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WolvenGlade has decided to get a job

This begs the obvious questions

  • Who gave him permission? I sure didn't! Did he even ask permission!?
  • Does he think he's too good for us? Now that he's a salary man?
  • What is this job and is it only temporary?
  • How will this affect his ES posting schedule? What will become of him?
  • What can we do to stop him!?
  • Does he not get enough fulfillment from us? Why would he need a job? What could he possibly buy that would make him happier than spending all day in ES?

How this affects you

  Wolven is the senior executive head Elite Skills erlang coder. He has been working on the ES realtime chat systems day and night. If he goes to work somewhere else it means the chat system will never be a reality. We'll have to rely on morninghell... Wolven is also the inspiration for all features we've added and site architecture. We'll be losing a key player in the coding/creativity field. Sure, we don't pay him, but we do throw him a bone every now and then and tell him he's doing a good job.

Why This Cannot be Allowed

 As you all may know longterm ES exposure corrupts youthes in not fully understood ways. Although we've had a lot of members, very few live into their 20s, the last known user to try to leave ES and get a humble job was MaxMillion, and he's dead now, probably. The only place wolven can safely lurk is the eliteskills. There is no other home. Additionally furries do not have souls so they cannot be trusted to make decisions on their own.

Please sign the petition.

  A short note on why wolven should not be able get a job and should stay home lurking ES will be enough. Also contact him with your personal appeal if you wish. If we get 1000 names we can call upon political powers in his local legislature to intervene and prevent this travesty. Get him back home, in front of his computer screen, lurking ES, where he belongs.

Thank you for your understanding,
We can do this!

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Roleplay Responses

He tends to keep things ship shape around here and I do miss the grumpy git [i Smiles and signs]
  Tessa Black / Nullification / 5y 234d 20h 27m 46s
Hmmm Wolven getting a job, I think he should be able to whatever he chooses, its not like he will NEVER return to ES, I have been gone for two years and have returned. He will too.
  Kiahtah / kiahtah / 7y 268d 18h 23m 50s
He has been a constant inpiration when I first came to this sight and still now.

  Clarissa Graynor / NinjaKitten / 8y 341d 8h 58m 23s
Wolven can not leave, He has helped em so much.
I will not allow me to leave.

I here by sign this Petition.
  ♫Constantine♫ / XxTheArcadeFirexX / 8y 344d 13h 21m 40s
We must never allow this, so I humbly sign this petition *Signs*
  Mark Wind / ShadowClaw / 9y 87d 4h 19m 30s
Wait, Wolven has disappeared? Sound the Calvary. Get the fucking army. I need him! Dx
  MoonShadow / MoonShadow / 9y 90d 13h 44m 16s
If wolven never returns im leaving.... :(
  Shina Shekral (Dark Elf) / kasuaman / 9y 264d 16h 17m 30s

  Clovis La Britannia / MistressLegacy / 9y 264d 18h 13m 20s
Consider this petition signed by Fushen.
  Fushen / Fushen / 9y 265d 16h 40m 37s
  Minami. / MistressMinamiSama / 9y 266d 16h 2m 57s


  Shina Shekral (Dark Elf) / kasuaman / 9y 267d 9h 34m 47s

  Noah Zallaster / madaranagisa / 9y 268d 5h 58m 42s

  Ashley / Jaylee / 9y 268d 20h 39s
Dun do it!

  Luka / Lost_Neji / 9y 269d 13h 35m 20s
Don't you do it, Wolven!

  Vicious / ViciousMarrow / 9y 270d 8h 21m 34s

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