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Eventful? Oh, yeah. Basilisk hunt. Elder variety. Went pretty poorly. We lost half the team before we finally put it down..

::[i It wasn't until he had finished his reply did Jarod lift his head up from off the counter to give his attention accordingly. Normally, he would offer an easy smile or a humorous remark of sorts, but at the moment he had none to give. Not even the strength to smile, so at the least he could was to form his right hand into a thumbs up gesture]::

I ran out of potions healing up on the way back, so I won't bleed out or die from the poison. But, I am exhausted in every possible way, so much so I didn't even bother to collect the reward. I did not have a good time..
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 125d 2h 44m 19s
You’ve had an eventful day.

[i The barkeep looked up and sorted a strong drink for Jarod, eyeing his battered armour and the smears of blood.]

Do you need anything? I’ve got bandages somewhere.
  Tasia / Nullification / 125d 11h 16m 19s
::[i The doors to the tavern were gently pushed open, giving just enough space for a single body to slide through. Once he was through, Jarod released the doors and allowed them to close behind him. Beleaguered, the warrior limped over to the bar counter and found himself a stool, nearly collapsing onto it and resting his head on the counter without so much as a word. His arms lanked around his form, almost as if to hold himself together. From a visible standpoint, his armor was barely keeping together, covered in all manner of breaks and cuts and stained in blood that belonged to possibly both the wearer and whomever he had battled]::
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 125d 22h 59s
[i Hummed to herself as she started to clear away the last of the spooky decorations and rugged down a dusty box of Christmas decorations, a few lanky pieces of tinsel sticking out. She eyed the Tavern and for a moment, actually pondered on putting up some pretty fairy lights but maybe it was a little early...]

Too early....?
  Tasia / Nullification / 152d 21h 18m 59s
[i It had taken quite the amount of time but given the liveliness of the Tavern she had gone ahead and made something hot, a simple stew. She looked over at the others and the door bursting open caused her to jump and she almost dropped an empty bowl, clutching at it. She eyed the figure that sort of just manifested.]


[i Now another person might have been braver to ask what was going but the barmaid stuck to what she knew.]

  Tasia / Nullification / 188d 6h 3m 24s
It was amidst all the noise and liveliness of this old tavern that the front entrance was suddenly, and quiet violently, flung upon. A howling gale reverberated thorough the interior, and for those with sharp ear a gentle rustling of cloth could be heard. This instance of chaos lasted merely a moment before the front door slammed itself shut by some unseen force- and yet there wasn't a sign nor even a presence near it.

[i "Noise....

[right ... Too much noise..."]]

A rasping whisper that tickled at the very edge of one's mind. The sound it created caused the very shadows to shiver. The darkness seemed to [i come alive].
Almost as if it had been there all along there was now suddenly an old thread-bare blackened cloak hunched over at the far left corner of the bar. No limbs could be seen nor a face, but one could make out faint black wisps of smoke pouring constantly from out of the hood.

[i "Quite lost are you..? [right .... Yes, quite lost indeed."]]
  The Deceiver / HEAD ES PESSIMIST / X / 188d 6h 11m 4s
[i ::Instinctual reflexes kicked in well before his mind ever did, and Jarod's right hand shot out from under his chin like lightning, grasping Damarion's arm that was reaching for something that may or may not be there. As he turned his gaze to the man, it held a stern look as he stared him down hard before slowly releasing him, with the gaze softening as well and a short laugh radiating from deep in his throat. Whilst it was a wasted effort in of itself concerning his Aphiran friend's own strength and capabilities, looking out for his friends and allies was something he never slept on, regardless of how severe or trivial the threat may be. Upon releasing the man, he gave his shoulder a reassuring slap that was hard enough to get the point across whilst light enough to avoid provocation::]

Don't be so hasty to draw around here, for you will find yourself woefully outmatched.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 188d 7h 37m 52s
Damarion lifted up one of the scales closest to him, he had been standing to the other side of the man when suddenly what he could only describe as a beast descended from the rafters. Instinctively going for his flintlock pistol only to realize it was no longer there, probably forgotten in an alley somewhere. The others seemed calm in his presence, showing that this was a normal occurrence yet it didn't soothe his nerves. He locked eyes with the creature, unsure if this is who or what they meant by the owner of the Tavern.
  ⧼Damarion⧽ / Vilkacis / 188d 7h 59m 34s
[i ::Jarod eased back as the others joined close to mind the scales, hearing his old friend drop down to join in in the atmosphere. He nodded in casual greeting, but raised an eyebrow at the seeming disapproval of the scale's coloration. However, he regained his composure as Ankt mentioned about crafting them into jewelry, and he lifted his right hand to his chin thoughtfully, giving some consideration to the idea itself. Ever since he slayed the beast he had kept his share of the spoils as they were, only the blade itself having been the sole object crafted from the claimed remains. Remembering that he left the blade upstairs, he was tempted to retrieve it, but thought better and stayed amongst the crowd::]

