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Zerah was a peaceful land for out the centuries. The king's and queen's would live at piece with each kingdom and it's people. But when the kingdom of Hyrela started to betray, wanting to take over, a war broke out in Zerah.

In order for the kingdom to be at peace once again, the king of Zerah made a depressin agreement. He would give his only daughter, Ezrah Pandora, to be wed with one of the Hyrela's sons.

In agreement, the kingdom of Hyrela sent forth one of their son's, Rio.

He was a cold, heartless guy. Never talking, and having mysteries when it came to his thoughts, emotions, of feelings. He had always fought for his father in the wars, but never cared a bit about anyone. Yet deep in his heart he was kind and gentle, but he would never show such side. Instead, he was a violante, inconsidorate guy.

Ezrah finds out about this agreement, and was heartbroken. Her father gave her out, with out her even having one opinion about it. And more to the matter was that she would have to wed, not only a man she didn't even know, but a heartless cruel man.

With out a doubt, Ezrah took everything she could, and packed up. Cutting her hair short like a man, and dressing up like one. She ran from her kigndom, her duities as a princess, to become a normal human being among the others.

When Hyrela's kingdom found out, they sent out Rio to find his bride to be.

Along the journey, he does find her, but not knowing what she looked like, or acted like, he didn't think it was her.

For Ezrah was a girl desguised as a man. Rio find's his personality attracting to him, and wants to find out more about him.

They both become friends, though Rio still treats him coldly, heartlessly, harshly.

As time goes by, Rio starts to have strong feeling's for the man....But he's yet to know that he is really a she.

What shall happen in this war?


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The guy can be nice sometimes, but he will never admit his feelings {etc..} or his actions. He can be stuborn, harsh and so on, and later on he can change...{But....waaaaaaaay later on! =3}

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Sure Amy =3
  Ezrah Pandora / VXI / 10y 160d 13h 30m 25s
Ohhhh.....Um sorry for the spam but......I have a similar idea like this! And I feel like I'm stealin yer story...so um.....permission to continue with my rp Mandy?
  XIII / 10y 160d 14h 12m 10s
I'm sorry my stupid internet that keeps going and coming back. =/ Bye =3 {Short post sorry kinda had to go too xp}

As time passed, is was soon sun set. And Xen was lost. Yes...she could be easily distracted.

"We're lost aren't we?" he scoffed with an evil grin.

"Yes....we are.." Xen said quietly as he scanned the forest. Where could they be? Not far off the bay right?

"Wow....some man you are..." he said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Xen grimaced, grinding her teeth lightly. Yes she had gotten lost, and yes, she sucked when it came to finding places, but she was trying her best! She had never been out of her palace of kingdom before! So she had no sense of direction!

And the little smartass mouth boy wouldn't shut up.

"Lisen kid...." Xen said as he kneed down infront of the 3 feet boy. "If you say at least one more word of insult about me....I swear I'll leave you stranded here where the men that are theives will take you with them and sell you as a slave....You got that?"

Collin, who knew very well that he was no match for any man because he was yet a kid, sighed deeply with ruing, as he felt his pride be stompled on. He nodded quietly, then looking away mad.

"Good..." she said quietly as she then got up, and continued to walk through the woods with the little boy.

Collin thought with a bit of worry. Was the man really a person to be trusted?

"What is you're name?" Collin asked as his voice could be heard even though he was half whispering.

"....Xen.....And you?" he finally asked as he looked back at the brunette as he continued to walk.

"Collin..." he said sighing lightly, "But don't you dare call me by a nick name!" he said as he glared up at the man.

Xen only smiled and kept walking without a word, which angered Collin. "Hey! Hey! Did you hear me?!"

As the moon settled in the sky, complementing the starry sky, they soon arrive infront of the building. Black bricks, with a big pine wooden door, with statues surrounding the gate, yard, and fences. The safe house... But it wasn't just any house....it was a...

"Church?" Xen asked as he the felt the little boy tug at his hand, "What is it?" He asked as he glanced down at Collin.

Collin, who wasn't looking at him at all, had a scared look across his face, as he pointed to the man that stood by the building.

