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Mortal humans that hold no special skills or abilities that consist of magic. Usually when they come in contact with the Other realm some abilities will be awaken in them. Though it might not be as strong as a pure blooded Other . Yet they no nothing of the world the exist beside them. Some might but very very few.


This type of human live longer then regular humans due to the magic that flows through their veins. They are very secretive with their world and refrain from telling or even socializing with Normals. Their power can vary but most of them specialize in one element or ability. Some Others are descendents of elves and trolls or any other mythical creature, but they all look human.It is a dimesion the lives along side with the current Normal world.

Barrier Guardians (7) - A group of Others chosen to protect the so called border of the two worlds. They are like the security guards, blocking the Normals from accessing or learning about the Other world. They also do detective work when it involves situations with Normal and Others. They follow the orders of the council.

Magic Council(7) - The big bosses of the Other world. This order have been around since the beginning of time. When religion drove the pagans and the magic users into hiding. They protect the ancient scrolls and laws. Everything is run by them. One of he seven members is the Head Council. He is usually the voice of all of them and the one with the highest standing.

Seven Sacred elements -Though there are various of elements that make up the Earth and magic only seven are the sacred ones. These elements are held dear and are considered the ones that founded the Other world.

Seven Hidden Seals - These are the seals the protect The Other world from merging with the Normal world. It was helps prevent the overflow of magic and maintains the earth in balance. Each seal is dedicated to one of the sacred elements.

Roy is killed but why and by who? The council head all of a sudden wants to do the forbidden and merge the two realms. Their is disorder, and the death rate is increasing in the Other world. Is all this connected? It's obvious there are some secrets the council head isn't telling us and there are unanswered questions Roy left behind.


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The air around her was heavy and filled with different auromas. The essense of jasmine and cigar overwhelmed her to the point she had to hold her breath at times. The seven sat around a circular table engraved with old carvings of the ancient tongue. The old men spoke about the recent trials their world had been going through. Missing guardians and unsolved deaths of some of the politicians were things that only the people in the sacred sealed room knew
The meeting took over an hour. Talk about finding the one causing the death and the fear of the merge made her desperate to leave. Once she exited the sealed door she lightly gasped for fresh air. The words the high council head had her thinking. She usually just ignored the conversation during these unions but the way he spoke and the subject at hand gave her the creeps. And to give Karma the creeps was a feat all in itself.
"Karma...." a voice said. Her maroon eyes lifted up onto the man.
"Xerius. Are you going to give me a word for my lack of participation?" she said with a sly grin as she tilted her head lightly. Xerius was a member of the council aswell and was good friends with her father. She had a feeling the reason why he always pestured her was because her father asked him to look after her in the council ranks.
"Roy..." was all he said softly and walked away.

In her office was a vanilla folder neatly placed with the word ROY written in Xerius's handwriting.


The address was eary to find. Though it wasn;t in her world it was still basic instructions. She paced slowly down the sidewalk. Her dark outfit did not help her in the heat. But you couldn't tell she was almost suffocating by her cool and passive walk.

The vision of his car put a small grin upon her lips. The door was barely open so she did what any curious and troublemaking young woman would, she let herself in slyly. His aura was int he air and it excited her a bit. Walking a few feet forward she saw him and she couldn't resist. She walked upon a shadow and dissapeared.... then appearing right behind him above anothe shadow. Her pale skin hands wrapped around his face... or whatever he called it and cover the blank spaces where his eyes would appear at times. "If you guess who I'll be sure not to report you to the council." she said with a grin.
  Karma Keir / kelz / 10y 117d 14h 50m 54s
His car is a
  Dmitri Thieriot / GreyStar / 10y 117d 15h 13m 28s
Name; Karma Keir
Background/Bio; Karma is the youngest member of the Magic council of the Other World. She was born into a noble Kier family and was raised with the knowledge of magic existing in the world. At the age of 15 her family and herself moved into the Other World leaving the ignorant life behind. Her father became a well-known official in the political side of the magical world, which gave Karma the opportunity to climb the ranks of the council circle quite quickly. Karma holds her home dear and will strain to protect it from the destruction mere mortals cause. She may seem cold and guarded but that is only what she likes to show. She is truly a very passionate and caring person, but only to a selected few.
World: Other World
Position; one of the 7 council members
Ability;Ever since she was a young child she was able to control the various shadows that surrounded her.She can mold and control the dark forms making them help her offensively and defensively.
  Karma Keir / kelz / 10y 117d 15h 49m 34s
Name: Dmirti Thieriot
Age: Unkown
Species: Once-human
World: Other
Role: ex-Guardian
  Dmitri Thieriot / GreyStar / 10y 126d 14h 31m 13s

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