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-background story-

this is set going into christmas were a academy student is always alone on christmas eve and christmas day but what happens when the academy he goes to is taking in a new female student who is in love with him when they bump into eachother she asks around to find out more about him and after learning he has christmas alone every year she decides to visit him and stay for christmas ...what could happen during the time before christmas...lets watch and see

- must be christmas anime images or close to at least-

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Anne dropped her spoon and looked at him. She really never had plans for christmas before. This was the first year she had nothing$ to spend christmas with a boy was so new to her.
"Really well um sure I'd love too" she said softly
  Anna during christmas / ROsemarie_Hathaway / 9y 247d 21h 32m 26s
zeke show'd her into the lunch room and sat down while everyone was watching them were he heard that almost everyone was busy with christmas events ,and then zeke got a idea maybe he didnt need to be alone after all "umm miss would you mind joining me for christmas??"
  zeke / zerato / 9y 247d 22h 1m 23s
should we continue
  zeke / zerato / 9y 247d 22h 21m 58s
um a lot why
  Anna during christmas / ROsemarie_Hathaway / 9y 249d 12h 15m 2s
-hey what animes you like???-
  zeke / zerato / 9y 249d 12h 56m 21s
"oh really i see" Anna said softly as she sighed a bit. she ocould nt believe he spent christmas alone
  Anna during christmas / ROsemarie_Hathaway / 9y 249d 13h 3m 42s
"hmm not really i have no reason to plan somthin i got none to plan with so i usally celebrate by myself" he says looking at her he looked at the time lunch was coming up and he was getting hungry so he decided to show her the cafeteria
  zeke / zerato / 9y 249d 13h 5m 48s
"thank you for taking time to show me around. I know its a hassle" Anna says softly as she walked with him. She could hear other students talking about Christmas.
"so um are you looking forward to Christmas" She asked softly
  Anna during christmas / ROsemarie_Hathaway / 9y 249d 13h 18m 50s
zeke looked at her and smiled a little as he opens the door as they start looking at stuff and zeke tells her about it its as they go to a room people are talking about what there doing for christmas they wave to zeke as he walks bye
  zeke / zerato / 9y 249d 13h 25m 16s
its okay
  Anna during christmas / ROsemarie_Hathaway / 9y 249d 13h 28m 21s
-one sec thinking of what to post-
  zeke / zerato / 9y 249d 13h 36m 50s
"thank you mam i deeply appreciate it" Anna Said softly. She stood there looking at zeke who appeared to be so handsome.
"its nice to meet you zeke" anna said softly with a smile
  Anna during christmas / ROsemarie_Hathaway / 9y 249d 13h 46m 23s
he looked around "hmm we need a guide for you while you are getting use to the academy ...hmmm Ah i know zeke can you come here ,zeke is our best student youll like being around him" zeke opened his eyes and walked up to the teacher "this is zeke he is our pride and joy so please belave while with him he is on the student council so watch what you say now why not show her around zeke you to are dissmissed for today so you can get to now each other"
  zeke / zerato / 9y 249d 13h 48m 48s
"um sure" Anna said softly as she stood there
"Hi my name Is Anna Morrin and i just moved here from England. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas" Anna said softly.
  Anna during christmas / ROsemarie_Hathaway / 9y 249d 13h 54m 7s
zeke was in his class as everyone was makeing plans for christmas everyone that is...but zeke not sure why but he always spends christmas alone he always has then suddenly the teacher comes in with a new female student "class id like you to meet a new student she will be joining us for the rest of the time she is here"all the boys were admireing her ecept for zeke who was resting his eyelids "miss why not introduce yourself??"
  zeke / zerato / 9y 249d 13h 56m 48s

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