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From the scales mostly, yes. One of the most durable items out there, which baffles me as to why it broke at all. It's not like an elder basilisk is more powerful than a dragon. Certainly not by a long shot.

::[i Jarod's face frowned as he spoke of his blade, his frustration about it being broken as obvious as day. The expression held for a few moments, before passing as he shrugged his shoulders in acceptance of the fact. For sulking about it would change nothing, nor was it his style]::

First time for everything, I suppose.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 122d 5h 16m 18s
Huh. You know I don’t remember a lot of this stuff.

[i Picks up a pocket watch and tilts her head.]

Still ticking. Oh? Your sword is made from dragon scale?
  Tasia / Nullification / 122d 5h 31m 30s
::[i Jarod's face adopted an almost exasperated expression as the satchel was dumped over, spilling all the contents onto the counter. However, as she explained herself hastily, his expression changed into one of great amusement. A chuckle escaped from his lips , and as she offered the scalr back he held up his hand to decline it]::

I see, don't worry I believe you. And as for the scale, keep it. I have more than enough stored to repair the blade. Consider it another trinket for your collection.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 122d 5h 38m 24s
[i At Jarod’s question, the barmaid turned the bag upside down on the counter and let its contents come out. Numerous trinkets, gifts and such poured out and she eyed the meagre pile.]

From patrons. Some gifts, some... uh just left behind. I didn’t steal them, if they want them back they can. I’m not a thief. Ah- see!

[i She plucked up the scale Jarod had given her from his previous endeavour.] You left it.
  Tasia / Nullification / 122d 6h 50m 25s
I'd say it's got to do with the location, as we are pretty secluded round here. Which is fine, I'd like to say. Keeps the noise down, for the most part.

::[i Jarod watched curiously as she exclaimed about the dragon slayer title and began rummaging through a satchel of hers. He wasn't sure what she was searching for, but her demeanor led him to believe that it was of importance, though the fact did little to satisfy his curiosity]::

What're you looking for, exactly?
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 122d 7h 20s
Hmm. We don’t get many bards in here. Which is strange given the patrons. Every patron here has a heroic story or some wild adventure, I’m surprised fans don’t line up outside singing songs.

[i Giggles at the thought and remains silently glad that such things didn’t happen.]

Oh! Dragon slayer of course, I do still have that somewhere...
[i The girl rummaged in a leather satchel, a previous purchase from a long time ago, score the Tavern’s last move. It’s worn but serves its purpose as she searches for the scale Jarod had given her.]

Ah! I knew it was in here. This old satchel has a lot of things, old gifts and such.
  Tasia / Nullification / 122d 8h 52m 41s
::[i Jarod chuckled lightly and shrugged at the snake slayer title. He had certainly slain many dangerous beasts over the years, but he never paid much attention to bards or titles. He just did whatever he felt like doing]::

They are, yes. As for nicknames, I don't really recall. Titles and bard songs and the like never hold my attention. However, I am still referred to as a Dragon Slayer in the part of the country where we slew that dragon. You'll have to inquire with some bards for me, it seems. That stuff doesn't stick in this head of mine.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 122d 8h 58m 30s
Hm. Basilisks are snake like, right?

Jarod the snake slayer?

[i She giggled a little because it was very evident she wasn’t any good at this. It was probably for the best she wasn’t a bard!{

You must have nicknames already?
  Tasia / Nullification / 122d 17h 27m 49s
Ah, that's a fair point. And yes, a good story from Mira would be a treat, wouldn't it?

::[i Jarod glanced down at his ruined armor as Tasia did, though he held it in his view for a few extra moments. He hadn't had such a close call since the dragon, but he couldn't deny to himself that overall, he enjoyed the fight. It was a challenge, and challenges he did enjoy. As she gave him such a drawn, he chuckled and shrugged his shoulders, and winced immediately as punishment for the action, as the drink's effect was wearing off]::

That's a bit of a long one, don't you think?
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 122d 23h 8m 56s
When it’s been this long a barkeep is allowed to worry about the fate of the patrons.

[i She gave him a small, amused smile.]

Hm, better fit he came and told me a story or two. That’s all the comfort I need. A good story to mull over. And given you almost died, I would think you would remember your reward?

[i She nodded her head to his bloodied armour and shook her head a little.]

I’m sure other company would be patting you on the back and singing songs of your brave victory. Jarod the Elder Basilisk Slayer.
  Tasia / Nullification / 123d 2h 30m 57s
You're not holding back today are you, milady? Putting it like that.

::[i Jarod sighed and and reached behind his head to scratch away idly. She had a point though, about luck and immortality. As she mentioned Mira and looked towards the rafters, he followed suit. He hadn't seen the old fella in what felt like ages, but he smiled and shook his head at the thought]::

He's probably off buried in books or treasure somewhere, or telling some amazing stories to somebody. As for my reward? Oh, right. I'm not worried about it. I'll stop by to claim it if I remember to.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 123d 2h 36m 27s
[i The girl shrugged a little and finished her drink, setting the cup down and glancing over to him.]

And your luck will run out one day, none of us are immortal. Not even our dearest Mira.

[i She eyed the rafters for a moment as if expecting the ancient being to appear. In all honesty she didn’t even know if Mira was still alive or not. She liked to hope so.]

What will you do about your gold reward, Hm?
  Tasia / Nullification / 123d 8h 23m 29s
Come now, you know me. I won't die easily, haha. Anyways, you're right, one's life can't be measured in gold. As for dangerous beasts, there's plenty more out there. Should I ever encounter an elder basilisk again, I'll know how to deal with it.

::[i The drinks Jarod had consumed had kicked in on full at this point, and so the pain he was still feeling was sufficiently numbed, which allowed him to sit up properly for the meantime over slouching on the counter]::
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 123d 8h 46m 27s
[i She shook her head at him and sighed a little, evidently amused by his keenness to get out there once more.]

Be careful and be safe. You’re no good to anyone dead, and I don’t think any amount of gold is worth that. Besides, I’m sure there’s scarier things than basilisks out there?
  Tasia / Nullification / 123d 13h 30m 52s
That's a fair point and good suggestion, milady. I'll have to give it a try next time I'm out in the field.

::[i Jarod nodded to himself before looking back up to the adored barkeep, flashing a small smile as he made his decision. She was a clever girl indeed, despite her lack of worldly knowledge and experience. Part of what made her so appreciated and adored around the Tavern, afterall]::
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 124d 1h 41m 10s

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