby, he was pacing the floor back and forth. Every second he was wasting here, Holly could be killed, or whatever Dan was going to do with her, if he even had her. He needed information and that was only possible with Lina awake.

All of a sudden, there were cops and nurses rushing into a room. Gail hurried over, peeking through the door, seeing it was LIna's room. She was gone, nothing left besides crumples up bedsheets and ripped bandages on the hospital floor. Lina? Where'd you go! he thought to himself, hurrying out the door towards the elevator. When his phone vibrated, he saw her text and smiled weakly, trying to get out of here as fast as he could so they didnt waste any time. One thing about Lina that he loved was that when it came to her family, her own safety didnt matter anymore. Her mind was focused on what she needed to do.

As he made his way out to his car, he saw her. Running over, he hugged his arms around her waist, looking up at her face "Are you sure you're okay baby?" he asked, scanning her body, making sure she was alright. "Where's Holly baby? What do we need to do? Or where can we even start?" he asked, wondering if she had an idea of what to do.
  Gail / ellocalypse / 6y 222d 2m 58s
A bright light was the first thing to hit Linas eyes as they slowly opened. She could have sworn she was dead the light was so bright. As her vision came into focus Lina moved her mouth in an attempt to clear the dryness. Shaking her head she frowned and blinked a few times trying to figure out where she was. The beeping of the heart monitor as the first thing to catch her attention. Turning her head she felt the cold plastic tubes move across her face. She frowned slightly and then shook her head again. Without a moment of hesitation everything came flooding back, Dan, Holly, the car. With a wide-eyed expression she ripped the tubes from her skin going into a panic stricken frenzy. She sat up and looked around the bright white sterile room searching for Gail. When she didn't see him she had assumed the worst. Dan must have had him somewhere. She tried to get to her feet wobbling slightly as her legs shook, like a bambi learning how to walk. Frowning slightly she realised that she was in a hospital gown that really left nothing to the imagination. Searching around the room, she grabbed hold of her clothes on the chair, throwing them on quickly. The loud beeping of the machines came to her attention, she quickly dragged out the power and smiled contently, obviously quite proud of herself. She caught sight of her reflection in the window she shook her head taking off the bandage around her head, letting her hair fall around her shoulders. 

Standing next to the door she looked out of the small window, clearly stopping two police officers. She growled in frustration and then looked around the room. Smirking slightly she wrapped the bed sheets around her fist and stood behind the door. With a deep breath she smashed her fist into the window and smashed the glass causing a frenzy outside. They all rushed into the room while Lina snuck out and turned her head, smirking she picked up the officers jacket throwing it over her shoulder knowing she now had his keys and his gun. She sprinted to the door and dumped the jacket fitting the gun through her belt loop, grabbing the keys. Looking around the parking lot she saw the car and ran over to it. Heading over the parking lot when she noticed Gails car beside it. Tilting her head she frowned in confusion and then flipped out her phone, calling his number. "I'm out front. Get moving."
  Lina Amrose / BlueEyedTears / 6y 222d 13h 33m 46s
The man was struggling beneath Gail's weight as he tried to break free. But when he moved, Gail applied more pressure to the man's neck, causing him to cough and close his eyes uncontrollably. "You listen to me or else I'm going to jam this piece of wood into your throat!" he threatened as the man nodded his head.

"Okay, okay. Just dont kill me. I'm only working for him!" he panicked and tried to assure Gail he wouldnt move.

"Who's him? Tell me? And what has he done with my wife?"he asked impatiently as he waited for an answer.

"I-I-T's Dan. He want so get your wife back. He already has both Lina and your daughter down the road" he coughed even louder, shifting to try and get away.

"Stop you bastard. WHere is he keeping her?" he pressed the block of wood harder onto his neck, growling at the man. He had no time for these games, what could have happened to LIna and Holly by now?

"He's got them at the garage down the street. Near the old shopping complex. But he's probably taken them away by now!" he spit into Gail's face and laughed.

Gail simply wiped off his face and jammed the piece of wood into his throat. In the next minute, he was up on his feet, hurrying out the door to his car. Once he was buckled in, he drove down the street to the garage only to find a body laying across the street. As he moved closer, he could recognize it. It was Lina.

Parking the car, he hurried out, running over to her side as he turned her body over. "Lina? Wake up baby, please!" he yelled, seeing the blood. As he glanced around, there was no sign of Holly or Dan. He had to make sure Lina was okay. Calling an ambulance, he waited by her side until they arrived. Maybe Lina would know something about where they went.

