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Nobody gave you any trouble though, I hope? [i ]
  Elias / HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 3y 317d 20h 18m 19s
[i Bundles in from outside, looking excited but exhausted.]

Well, just as interesting as I hoped although sea faring folk aren't particularly polite.
  Nullification / 3y 317d 21h 6m 2s
[i ] I suppose not much of anyone brave is left on this site.
  Elias / HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 3y 318d 1h 35m 19s
These toys have gotten me this far. Sure, they don't have the thirst for blood like they had in their infancy. But they've protected me thus far.
-watches the flame flicker and fade as he takes another swig of his ale-
Plus I was never talented enough for the arcane arts.
-breathes in deeply at the mention of fresh air-
I agree. It's pretty stale in here for such a new place
  Spare / Spare-Robot-Parts / 3y 320d 14h 48m 31s
In the end, the choice is hers and hers alone. I was just voicing some concern. Next time you see her you should perhaps make your offer known. I've never understood the fascination with one of those toys...

[i ]

I much prefer this alternative. No one can really speak on the legalities, or take it away for that matter.

[i ]

Fresh air will do this place good, yes. Perhaps a few brawls in the Bloodbath as well?
  Elias / HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 3y 320d 15h 54s
But I have such a pretty mug! You sure I can't charm you into just one more mug of...
-tips back the drink and gives a relieved sigh and grin-
This drink of the gods and commoners alike! I thank you, Elias. As for your barmaid, I think you won't know till you try. I could always give her a sidearm, if it'll make the two of you feel more comfortable.
-lays a six shooter on the counter-
But this one is a bit of a noise maker. Sure it'll let others know you mean business. But could also bring unwanted legal attention.
  Spare / Spare-Robot-Parts / 3y 320d 15h 6m 35s
Seeing that Elias had taken it upon himself to pour Spare the pint, he made his way back around the bar and over to one of the window wells, cushioned so one could sit there if they wanted too. It was more of a brothel thing, but Mira had insisted. The Aphiran took a few looks left to right down the street they'd ended up on and inhaled slow, tasting and smelling the salt.

"Fresh fish will be on the menu, I think."
  Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 3y 320d 15h 10m 52s
I think the list for new drink is growing for the barmaid. Do you think we should let her go to market alone?

[i ]

I mean for her safety's sake. Doesn't seem to be much of a fighter, that one.

[i ]

Here you are. Next one I get for you I am charging. Can't say [i I] never gave you anything. So, do you like the new location?
  Elias / HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 3y 320d 15h 16m 35s
Wine never tickled my fancy. Sweet is lovely. But bitter should suit me just fine. Life has given me nothing, and I gods dammit, I'm bitter about it.
-A laugh bellows from him. The gunner known now as Spare leans onto the bar, examining the taps.-
Hmmm... the second from the last seems to be calling me. I'll take a pint.
  Spare / Spare-Robot-Parts / 3y 320d 15h 21m 45s
"Turn minutes into years and I think we have a more accurate description of the current situation. No?"

Giving a wry grin, the male folded his arms across the bartop and cast his gaze across the old brass taps, some more worn than others, most did not even retain a label. So at the question, he simply shrugged a shoulder and flicked his ears back.

"I'm unsure if they even still work."

He admitted, chuckling low between his teeth and bowing down to check the pipes, pulling a ragged rug up from the floor behind the bar, he checked the five or six kegs that ran beneath and tapped a clawed foot on two of them.

"Some kind of ale and possibly a lager. Spoilt for choice."
  Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 3y 320d 15h 33m 26s
An old timer, he says. I guess people are coming out of the woodwork now. [i ] The barmaid liked this wine earlier. Very sweet, almost warm. You interested?
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 3y 320d 15h 36m 18s
You know, for an old timer like me...
-walks into the Tavern with a smirk-
You would think I would get use to things changing. But I still get a soft spot for old stomping ground and it's residents.
-the gunner nods to both and pull up a stool-
Wolven. Kite. Been a minute or two. What's on tap?
  Spare / Spare-Robot-Parts / 3y 320d 15h 41m 28s
However, another powerful motivator is fear. Of being mocked, ousted... But not all of us bite. [i ] Who knows, someone may well surprise us.
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 3y 320d 15h 47m 9s
Shrugging once and pushing off of the scarred, worn table covered in trinkets he made his way towards the bar and slid his claws across the polished surface, leaving white scratches along the width.

"Someone likely will, if not; well, more alcohol for us."

Smirking wryly, the Aphiran glanced towards the bottles behind the bar, some having remained full for as long as he could remember. Which was a damn long time. Hopping over the counter and crouching low, the sound of clinking bone against glass was heard. A black and silver bottle clutched between his padded fingers when he rose, uncorking it with a single claw and then taking a swig.

"There's always that sense of unknown that people like, you can not resist the itch."
  Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 3y 320d 16h 20m 31s
Nonsense, this place will stand long after we ourselves snap. Or is that not far off? [i ]

Do you think anyone will be brave enough to enter?
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 3y 320d 16h 30m 42s

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