Xen stared at the man, then pulling the boy behind him.
  Ezrah Pandora / VXI / 10y 161d 9h 29m 15s
I g2g ok see ya.]
  Rio Mynimy / koopatroopa / 10y 161d 9h 55m 28s
[I might do more xD]

A small smile perked up the lips of a man on a mission. His name was Rio Mynimy, yes a mouthful but that was his name and proud. Stepping forth onto the path, from his hotel he smiled. His two hands were wrapped in medical boxing tape, he never used a weapon in his life, and depended much on his upper body strength that could throw a full grown man a few yards. He started to pick up his pace, a small sprint starting his blond hair flapping and he was heading towards a village to rest, if he got there before time he would continue his trek. He soon spotted the small buildings that was called the "Hidden" but what it was, was out in the open. He ran through it and saw a woman on the ground behind tended to, and people there knew of who he was. Pointing to where the two robbers went, he set off yet again.

Sprinting and climbing a tree to the stiff branches, he breathed heavily hoping this would work. Sprinting along the inside of the branches close to the tree. His arms behind him his tight orange shirt saying Peace in Chinese, he smiled, smelling a fire made of oak. Running to a clearing he did a 360 spin flip landing in the middle, a guy drawing his sword coming towards him, spinning around his foot came up, hitting his arm making him drop the sword. Bringing his foot down to the ground he smiled turning. "You going to return the stuff?" He asked in a polite tone trying to be reasonable. No! Now leave or die! "I think it will be you who dies." He said and stepped forward.

Moving his right hand quickly he jabbed the mans throat making him cough, he spun and kicked the side of his knee, a crack sounding then the man trying to reach a scream, but failed because of the crushed windpipe. Spinning he jumped bringing his heel down to the back of his head, he drove it to the ground. A small drop of blood on his taped hands as he smiled. Reaching down he hit a pressure point on the man's neck killing him instantly. Turning to the other, he drew a bow shooting one at him. Rio thought quickly catching it luckily like always, he rushed dropping it. He jumped bringing his knee up it connected with his nose and the man fell backwards, a pool of blood now forming.

Turning he grabbed the stuff walking back and setting it down only to hear a wman was told to walk off with the baby to some safehouse. He sighed softly, turning and started to walk in that direction, he smiled lightly. "Two deaths, might make it three." He sighed softly and kept walking. "I wonder if he can fight?" He sighed softly and kept walking. He soon came to a full sprint as he made it to the safe house, seeing he was early, he sighed in anger. Leaning on the building he ran a finger through his blond hair.
  Rio Mynimy / koopatroopa / 10y 161d 10h 3m 1s
{{lol True! xD}}

Ezrah, who now called herself Xen, walked on about the dirt road that lead up to a village nearby Hyrela's forest. Not wanting to do anything with those cruel people, she wondered into the Hidden Village.

The people were strange, for that matter, but they were nice, loving....Or so they were.

As screaming of a woman, and the cry of a child was heard, Ezrah gripped tightly on the handdle of her sword, running off towards the crashing sound of glasses.

By the time she was there, two men had ran off, along with horses, and what seemed like bag's of things. Xen looked at the woman who was nearly beaten up, along with the child who kneed beside the mother, crying for her to wake up.

Xen quickly ran over, and checked the woman. The woman reached up to her, and tilted her head a bit to the side. "Please take my child to the safe house near by the shore..." She whispered.

Xen farrowed his brows, staring at the woman, "But...Ma'm.." her voice started out, but quickly deepened it so that it would make a bit of a difference, "What about you?"

"Just take her there, and I shall be back for her later...."

Xen closed her eyes sighing, and looked at the brunnete child. She smiled as the little boy just glared.

Oh this was going to be fun....

She had been taught how to be motherly, but this child seemed way over the oppiset. But weither she liked it or not, she needed to take the child to the so called 'safe house' near by the river bay...near by Hyrale's shore....

Oh god...where was she going to?

{btw you don't have to write this much lol}
  Ezrah Pandora / VXI / 10y 161d 10h 15m 14s
Well, some roleplays, it indicates the other starts, and they still ask so. XD]
  Rio Mynimy / koopatroopa / 10y 161d 10h 25m 58s
Haha I'll Start =3 It's only fair right? ^^ One moment.
  Ezrah Pandora / VXI / 10y 161d 10h 26m 44s
So, you start or do I?
  Rio Mynimy / koopatroopa / 10y 161d 10h 27m 41s
Sure And Thanks =3
  Ezrah Pandora / VXI / 10y 161d 10h 28m 6s
Join? I really like the idea. :P
  Rio Mynimy / koopatroopa / 10y 161d 10h 31m 39s

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