The paramedics strapped her into the stretcher, taking her to the hospital as Gail followed i his car.
  Gail / ellocalypse / 6y 224d 4h 59m 23s
Dan was sat in the back seat of the car next to Lina who had Holly on her lap, holding her daughters head on her should, Holly facing Lina. Lina was keeping a calm face for her daughter and not to give Dan the satisfaction. Her thoughts drifted to where Gail could possibly be but that was soon interuppted by Dans phone ringing and his reaction answered her question. "Hello?" A smirk formed in his lips and he almost purred to the news. "Good good... Keep it that way... Don't fail me." He flipped the phone shut and Holly had fallen asleep in Linas arms. San spoke softly as not to wake the little girl. "Lina... I know this can't be pleasant but you don't understand why we're here. Your loser is sitting in your house right now tied up unable to do anything... Now there's nothing he or anyone else can do to help you. As for your..." He drifted his hand to touch Hollys hair, to which Lina grabbed his wrist and frowned at him. "Do not. Touch. My daughter..." With an amused smirk Dan pulled his hand away. "As I was saying... Your little girl has grown to be very adorable and even though... We were just coming for you... We've had to make an exception..." To this statement Lina lifted her head and looked up at Dan with a look of worry and horror, shaking her head furiously. "You can't bring her... She's just a baby for crying ou- ah!" Lina let out a sharp gasp as Dan grabbed her throat and smirked at her. "Wrong again Lina..." 

The car suddenly came to a stop outside what Lina recognised as the old garage a mile away from her home. She realised that she still had her groceries infront of her. As Dan got out of the car leaving the girls so he could call the man that was meant to take care of Gail. Lina reached into the back and picked up a few of the tins putting them in Holly's backpack before waking her slowly. Lina kissed her forehead and sighed softly. "We're going to play a game baby... Do you remember that doll in the toy shop window?" Holly nodded her head and smiled brightly liking the idea of a game. "Good girl now you know these people. They'll pretend to be bad guys and when I say so you have to run as fast as you can, turn down the road and hide. If you get found I won't get you that dolly. But don't make any sound okay...?" Holly giggled quietly and nodded her head then smiling Lina kissed her daughters forehead and then held her tightly. "Ready? Okay... 1... 2... 3..." Quickly Lina opened the door and pushed Holly onto her feet. To this Holly started running as fast as she could with Lina running behind her. Turning her head Lina noticed that Dan was quickly advancing on then. Lina came to a stop and told Holly to keep going when Dan came closer Lina whacked him across the side of the head, causing him to fall to the floor and Lina kept running. Holly turned and then waited for Lina, but slinked into bushes and hid. When Lina had turned the corner, she was tackled to the ground by a bleeding Dan and pinned to the floor, he slapped her across the face. "Where the fuck is the brat?!" Lina said nothing and Dan growled in frustration and smacked her head into the ground knocking her out. Holly cried softly and curled up hiding. Quickly Dan heard and smirked reaching into the bushes, pulling the little girl out by her wrist causing her to scream and struggle. Lifting her up and holding her he covered her mouth as she cried out for her mother, shushing her to stop her from crying he got into the car and the car sped down the road, leaving a harshly bleeding unconscious Lina on the floor. 
  Lina Amrose / BlueEyedTears / 6y 224d 11h 18m 32s
As Gail was strapped tightly onto the chair, the mysterious man sat before him, holding his face in his hands as he had a quick look at his face. Obviously Gail was unconscious, but he as he grabbed his phone, he maneuvered his way onto his pictures and paused when he saw a picture of Gail and Lina together. a small smile covered his lips and he smirked "A perfect match. The boss should know about this" he quickly dialed Dan's number.

Once he was on the line, he told Dan of his achievements "I have him ready. He wont be moving much, and I doubt he'll wake soon. You're plans are set to go Sir" he began speaking.

Gail on the other hand was slowly opening his eyes. His cheek was throbbing as the blood circulated to that one spot, trying to ease the pain. His vision was blurry, slowly clearing up to see the man in the suit yapping away on his phone.

When his eyes were able to focus, he glanced around their home, feeling his arms and legs were restrained. He tried to pull on them with his strength, but he couldnt pull free. The man had his back turned to Gail, trying to figure out what else to do with him. Gail was trying to get out of the ropes, but it was tied around his wrists tightly. Instead, he slowly lifted his weight, getting onto his feet as he carried the chair with him. Moving towards the male, he slowly turned around, his bum sticking out to face him as he spoke on his phone. Within the next few seconds, he shoved the chair into the man, tackling him down onto the floor as Gail tried to break free. He managed to break te legs of the chair with his impact, pulling the ropes free with his teeth.

