Soul Eater Christmas Party

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I've been seeing these around and I thought, "Why not give in a shot?"

It's Christmas time at the school and there is going to be one big party! There will be crazy antics, maybe even fighting, and there will most definitely be mistletoe... arranged symmetrically according to the tastes of Kidd.

The roleplay starts the day of the party, obviously. Have fun with it. No one liners and I would love it if you stayed in character to some extent. You are allowed to be two characters. This is a bit random with little attention to actual plot line of the story.

Maka- taken
Soul- taken
Black Star- taken
Death the Kidd- taken
Chrona- taken

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

"YAHOOOOOO!!!" Black Star jumped through the window, knocking garland from the ceiling and landing on one of the snack tables, scattering cookies everywhere. "The amazing Black Star is here! Am I too late to help decorate!?" he asked, placing his hands on his hips and smiling like a fool. He looked around at the place. "Wow! This looks great, guys!"
  Black Star / AidoChild / 9y 107d 3h 46m 32s
Death The Kidd looked at the decorations and gave an approving nod. Everything was perfectly symmetrical. Everything perfect except...

"That garland is off from the other side by a whole 2 cm! It's asymmetrical trash! Unacceptable!" Kidd then proceeded to grab a ladder and run to the offset garland and fix it perfectly. Once he was finished, Kidd jumped off the ladder and looked at his work. "Perfect. Nothing could be better than symmetry. Nothing except holiday symmetry!" Kidd then gazed at the symmetry with those creepy sparkly eyes he got when he saw something so perfectly symmetrical.
  Death the Kidd / MysticDreams / 9y 107d 6h 44m 47s
Soul had been inside of place where the Christmas party was being held. He scratched his head still setting up decoration's and looked at the missletoe hanging above on different parts of the ceiling. They were a good distance apart as he sighed,"I understand the decorations but missletoe's? Wwhat happens if two guys stand under it...", Soul said as he gave a sigh and went back to putting up decorations. He looked around for Maka but didnt see her,"What is that idiot doing.", Soul said a little bit irritated as he climbed down from the ladder dropping to the floor when he was only a few steps away from it. He cracked his back and stretched."Well its almost time...", he said sleepily as he yawned into his hand.
  Soul Evans / Kiryuu-San / 9y 107d 19h 45m 58s
Chrona stood just outside of the grand hall where the party was going to be held,holding her right arm at the bicep. She was a bit too nervous to actually enter at the moment, so she just stood outside of the room and stared at the large doors.
"I don't know how to handle a christmas party..." she said softly. She didn't know how to act or what to do at one of these.
"Are we going to go in a get some food or not!?" came the shrill voice of her weapon as he revealed himself. He started to pull at Chrona's hair and nose. "A-ah! Stop it..." whined Chrona as he pulled at her face.
  Chrona / AidoChild / 9y 108d 22h 57m 25s

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