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Well, you won’t be doing any adventuring while you’re in that state. Whatever it is, it can wait a few days more before you go off saving damsels in distress, villages and towns.

[i The barkeep gave a small smirk to him because honestly, over the years she had seen how keen the patrons were to become heroes, to have stories written about them, which was all well and good but they certainly weren’t immortal.]
  Tasia / Nullification / 120d 1h 34m 26s
Definitely curious, to be certain. It could just be coincidental afterall, but it could always mean something more. I'd wager it's worth looking into, one way or another.

::[i Jarod scratched his chin slowly as he contemplated the possible scenarios regarding the current information. His eyes drifted back down to his ruined armor and narrowed at the thoughts he was having, seemingly displeased]::
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 120d 1h 39m 59s
I don’t know. Unicorns are ancient, and I don’t have many books on them, I didn’t even think they still roamed the lands, Jarod. It makes me wonder, though.

Maybe something is happening? Elder basilisks with the strengths of dragons, unicorn’s blood showing up in markets... now I put it all together it seems a little concerning.
  Tasia / Nullification / 120d 2h 45m 2s
::[i Jarod lifted his head off of the countertop and looked curiously at the vial Tasia had picked up, blinking a few times as she explained what it was and how she got it. His right hand reached up to scratch his chin as he attempted to remember what purpose such blood would serve, but he came up empty and so, he shook his head slowly]::

Beats me. I've never come across such a creature or anything from it, so even I don't know what someone could do with what you have there. It's a very curious item you have there.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 120d 2h 49m 53s

[i She looked thoughtful for a while before shrugging a little.]

I had a traveller come here a while ago... let me see, bumped into him at the old markets and I had some coins saved up.

[i She picked up a vile of shimmering milky liquid.]

He said it’s unicorn blood. I’m not sure why he gave it to me or what he expects I would use it for. I hope the creature isn’t dead though.
  Tasia / Nullification / 120d 9h 28m 50s
::[i Jarod sighed and dropped his head onto the countertop, completely forgetting about his earlier desire to claim one of the Basilisk's poison glands dor crafting usage. It seemed quite easily that it was not his time for good fortune, save surviving the ordeal anyways]::

Shit, forgot all about that. As for that phrass, I don't know what's with that. A weapon is a weapon.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 120d 18h 45m 44s
[i Tasia watched with great interest as he procured his smaller weapons. She eyed them over and cocked her head slightly.]

Huh. Poison tipped weapons, you wouldn’t have to even mortally wound them just nick them somewhere. What a clever idea. Aren’t basilisks poisonous? You should have collected some of their toxins...

[i She trailed off a little.]

They said poison is a woman’s weapon, I’m not sure why exactly.
  Tasia / Nullification / 121d 3h 59m 35s
::[i Jarod nodded in half-answer to the barkeep's question before reaching down to his ruined armor and pulling something from it. Upon sitting up straight he winced harshly, sucking in air for a moment bedore placing what he had retrieved onto the counter infront of her. It was a small throwing dagger, totaling roughly 5 inches in length; the blade measuring 3 inches with the a " T " shaped handle measuring the final two]::

Throwing weapons, like this dagger here. Not exactly lethal on larger creatures, but can be coated with something like poison or simply used to pull aggro. As for the blade, I'm sure the smithy will have it figured out. Regardless of the fee, I'll gladly pay it. Like I said, that old man's a genius. I've trusted him with my gear since I started doing this.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 121d 4h 3m 31s

[i She bit her tongue because it probably sounded stupid. Her knowledge of weaponry went as far as swords and bows. She shook her head at his comment about arrogance.]

I don’t think anyone was expecting such a strong blade to shatter, least of all you. Hopefully it can be mended, or crafted into something more. I have books if you want any, maybe it’ll hold a clue on the basilisk mystery and why they got so strong.
  Tasia / Nullification / 121d 4h 16m 15s
::[i Jarod sighed in an exasperated tone upon being called out on being underequipped, and thus he sumply shrugged heavily with his hands held up in obvious defeat. She wasn't wrong on that note, afterall]::

I always carry a few small throwables on me, but that's about it. Hard lesson learned, I suppose for my seeming arrogance.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 121d 4h 32m 39s
[i The woman eyed him over and sighed softly.]

You don’t have another weapon? Strange, I thought adventurers like you would be armed to the hilt. I never imagined you only have one weapon.

And don’t worry, you know there’s no harm committed in here.
  Tasia / Nullification / 121d 10h 5m 28s
Knowing the blacksmith who first made it, I'm sure he can work something out. The old man's a genius, afterall. That said, I can't help but worry over it. I guess you could say I'm self-conscious about being disarmed.

::[i Jarod's right hand gave the blade a few gentle pats before laying still at the base where it met the handle, as the design lacked a prominent hilt. It's onyx hue still shined well in the light of the tavern, but it was plain to see that it was not shining as much as it used to, which would make anyone wonder if the weapon itself was in pain from what had happened]::
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 121d 18h 3m 22s
[i It was a curious thing to see how the man reacted to his sword and she smiled a little, almost sadly. It was like he was grieving a friend, she supposed he was in a way.]

Hm. Perhaps not a full replacement... I don’t know much about making weapons but- [i She paused for a moment to gather her words so she wouldn’t sound like a silly and wishful child.]

Perhaps if you do need a replacement... could they not knit some of the old with the new? Melt some down and incorporate it with the new blade? Even if it was the just something wound into the hilt? It’s sad to see you grieve.
  Tasia / Nullification / 122d 2h 45m 12s
::[i Jarod reached for the handle and brought what remained of his near-fabled blade to bear. It had been cut in two with almost a clean precision. He placed it down onto the counter and ran his hand over it, almost absent-mindedly muttering to himself before shrugging an almost half-answer to her question]::

The price isn't a bother to me, thought I imagine it will take some time to repair, provided it's even salvageable. Worst case scenario, I'll need a new weapon entirely. As for the how, I honestly don't have an answer. All I know is that I need my sword either fixed or replaced.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 122d 2h 53m 22s
Will it cost a lot to fix?

[i She eyed them blade and sighed a little. As much as weapons were not her first choice, she couldn’t deny the blade had once been beautiful, along with the armour.]

I can’t imagine many blacksmiths have been around such rare materials. Perhaps you encountered a stronger subspecies of basilisk? Bolder perhaps. I read that thriving creatures can grow stronger and adapt.
  Tasia / Nullification / 122d 5h 27m 23s

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