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::[i Jarod chuckled and offered a thumb's up gesture as she stated that it was enough, his field of view shifting to look over all of the inventory that was delivered]::

When I called in my favors I wasn't expecting all of this, but I guess that's just how it goes. I guess I'm alittle more popular than I thought.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 116d 23h 36m 51s
[i She took the ledger of items and looked over them. She was still in some form of shock with it all.]

No! This is enough, more than enough! Really, I can’t wait to start putting the decorations up!
  Tasia / Nullification / 117d 2h 51m 47s
::[i Jarod continued to grin widely as he watched her look through the items, her excitement clearly visible. He retrieved the inventory ledger and handed it off to her, so that she could look through it at her leisure]::

I would certainly hope so, though I'm just pleased that you are. Take your time going through everything, and if there's anything I missed be sure to let me know so I can have it brought here.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 117d 17h 13m 8s
[i Tasia immediately started to look through the piles, careful not to mess up his sorting. She inspected some of the very pretty ornaments.]

Whoever you owed a favour to had wonderful taste! These really do look wonderful, Jarod! Everyone will love to come here just to see!
  Tasia / Nullification / 117d 18h 38m 0s
::[i Jarod paused his inventory check to look up the stairs after Tasia called out to him. Her excited expression was adorable, and he couldn't help but grin widely as a result for it was quite infectious. When she exclaimed her surprise what was a few favors, a laugh escaped his lips and he moved over to the bar counter, setting the ledger down]::

Pleasure's all mine, milady. This place has been much like a home to me, so I'm happy to be able to do something for it for the first time in awhile.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 117d 18h 47m 20s
[i The familiar barkeep came down the steps, rubbing at her tired eyes, not used to such ruckus and she squinted a little. Evidently she wasn’t very awake and it took her a moment to realise what was going on. The tree looked wonderful even without pretty ornaments on it yet!]

Jarod! [i She couldn’t help the excited laugh that escaped her. Everything looked wonderful and she stepped over a couple of boxes.]

A few favours?! I don’t think I’ve seen this many boxes and such in a long time! Thank you!
  Tasia / Nullification / 117d 19h 30m 42s
::[i Jarod returned to the Tavern a time after the afternoon had arrived, but his movement had improved greatly from the previous night, as one could tell his limp was nearly gone. Currently the doors were propped open as he was ushering in personel whom were delivering items, the items in question were what was discussed last night. He stood close to the doors, but clear enough of them as goods were moved in, his eyes and hands busy looking over the delivery list and the occasional finger-pointing as he directed where things needed to be set. The work was quick, and was done in less than an hour as everything was delivered accordingly. A fresh tree had been set near the fireplace, but not close enough to it to be burned, with 2 dozen boxes currently occupying the main area of the Tavern's first floor but laid out in accessible stacks with the top ones already opened. Jarod busied himself with personally inspecting the goods a third time to make sure everything was in good condition and present]::

Hmmm... There's that... That looks good. There's this... Good shape. Nice job on that...
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 117d 19h 56m 59s
Rest well.

[i She watched him with a mixture of concern and content on her face. She knew the man was safest here but still, she wasn’t sure she had seen him injured before. She really should have brushed up on healing s as alchemy and such. Still, she lit the fire on the Tavern and stocked it with wood, clearing up and settling behind the bar with her feet up and a thick blanket. Her satchel of trinkets safely stored away.]
  Tasia / Nullification / 118d 19h 10m 7s
Very well then, milady. I'll see to it first thing in either the morning or afternoon, at latest. For now, I'll retire and get some rest.

::[i Jarod bowed his head gently before rising from his seat at the counter, his hands reaching out accordingly and grasping both his broken blade and mangled armor. After a harsh wince and a straightening of himself, he cracked a pained yet gentle smile before limping his way up the staircase to his room so that he could retire]::
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 118d 19h 27m 14s

[i She immediately perked up and smiled.]

That would be fantastic! I’m sure I can give you some drinks on the house for your kindness! This place could use a spruce up!
  Tasia / Nullification / 118d 20h 13m 46s
If it's to your preference, milady, I could have fresh items delivered straight to the Tavern. I know folks in the town whom head such supplies for the festivities, and getting such items would be child's play. I'm owed some favors anyways, so this would be an excuse to call them in.

::[i Jarod straightened his posture out and sat back slightly, his hands slightly extended out as he made and explained his offer and positioning regarding the simplification of the job. It wasn't for that he did not wish to do it in a more traditional fashion, but more of it gave him an excuse to call in favors of people that he generally never had a need of]::
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 118d 23h 5m 11s
[i She watched him and eyed his injury. She wouldn’t Push him while he was sore, so certainly heavy lifting was out of the question.]

Well, I doubt many will be around to see the decorations but a tree is a must. I’ll have to ask if the owner can find one, a few years ago I think he cut down a real tree.

Maybe you could help with wreaths? Some of them could use a spruce up with new berries and such. And you can probably reach in higher places than me, providing it doesn’t hurt.
  Tasia / Nullification / 119d 1h 38m 50s
Jobs, eh? What would you have me do, exactly?

::[i Jarod's head tilted slightly sideways in an inquisitive manner as the barkeep mentioned putting him to work. He figured it would be related to the Tavern, naturally, and most likely in regards to her desire to decorate for the coming festivities. All the same, he wouldn't know for sure until she told him]::
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 119d 1h 51m 32s
You know, I was going to put up some Christmas decorations, get a little festive in here. I don’t think the owner would mind too much.

[i She giggled slightly and leant on the counter.]

I could even give you some jobs, easy ones mind you. Can’t have you straining yourself.
  Tasia / Nullification / 119d 5h 27m 9s
Yes of course, milady. I've got gear to repair and wounds to mend before I go anywhere else. I'm in no rush.

::[i Jarod let a chuckle escape his lips as he held his hands up in surrender to her reminding him of his current state, and winced in reaction to his gesture. He was definitely in a poor state for now, and being weaponless made him desire going out even less, thus he had no protest against the idea of lounging about the Tavern for a time as he healed and got his gear repaired. He did enjoy the place, afterall]::
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 119d 23h 18m 40s

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