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Damarion's head fell onto the table with a loud thunk, startling him awake. Unsure of when he had fallen asleep with his head in his hands, he merely looked around squinty-eyed before rubbing his face to fully wake up. He noticed the trio were speaking by the bar, and the man had brought down a leather pouch. His curiosity got the better of him, so he walked over to try and see what was inside while attempting to avoid interrupting them.
  ⧼Damarion⧽ / Vilkacis / 192d 16m 15s
[i ::When his shoulder was patted, Jarod gave Ankt a small, reassuring smile before going silent for a short bit. Instead of doing the talking, he settled for listening to the two ladies converse. Before long, he had risen from his stool and made a gesture with his hands that implied he would be right back, and then he was gone up the stairs. By the time he had come back from his trip, he managed to catch a glimpse of an old friend making his way back up into the rafters. Jarod chuckled in an amused, satisfied manner as he reached into a large leather pouch that he had carried down with him, and upon retrieving an item from the pouch he flung a large, jet black scale up into the rafters after his old friend before returning to the bar. As he sat down, he gently placed the pouch between Null and Ankt and gestured for them to take a look inside::]

I had nearly forgotten about those, feel free to take your pick, if you wish. Also, seems I just missed him, didn't I?
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 192d 59m 29s
With a sprinkling of thick dust from the rafters, body shifting into a low crouch, the beast dropped himself from above and landed atop the wooden, scarred bar with the rasping clacks of his claws. Taking the seemingly abandoned gold coin from the bar top between two viciously sharp tips, he gave it a sniff and then flicked it onto his table laden with gold, gems and various trinkets.

Peering at the barmaid with a squint of his paled eyes, the Aphiran gruffed and slid from the bar, prowling back over to the nearest pillar and climbing up, vanishing back into the above darkness. Though the skittering of his claws told the story that he remained.
  Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 192d 1h 7m 3s
[size10 [center "It'd be a delight if it happened. Especially if our darling pup decided to make his grand appearance again beyond the rafters." [i A sigh in her throat, she taps her claws on the counter and turns her eyes up.] "You'd notice a new dust bunny on the corner of a stray bolt, Tasia."]]
  Ankt / Contradiction / 192d 4h 4m 12s

[i She glanced up to the rafters.]

There’s still lurking shadows up there. They think they go unnoticed, I’ve even seen the owner there from time to time. This place will spring back to life in due course.
  Tasia / Nullification / 192d 4h 7m 56s
[size10 [center [i Cackling over the brim of her glass, her ears twitched with her amusement and she could only nod in agreement before taking a content swig and smiling.] "I'd have to drop the act for them to know." [i She shifts on the stool, haphazardly lounging back with her tail coiling about the legs of it as a warm look took hold of her features.] "It does, doesn't it? Battle stories, jests and drinks. Maybe one day it won't just be a recollection of nostalgia and stories again."]]
  Ankt / Contradiction / 192d 4h 13m 43s
I don’t think anyone would recognise you, no matter how splendid you would look!

Besides, it’s all been storytelling here, tales about dragons and fire, so far.

[i She giggled and got herself a concoction of fruit juice and looked over at them all.]

Almost feels like old times.
  Tasia / Nullification / 192d 4h 21m 1s
[size10 [center "Me? I'm the epitome of ladylike~ But only on occasion and rarely when its needed." [i Grinning widely, the fox hummed with her delight and slipped a coin on the counter at the drink being presented. Ah how she's missed this.] "Thank y', m'dear. Maybe one day I'll come in here all prim and proper, I think heart attacks would be had."]]
  Ankt / Contradiction / 192d 4h 23m 9s
[i The woman blinked in some sort of bemused fashion.]

How lady like. But at least your fire was showing physically that time.

[i She giggled and fixed up the other woman’s favourite drink, setting it down on the tabletop, with a brisk nod.]
  Tasia / Nullification / 192d 4h 33m 23s
[size10 [center [i A snicker welled up in her throat and she gave an amused hum of delight at the woman's words.] "You flatter me." [i Though the inquiry of brighter stories had the fox perching her jaw in her claws with a mischievous look on her maw.] "Stories, hmn? Well, perhaps one of the more amusing ones I have is when I was half-past drunker than can be and decided I didn't know how to scrap anymore-- So my solution to being annoyed was to promptly take a swig of whiskey, blow it onto a torch and screech like a banshee for ten minutes. Poor fella had no idea what was going on and I set his shirt on fire."]]
  Ankt / Contradiction / 192d 4h 34m 17s
You’re as beautiful as ever.

[i The young woman giggled to the fox, or rather the vixen herself.]

Come now, you must have some stories to brighten a dull little barmaid up?
  Tasia / Nullification / 192d 4h 50m 38s
[size10 [center [i Smiling lazily with all the commotion out of the way, she perches upon the stool as haphazardly as she always had to get comfortable and pay more mind to the rousing conversations at hand. Always the observant and hardly the talker, she slid her fingertips beneath her mask to remove it while listening to the introductions. It's almost amusing how the protectiveness of one darling tender had not waned over the years. She thinks there's probably nothing they wouldn't do in favour of ensuring Tasia's wellbeing. The owner certainly wouldn't have any nonsense about it, of that, the fox was sure.]]]

[size10 [center [i Amusement dancing on her features, she could say she certainly had missed this atmosphere. Nostalgia had a way about that though. It also had a way of reminding one how things weren't always seen through rose coloured glasses. Tinkling reverberates in the air as her ears twitch in response and clawed phalanges find their way to Jarod's shoulder with a gentle pat or two. A look of sullen sympathy, not pity, crossing her features for a second or two before she straightened back up.] "I'd imagine killing one would be chaotic as fuck."]]
  Ankt / Contradiction / 192d 4h 53m 28s
[i The woman listened with great intrigue to his stories, like a child hearing about Happily ever after for the first time and she smiled a little.]

Do you think next time you could bring a scale back? Or maybe a tooth or something?

[i She glanced over looking somewhat hopeful because she knew that in reality, her tagging along on any trip, escorted or not, would end badly. But she would appreciate little trinkets from others adventures if they could spare them.]

How do you kill a dragon?
  Tasia / Nullification / 192d 5h 29m 13s
Should you ever wish to visit the coast, let me know. I'd have no problem providing escort. I wouldn't even charge ya, either. But, yeah, those beasts weren't easy pickings but we cleared them out. Hopefully they never pop up around there again.

[i ::Jarod had chuckled towards Null's comment about the beasts being terrifying, but not in a rude way. Rather, compared to other creatures he had fought the Drakes were fair pushovers, but he kept in mind that not everyone was equal to him. He took a brief moment to finish his second tankard around the time that she decided to ask him about a real dragon, and as he set it down his expression shifted. His eyes stared hard at the bartop as he nodded, his fingers once more finding themselves drumming along the tankard's walls::]

Only twice. The first time was when a dragon burned my village down to the ground when I was a child, and the second time was when I slew it with a group a good number of years ago. How many was it, again? Seven or so? Ah, doesn't matter. Anyways, you remember that sword I carry? Made it out of the bastard.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 192d 11h 34m 59s
[i The woman poured herself a drink and listened to him speak.]

I’ve only seen such places in paintings. And such terrifying creatures are foreign to me, probably for the best.

[i At this she laughs and shrugs. She knew full well she was not a fighter. And facing things such as Drakes would be a sure death sentence for her.]

Have you ever seen a living dragon?
  Tasia / Nullification / 192d 11h 49m 10s

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