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"This is my temporary home It's not where I belong. Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through. This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going. I'm not afraid because I know this is just my Temporary Home."

Sabrina fell in love with this song after a recent car crash that orphanized her. she knew that one day, she would join her family again in heaven, but that seemed so far away. along her sad journey she meets a boy who brings her life back, and shows her to open up and let people in again. will he make her whole again, or will he betray her and show her the person she belonged with had been in front of her the whole time, or will she fall simply back into her everlasting depression?

No dissing my story
no love at first sight
No cybering

thats about all, oh and the male has to be under 18 :] sabrina is only 16 1/2 so watch the age!

Sabrina: Me <of course!>
Boy: Darren/Dew Leaf
Foster mom: open
Foster dad: Open
Friend 1: open
Friend 2: open
Friend 3: open
Friend 4: open
Best Friend :]: open

short bio:

~~AcCePtEd SkElLyS~~
Age:15 1/2
short bio:has two younger brothers adn is almost always POed at them. she likes to hang with her BFF and other friends
Personality:nice, kind, and helpfull


user: --ShatteredMemory--
name: Brianna
Age: 20
short bio: Brianna has been a foster mother for quite sometime now. She loved taking care of kids. It was her life. She loved seeing Sabrina being active with her friends. She always hated kids being locked up in a certain place.
Personality: Strict, but nice, loving, warm hearted.
user:Dew Leaf
name: Darren
Age: 17
short bio: Darren has been in the court system for seven years. He has no living family since his parents were gunned down one day by a rival gang in the neighborhood he lived in.
Darren is care free and doesn't think about his actions. He thinks life is too short to worry about tomorrow. Today is for having fun, tomorrow is for working and doing homework.
user: Caffeine-Queen
name: Adam Beamer
Age: 18
short bio: Adam had been friends with Sabrina, Jasmine, and Malissa since they were in kindergarden. They were best friends. He had a crush on Jasmine but would never tell her and still won't till this day even though he still likes her.
Personality: Funny, sweet, very protective of his girls.
user: --ShatteredMemory--
name: Andrew
Age: 17
short bio: Andrew has always been good friends with everyone, but mostly with Sabrina, but that was because he had a big crush on her. He wanted to tell her, but he was way too scared too tell her.
Personality: Nice, shy, friendly, kind.
User: Caffeine-Queen
Name: Dixon Scott
Age: 19
Short bio: Dixon was always older than the people he hung out with but he liked them anyway. He was in college and couldn't wait for Sabrina to join him so he could watch out for her.
Personality: Loud, flirtatious, funny, adventerous.

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I think haha
  Sabrina / Mariechan / 9y 88d 9h 0s
:: Do I need to post?? ::
  J A S M I N E A N N / XxChocolateLoverXx / 9y 88d 14h 9m 37s
:: Oh my goodnesss. You are talking to ChocolateLover right now, but just on my different account. xD ::
  Andrew / --ShatteredMemory-- / 9y 88d 14h 19m 7s
//i guess xD//
  Sabrina / Mariechan / 9y 88d 14h 21m 50s

:: ChocolateLover right? Because I could tell her to get on real quick. ::

Hint hint.
  Andrew / --ShatteredMemory-- / 9y 88d 14h 59m 26s
//yupp and shes offline :(//
  Sabrina / Mariechan / 9y 88d 15h 4m 20s
[[Oh. Okay.]]
  Andrew / --ShatteredMemory-- / 9y 88d 15h 14m 8s
Someone is... :(( //
  Sabrina / Mariechan / 9y 88d 15h 19m 57s
[[Is someone going to start this?]]
  Andrew / --ShatteredMemory-- / 9y 88d 15h 22m 45s

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