THe man was caught off guard as he tried to shove Gail off of his body. The chair and him holding him down against the hardwood floors. "What the hell? Get off of me!" he yelled, struggling to slip out from beneath him as Gail broke free.

he asked, holding the man onto the ground as he straddled him. "Tell me or I'll be forced to kill you with this chair!" he threatened, holding one of the broken legs as he pressed it against his neck, making it hard for him to breath.
  Gail / ellocalypse / 6y 224d 17h 15m 32s
Stood at the end of the high street, Lina was worriedly tapping her foot and checking the time on her phone. It was past 4 o'clock by a long while and she was biting on her lip wondering where her husband and child was. It came to a quarter to five and Linas phone started to ring. With a frown she picked up the phone. "Hello?" She muttered lightly and chewed on her lip. "Hi this is Miss Dawson... Your daughter is still here at school and we were wondering when she's going to get picked up... You see it's getting late and..." 
The woman on the other end of the line complained and rambled about the inconvenience but by this point Lina was furious. It was beyond abnormal for Gail not to have picked up Holly. 

With a loud cough Lina rudely interupted the teacher. "Yes I understand I'm so sorry for this I'll be there right away." Saying her quick goodbyes Lina made her way to the bus stop, frowning a little. Running her finger tip over the bus times she frowned and groaned loudly quickly running onto the bus. Sighing softly she paid and sat in her seat by the window, wondering where on earth Gail could have got to. Shaking her head she ran off the bus once it stopped next to the school. With a gasp she came to a sudden stop when a car stopped right behind her, with a growl she kicked the bumper. "Watch where youre going! There could be children!" Quickly she ran infront of the school seeing her daughter sat on the step with her elbow on her knee, her head resting on her hand. 

With a sigh Lina kneeled infront of her and ran her hand over Holly's cheek. "Hi there, Flow..." Looking up at her Holly pouted slightly obviously fed up and bored. "Hi, Mommy... You're late... Miss Dawson said so..." Nodding lightly Lina didn't want to worry her daughter about Gail so simply dismissed it. "Yeah I know, Baby... Come on we'll get the bus and-" Sudden Lina noticed the confused look on Holly's face only she wasn't looking at her mother. Lina felt a hand on her shoulder. "That won't be nessecary Lina... You know I like to take care of my girl..." Jumping to her feet, Lina turned to face the voice she knew was Dan's. Her heart was racing and everything suddenly clicked, her chest was rising and falling heavily and she shielded Holly away. "I'm not your anything... Now its been over five years... Please leave us alone." With a dark chuckle Dan shook his hand and grabbed both the girls hands while a few of his goons stood behind the three of them. He smirked down at the little Holly and rubbed her hand. "Now then little one what's your name...?" Holly went to reply but Lina shook her head at her and she stayed quiet as they were pushed in the car.
  BlueEyedTears / 6y 224d 12h 11m 12s
Gail waved goodbye to his beautiful wife as he walked towards the entrance of the fishery. THe loud machinery noises, the crashing of the waves, and the smell of rotten fish opened his eyes to what was just another normal day at work.

As the hours passed, the scent of fish began covering his hardworking, and now sweat covered body. Of course he was used to the stench, but he would always make sure he was completely clean before picking up his daughter from school.

Once he finished his shift, he grabbed a wet cloth, wiping off the fish remains that scattered onto his clothes. Along with trying to rid of his smell, he wiped his sleeve against his forehead, soon heading out of the fishery towards his car.

When he drove towards their home, Gail headed inside, completely oblivious to the car parked just down the street. There was a mysterious man pulling out his cell phone, speaking to someone else on the other line. "He's here. We've located him. That means she must live there too" the man spoke, flipping his phone shut as he waited in silence for more instructions.

Gail headed into their home, taking a quick shower as he dressed casually, slipping into some dark, grey jeans with a maroon flannel on top. As he brushed through his hair, he heard some strange sounds nearing the house. Stepping into the living room in curiosity, he glanced around, trying to see what happened. Moving towards the window, he felt someone's fist impact the back of his neck. His body fell, hitting the hardwood floors with a 'thug'. Groaning in pain, he turned around to see who in the world was here. It was tall man in a business suit. He was thin and had sunglasses on to cover his eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked, his hands rubbing the back of his neck in pain as he winced.

