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The port is alive with life and color, so saturated in vigor you begin to wonder if the city breathes on its own accord. Like it or not your ship has docked here, and you are in luck to be in such a magnificent place. Drink imports are the most exquisite the world has to offer. Spices are in wide variety, their names so exotic that, when pronounced correctly, are just as strange and enticing as their taste.

Maybe you walk the streets after dinner, or go out with an adventurous purpose- benevolent or malign. Whichever your reason or lack thereof, one day on a quiet side street you notice something... most curious.

A lone door set in a cobbled wall.

Admittedly it isn't much to look at first glance, except you know for certain it was not there the day before. Or the day before that.

Light dances on the threshold at different intensities. People, perhaps things are moving around inside. If you are brave enough to approach you can even faintly hear what may be their voices.

Whenever you begin to look away from the door it starts to fade from existence. Will you decide to enter, your hand poised over the handle? This is your one chance. To walk away means to do so forever, and there your story will end. With absolute certaintly you are aware that whichever you choose there is no going back.

So, for your own reasons,
you turn the handle and go forward.

Owned by Wolven

You enter the smoke-filled tavern, the scent of whiskey and love labours lost hanging thickly in the air like cheap perfume. Seats scatter the premises, yet spaces are clearly coveted so it would be wise that you select a place in which to sit very soon. Flames flicker invitingly as they engulf and caress the oaken logs that produce a friendly fire situated on the right hand side of the entrance.

Winding wooden steps diminish eventually into the perpetual gloom of the mysterious upper-floor overnight quarters. Be warned; screams cannot be heard by the dead.


All spammers and irrelevant posters will be hunted down- if you're even still alive when we catch you. You will then have your legs broken and kneecaps shattered only to then be burnt at the stake.

We expect you to be respectful and of quality, both with words and picture choice. If you or your picture do not fit the mood of the Tavern, you are out. The only person you have to blame for your expulsion is your self, if it indeed occurs.

Welcome to The Grey Stallion Tavern

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[size10 [center It seems some things never really do change at all. It's been so many years.]]
  Ankt / Contradiction / 9d 13h 46m 46s
I've made a server for Elite Skills.
Feel free to join.


The link should never expire.
I only have you beat by a year and I feel twice my age most days.

In reference to my prior statement, I've definitely been eating my words.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 49d 19h 42m 16s
Getting older is a horrible affair.

Comes with some perks but honestly, I’m only twenty five and my bones creak.

[i Giggles and shrugs a little.]
  Alive / Nullification / 49d 19h 54m 30s
::[i He shrugged in an unapologetic manner, offering his hands with palms turned towards the ceiling in an exaggerated manner]::

There was a point in time where stuff was easier to figure out. I guess it just comes with getting older. Or maybe just not bothering so much with it anymore? Maybe even both, for that matter.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 49d 20h 29m 45s
I’m stupid with technology. Discord isn’t too bad, pretty simple for the most part. I think?

Also that’s true. Seems more are coming out the woodwork.
  Alive / Nullification / 49d 20h 34m 56s
::[i He scratched his chin absent-mindedly, mulling over the now empty mug of ale before setting it down]::

Seeing how I've never touched it, it may take me some learning in terms of Discord. I'll see what I can do, though. I apologize if that answer seems unsatisfactory.

On the side, it's always nice seeing old faces again. It's reassuring to see folks are still alive and kicking.
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 49d 21h 2m 10s
I feel foolish for not knowing what this means, haha.
I'll put the link here for anyone to join, just let me know who you are when you join.
Its good to see you guys again.

Yeah it’s a [ not instead of the bracket.

I’m happy for you send me it, Gwin, dove.
  Alive / Nullification / 50d 21h 39m 52s
Oh did they change the coding? Hmm..
I also cant edit my post.
Man I need to visit this place more..
  Gwinndolynn / 50d 22h 14m 50s
The small framed child sat on a stool, kicking her legs back and forth idly as she thoguht
I do have a server we could use. We could sent it to all the old regulars and see who we can gather up.
Oh that would be so nostalgic..
  Gwinndolynn / 50d 22h 16m 1s
[i Plucks up the gold coin and stashed it in a drawer with the rest, filling a cup to the brim with ale. She sets it down and smiles.]

Immortality would be dull, no?

Discord isn’t so bad, quick and easy.
  Alive / Nullification / 50d 22h 41m 23s
::[i He casually took a seat at the bar, laying a gold coin down on the counter as usual tribute for the ale]::

Don't have a choice yet, no, since there's no immorality scheme or anything close.

As for Discord? I've never used it. I guess Teamspeak is dead and I haven't touched that in, what? 6 years?
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 50d 23h 33m 38s
[i Leans on the counter with a dish rag over her shoulder.]

Perhaps Discord?

Also, I don't think being an adult is all that fun. It's gotta happen though, right?
  Alive / Nullification / 50d 23h 40m 23s
::[i Shrugged in an exaggerated manner as he approached the bar's countertop]::

Grow up fast, we said. It'll be fun, we said. Man, we all end up eating those words one way or another don't we?
  Jarod Fenix / WolfShot / 50d 23h 49m 28s

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