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Lyssa and her best friend have been feeling some tension between. However, on Lyssa's 17th birthday, they discover why they'd been feeling so much tension: they had feelings for eachother. They express these feelings that night.

However, after that, they both have doubts. Could they make their relationship work? Should they hide it? What would people think?


Age 16, turning 17
Mini-Biography Lyssa was brought up in a strict and financially ready household. Her parents, conservative lawyers, don't have anything against homosexuality, but are a little nervous at the possibility of their daughter being one. Lyssa feels this nervousness, and she's worried as well.

Best Friend - OPEN

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Best Friend - Summer Jones
Age: Sixteen
Mini-Biography: Summer's mom died when she was young, so her father brought her up her whole life. Its hard to not have someone to talk to anymore about things her father wouldn't know the answer to. So she puts her trust in Lyssa, hoping she'll know all the answers.

  Summer / amberbridget / 10y 36d 6h 52m 25s
Any takers?
  Lyssa / SocietysVillian / 10y 36d 7h 1m 9s

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