Suffice to say, Ankt, crafting is not something I ever learned. Though crafting them into items isn't out of thought. Also, Wolven my friend, what's on your mind about the scale?
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 188d 9h 57m 3s
[size10 [i Large ears twitched and shivered at the shuffling above and she all but squeaked unceremoniously when the other unearthed himself from the shadows. How fitting of him, she thinks. A casual interruption followed by a disappearance. She hums and wrinkles her nose for how brief the appearance was but thinks it better to have seen him at all than to not.] "I'm all for a casual visit but that was too brief, pup." [i Dare she say she was a little disgruntled by it? Perhaps, but still she opts to turn her eyes to the darling tender with a smile instead.] "I've got that in abundance but damned I be if I didn't speak bluntly about being annoyed by the wait." [i Snickering a little, she leans her frame back a bit and finds herself looking at the newcomer with a glint of mischief in gold hues.] "Better not to try to find and rather to listen. You'd have a better chance of finding a specific needle in a stack of needles than seeing what doesn't want to be seen."]

[size10 [i Though perhaps they'd be gifted for their patience later on. Either way, the fox simply shrugged and returned her attention to the things that actually were around her at the moment. Specifically, an obsidian glint coupled with Jarod's words all but had her eyes glued. She was rather known to like curious things and what was more curious than the things rarely observed?] "Absolutely stunning," [i she chimed, humming as claws delicately plucked one up to examine the scale more closely.] "You could probably make a pretty penny making these into wearables, Jarod." [i It would seem one grumpy old Aphiran would think otherwise though, as his entrance was soon all she could see and listen to for a few instances. Laughter soon filled her maw with a shake of her head, another wave of nostalgia all but consuming her for a moment at Wolven's gracious behaviour.]]

[size10 [i Scattered gold and jewels, she tipped her head back enough to look at him in his oh-so subtle corner through a new view of topsy turvy appeal. The writhing of her tail nothing short of a sign of good amusement and jovial nature as she doesn't bother to right herself before speaking.] "Goodness me, he emerges at last!"]
  Contradiction / 188d 10h 13m 32s
Perched on one of the lower rafters above Jarod, the Aphiran tilted his head a fraction and perked his pointed ears, muzzle wrinkling a little. Leaning down low, he peered at the scales and languidly lowered himself from the perch, dropping with an uncanny grace that seemed like the very bones of his body contorted. Rolling his neck, he stabbed a claw into one of the scales and dragged it towards himself, lifting it to the light of a lantern and peering at it.

"Obsidian, a little worrying." He murmured low, more to himself than anyone, before flicking the no doubt priceless scale back into the pile. Clearly his currency was solid coin and other gold and silver trinkets. Prowling his way around and over the empty chairs and tables littering the tavern floor, he slid himself into his seat in the far back corner and kicked his clawed, padded feet up on the table, sending coin and gems scattering across the floorboards. His pale gaze fixed on the newcomer as he idly picked at his teeth with a crudely formed, curved bone dagger.
  Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 188d 10h 50m 52s
[i ::Jarod chuckled and reached over, slipping his hand into the pouch and upon retrieving it, laid a large black scale onto the bartop. The scale was 6 inches in length by 4 inches wide, and was multi-ridged with an obsidian sheen to it. Noticing Damarion in his peripheral, he smiled almost absent-mindedly as he pulled out a few more and laid them out onto the bartop also, before leaning back into his seat and watching the expressions::]

Beautiful, aren't they?
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 188d 14h 9m 39s
[i She followed his gaze upwards and smirked to herself before eyeing him over. Food? She hasn’t had that request in a while honestly, mostly it was drink here but as ever a dutiful barmaid she would rustle something up for him.]

Well.... I have bread, cheeses and cold meats or I could make up a stew. Whatever you fancy, stew might take a little while though but given things are getting a little more lively I’ll probably make it anyway.
  Tasia / Nullification / 188d 15h 1m 30s
[#b40e63 "More like I blacked out, I've been lacking sleep so it seems my body shut down."] He glanced around as if he'd be able to see any sign that the owner of the tavern was present before remembering that she always stares at the rafters. Damarion looked up at the dark ceiling, unable to discern any sign of life. He squinted hard, giving up shortly after. [#b40e63 "Do you have food here or is it purely drink?"] He turned back to the woman, resting his arms upon the bar top.
  ⧼Damarion⧽ / Vilkacis / 188d 15h 6m 20s
The wolf just needs coaxed from his den. Give him time.

[i She giggled and glanced to the rafters once more, eyeing the gold coin. She poured out some of the owners favourite and left it on a table for him, if he so decided to join them, if not she would clear it away.]

And you are quite lucky, Damarion. A rare appearance from the owner and of course you slept through.

[i The woman peers through the pouch with great interest, carefully picking through the contents.]
  Tasia / Nullification / 188d 15h 8m 41s

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