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Make as we go I guess...

OH! and if you join! Pick one!-

Hughes X Roy

Havoc X Roy

Edward X Roy

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Edward growled. "My mother is dead and I am not lost! Don't make me kick your ass!" Edward gave him a long glare, his eyes burning with anger. He was just called a kid. He was very tempted just to kick his face in but didn't. This was one of his commanding officers. But that didn't mean he couldn't make a threat here and there. "And yes I am the new state alchemist." He clenched both of his fists, tempted to hit the other in the face with his left hand. He pushed past Mustang and stood in the room giving him a low glare.

(i OOC: Sorry it's short. I have to go have dinner.I'm back!
  Edward Elric / SilverShadow140 / 10y 35d 3h 46m 47s
-Roy was sitting in his chair, The big comfy one he got for being promoted when Major.Hughes died. Roy sat their in silence as Hawkeye was standing their like a statue, It was a little weird at the moment since nothing was creeping threw the office except silence.

Roy flinched lightly as he heard the door burst open, He looked up to see a short...Little boy standing their in anger. Roy smirked and chuckled softly and pointed at him with his index finger, Looking up at Hawkeye and chuckling again- "This... This is our next BIG state alchemist...?" He said laughing and standing up, Walking over to Edward and looking down at him smiling evilly.- "Are you lost little guy... where is your mommy...?" He said smiling softly and bending down to reach eye level with the other-
  Roy Mustang. -FTW- / retardLlama / 10y 35d 3h 51m 4s

Edward wasn't the slightest bit nervous; he was just a little uptight at the thought of learning more alchemy. He would do his best no matter what. He still had to get his brother's body back and he wouldn't stop until he did. He glanced around the HQ and grimaced. Why did the place have to be so big. It was conveniently not made for first timers and he was already running late. It also didn't help that he got a bunch of 'aw, how cute' from most of the female members of the Amestirs military.

Edward pulled a map out of his pocket and glanced at it. He nearly screamed of frustration when he noticed he was going in the opposite direction. He let out a huff and spun on his heel, stomping down the hallway. Alphonse was always better at directions than him. But nooo Al was waiting outside for him. He gritted his teeth when he found the room and opened it. "I'm here." Albeit a little later than he had hoped. First day and he was already late.
  Edward Elric / SilverShadow140 / 10y 35d 4h 9m 43s
[I'll start my post on yours and you start one on here. Oh... I like being Literate... LIKE REALLY! But if your not then that's cool... Ahah]
  Roy Mustang. -FTW- / retardLlama / 10y 35d 4h 15m 4s
OOC:Doesn't matter to me. You saw my staring post on the other Rp so yeah... I'm not sure how long you want posts to be...
  Edward Elric / SilverShadow140 / 10y 35d 4h 18m 20s
[Okays! >O< I did. Haha and OK! Who shall start?!?! :O]
  Roy Mustang. -FTW- / retardLlama / 10y 35d 4h 20m 22s
OOC: It's okay if you join! I really don't mind but anyways that sounds good.
  Edward Elric / SilverShadow140 / 10y 35d 4h 24m 45s
[Hm... I have NOOOOOO CLUE! >O< Haha. Any ideas? It could be where Edward is new to the HQ and being a State Alchemist... And He has to stay with Roy for trianing or something like that. Haha It's COOL! OH! I was going to join your Yaoi RP... But I was probably going to mess it up. Haha OTL]
  Roy Mustang. -FTW- / retardLlama / 10y 35d 4h 28m 3s
OOC: Yay! So where do we start? That was a epic failure on my behalf!
  Edward Elric / SilverShadow140 / 10y 35d 4h 31m 8s
[AHAHAH! I KNOW RIGHT! Haha I was just messing around... Pretending like I WAS the Flame Alchemist. Haha :3 BUT YES! You may Join! If you still want to! Haha]
  Roy Mustang. -FTW- / retardLlama / 10y 35d 4h 34m 13s
OOC: I'm not sure if we've started or not... lol, I'm confused by my own entrance!
  Edward Elric / SilverShadow140 / 10y 35d 4h 35m 52s
-Stops spinning and thinks about it for a few minutes. Snpas fingers and lights up a candle- Yes... Yes you may. Haha :3
  Roy Mustang. -FTW- / retardLlama / 10y 35d 4h 37m 31s
*Smiles* "May I join you?"
  Edward Elric / SilverShadow140 / 10y 35d 4h 40m 3s
-Spins in chair at desk- What it be Mr.Elric.
  Roy Mustang. -FTW- / retardLlama / 10y 35d 4h 45m 5s
*Sneaks in and sits down* "Yo."
  Edward Elric / SilverShadow140 / 10y 35d 4h 49m 42s

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