Slave Girl *Open*

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Eloriah is a 17 year old slave that was sold into the industry by her father.

More than a few lines per post
Real pictures
Cybering:- TS or takenen else where.
Have Fun ^.^

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Roleplay Responses

sooo dead
  nicro / 9y 35d 3h 29m 35s
No sorry 1x1
  Eloriah Rose / BlueEyedTears / 9y 45d 12h 35m 21s
Do you need anyonw else?
  Brad / BrokenHeartedGirl / 9y 45d 14h 52m 46s
We're going to have fun. ;)
  Blaueaugen / 9y 45d 16h 40m 10s
Okay ^.^
  Eloriah Rose / BlueEyedTears / 9y 45d 17h 32m 52s
Mhm.. *smiles*
  Blaueaugen / 9y 45d 17h 53m 36s
  Eloriah Rose / BlueEyedTears / 9y 45d 18h 8m 42s

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