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I know most of my rp's I'm a girl but I actually wanted to be the cool popular guy. All I need is a new girl to join...please join i know it will be fun! Real pics please.

I do ask you are very literate, to join I would like for you to post a small paragraph to determine you're literacy...thanks!

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  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 6h 15m 5s
[Ooc] I might be able to get back on in a little bit.
  IcePrincess / 10y 44d 6h 15m 37s
ooc-AWww okay
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 6h 16m 42s
[Ooc] Yeah, I hve to go anyway.
  IcePrincess / 10y 44d 6h 17m 52s
ooc-Sorry my mind is blank, can I post when I have something?
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 6h 21m 28s
Amanda ran her fingers through her long black hair and turned to the classroom door when she saw a few people walk in. The stopped and looked at her for a second before they walked to a seat and started whispering. She just sighed and looked out the window again. She knew this might not be easy. Amanda wasn't one f the most social people in the world.
  IcePrincess / 10y 44d 6h 23m 24s
Jake was near her, he was with his group they were all joking around. Jake was the popular guy in the school, always getting what he wanted. Always getting girls. He would date some but never actually liked them. Yea he made out with them, just for a good rep. He wanted someone different but no one ever came to mind when he thought different. Then jake just looked around in general, he wasn't really looking or anyone. Then he saw a girl walking. He staired at her for a minute then he just turned back to his friends laughing at what a guy said. His hands were in his pockets and he flicked his hair to the side then looked at them again. He wondered who this girl was. But he figured she was new so he didn't want to make a sene so he just stayed with his group.
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 6h 32m 13s
Amanda woke up with a yawn as she stretchhed her arms into the air. She slowly climbed out of her queen sized bed and walked to her closet. She pulled out a hot pink tanktop and a white vneck. She pulled out a pair of jean pants and carried them to the bathroom. She took a quick shower and got dressed. She walked into her room and put on her shoes and grabbed her back pack before running out of the door. she made the 10 minute walk to school.

she made her way to the front door of the new school building. She was nervous, and hated being the new kid. She quickly made her way to her locker and put her thinhs away. She walked past all of the people without looking at them. She got to her first class and noticed she was the only on there. She sighed and sat next to the window and stared outside, waiting for class to start.
  IcePrincess / 10y 44d 6h 34m 26s
ooc-Um, can you if it's not too much trouble.
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 6h 46m 18s
[Ooc] I can make a different post if you'd rather me do that.
  IcePrincess / 10y 44d 6h 51m 9s
ooc-Um, I kinda wanted her to be kinda normal but not like all bruised up but hey that's fine./
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 6h 55m 42s
[Ooc] I was actually kinda doing it as both. I was making my post and just thought you could check it and if you liked it you could just post.
  IcePrincess / 10y 44d 6h 59m 3s
ooc-Was that you're post or you're litracy post?
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 7h 5m 2s
Amanda woke up with a yawn as she climbed out of her small twin sized bed. She walked to her closet and pulled out a black long sleeve shirt and a pair of hot pink skinny jeans and laid them out on the bed. She walked into the bathroom with a towel and got it the shower. She quickly washed her long black hair and got out. She wrapped the towel around her before she walked into her room. She looked at the big bruise on that was on her side and the smaller ones scattered over her body. She sighed and got dressed before putting on the black converse. She grabbed her bag and ran down the steps, jumping over the passed out man on the living room floor.

She quickly took the 10 minute walk to her new school. She sighed as she approached the front doors. She quickly found her locker and put her things in it. She sighed as she made her way to her first class, not making eye contct with anyone. When she noticed no one was there she took th time to cover up the bruises on her face wth make up, before she sighed.
  IcePrincess / 10y 44d 7h 7m 2s
ooc-Here's the rp just post a paragraph of you're litracy.

Heys orry was on the wrong charrie
  Jake Moorne / premiepower94 / 10y 44d 7h 14m 5s

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