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Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs rule the school by their 6th year. Of course, that's when things start getting, well, difficult. Girls start to become more of an importance as James tries to get Lily to come with him to the upcoming Valentine's dance. Studies aren't the only thing on their mind as some dark force starts to stir and recruit students from their own school. On top of that, one greasy little slytherin is snooping around during the full moon, putting Remus' secret in jeopardy. It's going to be one busy year for the boys.

Semi literate to literate please. Please use full sentences and good grammar and no one liners. Write enough that others will be able to respond, but you do not have to write a long page of a reply. Follow ES rules. romance and a little violence allowed. Be creative and you can add what you think will fit. We don't know that much about the marauders so it's free game. I am adding a little to Remus to make things more... interesting and because I can see a strange romance around this time. have fun.
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  Remus Lupin / aidochild / 9y 84d 3h 1m 7s
Remus had to agree with Sirius that this obsession with Lily was starting to wear on his own nerves. It was humorous at first... but now it had just become somewhat of a bother. He caught Sirius; change in expression and looked around for the cause before seeing Severus Snape walking past. "Sirius... don't!" warned Remus, for more reasons then one.
Severus was thinking about other ways he could ask Lily, without being interrupted by James or his barbaric friends. He wasn't too caught up in his thoughts though and he did see Sirius and Remus. He was still angry about James ruining his time with Lily and, seeing Sirius slowly reaching for most likely his wand, he was not letting Black have his way. He reached for his own wand and whipped around to hex Sirius just as Remus yelled "Don't!"
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 9y 107d 23h 59m 37s
Sirius grimaced, arm falling away from Remus as he moved a few steps ahead. "Well, we have to do something, James has been impossible recently!" he raised his hands dramatically. "Lily this, Lily that, and the only time he even thinks about pranking the slytherins or snivellus is when Lily is somehow involved!" the snake himself slivered past, and Sirius narrowed his eyes, distracted for a moment, and reached for his wand. "Well, if it isn't the slimy git himself." he chewed over it for a minute before smirking, and discreetly aiming his wand, planning on hexing him.
  Sirius Black / snookiecookie / 9y 108d 3h 32m 27s
Remus watched her go before starting to get a sinking guilty feeling. Why had he agreed to help Sirius with that stupid plan anyways? He was usually above their teasing and their troublesome spells. He didn't want them to do anything too horrible to Severus, but did he had to use any spell at all? "Well, I guess I'm on the same list as you three now with Lily," he replied before looking over at Sirius. "Another girl? Is that even possible?" He took a moment to think about whether they would even be able to find another girl for James to fawn over. "I really don't think that's going to work. This little infatuation of his has been going on since he first saw her."
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 9y 108d 22h 47m 55s
Lily just shook her head, glaring, before stomping off. "I thought better of you than that spell the other day Lupin!" she shouted over her shoulder.
Sirius' eyes widened at her words. "How'd she know that was you?" he asked, then shook his head. "No I guess it's obvious. If it were me I would have done something really nasty." he smirked, turning to Remus with a sigh. "This is getting ridiculous... we're never going to have any peace with James chasing after Evans. We've really got to find him a different girl..." The words sounded useless to his own ears, he knew James was convinced there was no girl out there for him but the redhead. "If we found him someone else though, maybe he would realize he doesn't really like her?"
  Sirius Black / snookiecookie / 9y 108d 23h 1m 53s
James chuckled a little. "I wonder whose the woman in that." he had to admit though that those two did argue like a pair of old lovers.
Remus listened with a small smile on his face. The smile faded when he saw Lily. "What did Prongs do this time?" he murmured as Lily moved past them. She stopped, however, and turned to them. Remus turned politely towards her.
"He won't listen to us, Lily," said Remus a little apologetically. "He has his heart set on pursuing you for reasons Sirius and I really don't know."
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 9y 108d 23h 39m 42s
Peter shrugged, perking up at the sight of James. "They're arguing again." he smiled. "Like an old married couple, those two, eh?" he asked, nudging James and laughing a little at his own joke.
Sirius nearly dragged Moony along, yammering about chocolates and fetch... It was good being padfoot, he could get away with all the foolish things Remus would never let him do as Sirius... when he saw Lily and frowned. "I don't think it went to well, she looks about ready to hex us."
Lily glared as she passed Sirius and Remus on her way to the shop, turning her nose up with a sniff and then deciding better. She stopped in front of them, arms crossed in front of her chest, and green eyes blazing. "You tell that egotistical friend of yours to stay away from me."
  Sirius Black / snookiecookie / 9y 109d 4m 57s
Remus gave Sirius a look when he mentioned chasing birds. "Oh, really?" he responded before looking to where his good friend was pointing. He chuckled when he saw the flock of actual birds pecking at the ground. He could just picture Sirius' inner dog wiggling and whimpering with excitement. "That I won't mind doing," he replied as he followed Sirius, with a quicker pace, to the sweet shop.
James walked out of the pub and saw Peter. He walked over, confidence obviously damaged again. "Lost Padsie and Moony, have we?" he asked.
