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It's been five years now since Jason's family passed away, along with one of his best friends who were with the family.

It was a bad day, everyone, but Jason, dead from shots to the head. His family and friends death is something to much for him to speak of to just anyone, and it has messed with his head on a mayjor level. Sure, his life seems to be normal.
His school marks are of average, his life at home seems to be. Everything seems fine. But, in his head, nothing is at all fine.

It's been five years now, that he's been speaking to his best friend, who is dead. They are day dreams as some people have said of them. But to Jason, they are more.
His emotional troubles are also something that's been going for five years now, but he's kept it silent.

Soon, a girl comes into his life, and they start to speak, and his situation in his head just keeps getting worse and worse. What will happen?

I need a female, real photo, who can post at about 5-7 lines minimum. I'd like it if you could post at least once a day, and possible, if it's not to much to ask, that you tell me before you have to leave. Thanks. (:

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Lyss woke up in the morning and turned off her alarm. She got dressed, choosing to wear a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. She straightened her hair and grabbed her phone, slipping it into her pocket. She then headed downstairs and sighed. Her parents were still gone. They were on a business trip as usual.

She finished getting ready then headed to school, stopping at her locker. She spun the dial, smiling as it popped open. Lyss grabbed the books she needed for her class, then went to the office to turn in her forms. She was a new student, and they gave her all the things she needed, like a schedule, calendar, etc.

She then got a late pass and went to her first class. She handed the teacher the late pass and took an empty seat near a boy. She looked at the teacher, and wrote down the notes that he'd written on the board, copying them down into her own notebook.
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Yea, thanks. But could you make it smaller. Like... this. again, i know, i'm picky. sorry. >.<
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//Sure is this better? //
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Jason groaned as he walked into his bathroom and took out three small bottles of pills he has been on since his gardens had found out about his emotional troubles. He took two of the three, and then stared at the bottle of the third one.
"Why are you always following me?" Jason asked as his eyes lifted up to the mirror on his bathroom wall over his sink.
"Seeing as my death was near to you, I though I should follow you...have a sort of angel this way Jason." Spoke the words of the man behind him.
Jason continued to stare at him in the mirror before putting his three bottles of pills back, not taking the third one.
"I'm going to school."

Soon enough, Jason was at school, with his friends. His first class was English, which was one of the better classes he took. With an empty seat beside him, he was never having a silent class. His voice would ring in his ears for each hour of this class, speaking about anything to try and ring Jason off, which has happened many times before. But, he zoned it out and listened to the teachers words as best he could. Until it was soon the end of class, about twenty minutes left to it, and Jason was left to listen nothing but the dead friends unexplainable words.

Sure, but could you possible get a different photo that looks a little more like a teenager...^^; Sorry, I know I'm picky with photos.
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