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In a world where everything was perfect, lives the kings daughter. Every boy wants her, all the girls are jealous and want to destroy her. She soon realizes nothings THAT perfect when shes kidnappedby an outsider. Hes a poor mans son, and she falls madly in love with him; after she runs away. When shereturns she is to marry a rich mans son , but hes abusive. Will the poor mans son return to save her?

Princess Marie: mariechan
Princess Tano: Tano
Rich mans son:
Poor mans son:flyingdonut
Ally father (king):
Allys mother(queen): Poisen_Ivy
Rich man:
Poor man:

Anime pictures only please


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Roleplay Responses

Tano: i made you a female role its a lead haha
others we need more people
  Allie / Mariechan / 9y 241d 6h 31m 17s
  Marie / Mariechan / 9y 307d 3h 36m 56s
what part would you like tano, and you may make another character
  Ally / Mariechan / 9y 309d 8h 48m 15s
All the female leads are gone LOL
  Aeliana / Tano / 9y 309d 8h 49m 13s
Ok, who k nows anyone who would like to join ??
  Ally / Mariechan / 9y 316d 15h 21m 45s
lol okay bye
  Daniella / Poison_Ivy / 9y 317d 6h 48m 10s
I can, give you thelink later im going to go to bed haha
  Ally / Mariechan / 9y 317d 6h 48m 50s
no offense but could you resize your picture? I can't see your person's head
  Daniella / Poison_Ivy / 9y 317d 6h 55m 30s
  Ally / Mariechan / 9y 317d 6h 56m 39s
lol okay :)
  Daniella / Poison_Ivy / 9y 317d 6h 58m 21s
Nonono i mean i like it haha
  Ally / Mariechan / 9y 317d 6h 59m 13s
lol yeah, sorry i cant find any good pictures of queens
  Daniella / Poison_Ivy / 9y 317d 7h 1m 11s
Haha my moms cuter than me haha!
  Ally / Mariechan / 9y 317d 7h 4m 5s
stupid link failed on the first picture. anyways how's this?
  Daniella / Poison_Ivy / 9y 317d 7h 6m 58s
Kk :D
  Ally / Mariechan / 9y 317d 7h 7m 32s

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