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Some years have passed through the generation of pokemon. They lived in harmony with eachother. As usual we all know the types... But once day, a group of humans have decided to make a pokemon. That creation was Mewtwo, Once seeing it as a sucess, They decided to do more. They are still creating new pokemon and have been, Until one day, two subjects, have escaped, One is a purple one that which looks like a mew but it has purple stripes on it and another one is a mewtwo mixes with deoxys. Now what? Will they get their revenge on the scientists, Save the others, and stop it? Or will they just hide and cower and allow others Get hurt?

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Eh? By almost I meant my mother and those few girls in my school who hurt my guy friends, -u-'
  Witch / Tally / 7y 107d 17h 41m 18s
Almost? Why do I feel like I'm one of those you don't like xD
  zuraga / 7y 107d 18h 24m 51s
I LIKE EVERYONE! Almost... ouo
  Witch / Tally / 7y 107d 20h 27m 51s
Ahh, well don't ouo I just don't like that many people, to be honest xD
  zuraga / 7y 110d 8h 58m 50s
Well that makes me feel like a whore cause I know almost everyone xD
  Witch / Tally / 7y 110d 9h 3m 46s
o-o.... I'm not on a first name basis with a lot of people on this site, Tally.
  zuraga / 7y 110d 9h 4m 54s
  Witch / Tally / 7y 110d 9h 6m 36s
I do know who you're talking about, though ouo I wonder if she remembers me
  zuraga / 7y 110d 9h 9m 20s
  Witch / Tally / 7y 110d 9h 14m 27s
Shhh. I wasn't thinking correctly xD
  zuraga / 7y 110d 9h 17m 3s
.... SHE*
  Witch / Tally / 7y 110d 9h 47m 2s
Oh yeah! I remember him! I didn't know he was still on this site, though.
  zuraga / 7y 110d 9h 49m 28s
darkAnimeAngel ouo
  Witch / Tally / 7y 110d 9h 50m 33s
Darkie you say? :o
  zuraga / 7y 110d 9h 56m 27s
It goes good, ouo
Waiting for Darkie to get back on to reply to mai RPS o-o;
  Witch / Tally / 7y 110d 9h 57m 7s

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