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 9y 109d 17h 27m 46s
Sirius nodded gravely, but his eyes were dancing slightly. "And I might even be able to convince you to come chase birds with me." he smirked, pausing long enough for Remus to react before pointing to a field outside of the streets, and a flock of actual birds there, that had his internal Padfoot's tail wagging. He steered them towards the chocolate shop, hoping to grab some sweets and get out of their quickly, the idea of getting to be his canine alter ego far too tempting to him.
Lily stomped through the town, nearly mowing down poor Peter, who was looking confused as to where James had gone. She jerked her head back towards the pub, and kept walking, irritation making her eyes spark dangerously.
  Sirius Black / snookiecookie / 9y 110d 3h 2m 11s
Remus glanced away a little, liking the feel of Sirius' arm around him. "I'm going to be stuck with you all day?" he teased lightly, although there was still a bit of coolness in his voice that refused to leave.
James stuck out his lip in a pout as he watched Lily go. "But he started it."
"Don't you have something better to do rather than make my life a living hell!?" snapped Severus, still keeping his hand over his wand. He had every reason to blast Potter through the window for making him miss his chance with Lily. He had just gathered enough courage to ask her and Potter had to come storming in.
"Probably, but it's not half as fun," said James coldly.
Severus pushed past him and out of the building. James stared after him, very displeased. His chance today with Lily was ruined now.
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 9y 110d 14h 19m 40s
Sirius shook his head, although his eyes were playful. "I'm afraid you've completely killed my mood, Remus." he put his arm back around the other young mans shoulder, tilting his head until it knocked slightly against Remus'. "I'm just going to have to hang around you, being a grouch all day." he noted absently that Remus was several degrees hotter than him, barmy wolf that he was, and felt immediately jealous that his own tush was going to freeze off any second. "The ladies will just have to survive without me today."
Lily glanced between the two, eyes narrowed at they way they seemed close to drawing their wands on each other. Throwing up her hands, she sighed in exasperation, standing abruptly. "I'm not going to talk to either of you if you go around threatening each other!" she glared at them, turning on her heel and stomping out of the shop, confused at her own actions, feeling more like she was running away than anything.
  Sirius Black / snookiecookie / 9y 110d 14h 25m 32s
"I still have a taste for chocolate," said Remus. "We can stop there and how about the joke shop?" He never went chasing after girls, for more reasons than one, but there was no way that he would tell Sirius those reasons anytime soon. "I'm sure there will be some "birds" along the way for you to charm if it's what you want." He still was less than pleased with the idea.
James smirked. "Lily, Lily, Lily. I know you've secretly got a thing for me. You can't hide it."
Severus was seriously growing irritated; he was not going to let James take this chance from him.
"Lily, why don't we go somewhere else?" he asked tensely, hand slowly going for his wand. James caught the action and let his own hand rest against his pocket where his wand lay.
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 9y 110d 14h 31m 34s
"Don't be sour, says the original puss himself." Sirius rolled his eyes at him, but relented, knocking his shoulder against the other boys. "So what are we doing today, if not chasing birds? The bookstore?" he asked, voice inflected with horror. "Madame Puddlefoots?"
Lily felt an instant surge of relief, that she would never, ever admit to. Not at seeing James of course, but simply at having an interuption to the tense moment. She glared at her 'savior', sitting back in her chair. "Playing hard to get? Merlin, Potter, how did you and your ego manage to fit through the door? I didn't know it had any enlargement charms on it!"
  Sirius Black / snookiecookie / 9y 110d 14h 38m 56s
"Don't be sour at me now, Padfoot," complained Remus. "I didn't mean to ruin your flirtatious mood. It's just not my thing, okay? I... I'm not big on flirting with girls like you are..." 'Why are you so into that?' whined Remus in his head.
"I... I wanted to ask you... if you would..." He played with his mug as he tried to force the question out. He wished he had been quicker because James had just found them and had come inside in a flash and got between them.
"Lily, I found you!" said James happily, completely in Severus' way. Snape let out a low snarl from his throat, not at all happy. "Why are you playing so hard to get? You know I'm not going to give up on you anytime soon, right?"
"Excuse me, Potter, but I was talking to her."
James glanced over his shoulder at Severus. "Well, I need to talk to her too, Snivellus."
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 9y 110d 14h 45m 53s
Sirius would have glared at him, if it weren't for the part about the moon. He knew Moony couldn't help but be upset at that time of the month... another mental snort... and it made him feel guilty for bugging him. He rolled his eyes, but kept his hands folded in his pockets, not particularly in the mood to hang all over anyone anymore. "Don't worry about it, we all know what your furry little problem does to you. Chocolate it is and then... whatever." he waved his hand, leaving it up to Remus to pick what the did for the rest of the day.
"Oh... Valentines..." she said weakly, feeling her heart sink a little bit. Which was absurd. A blush crept up her cheeks, and she looked down into her mug, waiting for Severus to ask her to the dance.
  Sirius Black / snookiecookie / 9y 110d 14h 52m 49s

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