"You dont need to know that Mr. Sparks. All you need to know is that we've found Lina" he had a large smirk across his lips as he threw his forearm, his balled fist impacting with Gail's cheek. THe force was so strong that Gail passed out on the floor, the mysterious man dragging his body and setting him onto a chair, tying his hands and feet behind him.
  Gail / ellocalypse / 6y 225d 5h 13m 50s
Getting out of the car Lina made her way over to Gail and wrapped her arms around his waitst inside the leather jacket, and rested her head on his chest. She loved that leather jacket. Smiling to herself she leaned back and looked up at him and kissed hills lips before unraveling her arms from him. "I'll be good and I won't talk to strangers" She laughed and poked her tongue out at him as she walked away, waving to him. "See you later baby I love you!"

With a light sigh Lina made her way into the semi busy high street, her eyes wavered a few times but she made sure to stay on her feet and stay awake. She had no idea why she was so tired. Maybe that bump to the head didn't do much good. Laughing at her ridiculous idea she walked into the new supermarket that was just between the old tattoo parlour and the new clothes shops complex. Taking a basket she skunked her arms through the loops and hummed to herself walking down the aisle picking out various items when she came to the third isle she stopped. She could have sworn that her heart stopped for moment. Standing there clear as day was someone she thought looked like Dan. Shaking her head she dismissed the idea and slinked down the other aisles quickly and rushing to the till. Once paid she'd rushed out of the store with her groceries and sighed, walking to the nearest cafe where she sat with a cup of coffee.
  Lina Amrose / BlueEyedTears / 6y 225d 13h 5m 54s
Sighing at the thought of ignoring what the woman had done to his beloved wife, he just followed after her, making sure she didnt tip over or for someone else to accidentally slam another door open. Once they were outside, he tried to stop her from driving, but once Lina was on something, he knew he couldnt stop her. He's tried that so many times. Instead he just stayed in the passenger seat, hoping she was good enough to drive.

"No, I dont think I have to work late baby. Ill come pick up my two girls later. You be safe on the walk up there. I dont want you falling asleep again while you're walking baby" he shook his head playfully and unbuckled himself, slowly getting out of the car, slipping into his leather jacket. He walked over to help Lina out of the car, taking a peek at her to make sure she didnt have any bruises or anything. "Take care baby" he leaned over and wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing his lips to hers softly before smiling sweetly. "Ill pick you up around four" he said, heading into the fishery, waving goodbye.
  Gail / ellocalypse / 6y 238d 18h 45m 45s
Getting to her feet, Lina grumbled lightly and leant against Gail, rubbing the back of her head. She took his hand in hers intwining their fingers as they left the building and headed towards the car. "Baby ignore her she's just stupid..." Letting go of his hand she walked to the drivers side of the car, opening the door before sliding herself in, pushing the keys into the ignition. Once Gail got into the car she started up the engine and put the car into gear, backing out of the parking space and took off out of the parking lot of the school heading down the main road towards Gail's work. "I'll drop you off at work and leave the car with you. You pick up Holly from school first then pick me up in the high street, I need to do some shopping." Smiling softly she kept her eyes on the road as she spoke. "Unless you have to work late?"

Pulling up at Gail's work, Lina drove up into the parking lot, parking the car and turned off the engine, unbuckling her seat belt as she yawned and sighed sleepily.
  Lina Amrose / BlueEyedTears / 6y 239d 13h 53m 38s
When Gail heard her voice through the door, a happy smile stayed on his lips. She was only five, yet she seemed like she was already ten. "I love you too sweetie" he smiled softly and he turned to feel Lina's little hands in his. Holding her tightly, he walked alongside her as they made their way through the halls towards the exit. His mind thinking about Holly being a great student was soon interrupted by the sound of a loud smack. The warmth in his hands disappeared as his eyes scanned the woman who was attempting to help his wife.

It all happened so fast that he didnt even have the chance to catch her. When he saw her on the floor, he reached down and wrapped his arms around her waist, hoisting her up onto her feet before hearing the annoying sound of the woman's voice. Of course he really didnt care at all of what she was saying. In his eyes, she caused pain to his wife.

The words that came out of her mouth not only angered him, but something stirred inside the pit of his stomach. It reminded him of how Lina always seemed far from his grasp. Over the past few years he'd been trying to find a way to keep her with him. Maybe that's why her words seemed to hurt him.

Dusting off his shoulders, he glared at the woman and kept a strong arm around Lina. "You're the one who wasnt looking. Watch out the next time you open doors so quickly" he hissed at the woman, leading his wife out of the building towards their car. She was getting on his nerves. If she said one more thing, he would have ended up hitting her.
  Gail / ellocalypse / 6y 286d 2h 53m 27s

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