The Princess Slave

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It had all happened because of a war.
A war between two kingdoms.
The war had begun hundreds of years ago and no one could even remember how the fighting had begun. They only knew that the people of the Moratri Clan and the Herishka Clan had always hated each other.
So it wasn't unusual for Zeeta Moratri, princess and heir to her father's throne, to go out to battle with the rest of the army as some Herishkan troops tried to infiltrate one of the major cities.
What was unusual was that the Moratri army actually lost against the Herishkan troops. This was something that never happened when Zeeta was leading them.
So the men were slaughtered and the few women soldiers were sold into slavery. Zeeta was among them. A woman born a princess was now a slave in the Herishkan kingdom.
As Zeeta's being auctioned off in a large Herishkan town, who should stumble upon her beauty but the handsome Herishkan prince. He can't help but buy her that day, but he never expected to fall in love with her!
When King Moratri finds out his daughter has been sold into slavery he storms the Herishkan kingdom with his entire army seeking his daughter and vengeance.
Can the prince and Zeeta save their two kingdoms before they tear each other apart?

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The entire crowd turned to look at the Herishkan Prince as he made a high bid on the Princess. Though some slave owners had been eyeing Zeeta dangerously, they did not dare raise a bid against the Prince.
Zeeta's heart filled with dread as she realized who she was about to be sold to. The nerve of him! Trying to buy her like some ordinary trinket! She wasn't a prize! She was a princess! She would not go through with this. She would not be a slave to her kingdom's greatest enemy!
The auctioneer look at the crowd, "No one dares to out bid the Prince?! None? Then it seems we have a winner! 1000 gold pieces for Princess Zeeta!"
A few guards moved toward Zeeta so they could bring her to the prince, but she would not be taken so easily. She turned and kicked one squared in the face while she punched the other in his chest. They both went reeling backwards at the unexpected blows. She took her moment and ran, but the auctioneer pulled at her collar. She glared and pulled it's leash out of his hands, knocking him forward and into the crowd. She was running, and about to jump off the stage when a guard grabbed her from behind.
Despite her efforts to fight again he was just too strong and had to good of a grip on her. He shackled her hands behind her back and her feet together and slung her over his shoulder before jumping off the stage and carrying her to the prince. "You best be careful your highness. She's a feisty one."
  Zeeta "Z" / secretkeeper217 / 10y 36d 7h 48m 44s
the prince of Herishkan kingdom was out on a walk in a town of his kingdom when he noticed the auction and stepped threw the crowd ,the people moved quickly out of his way as he looked at the girl and was stricken she was a beauty and it hit him its the princess of the other kingdom ,he heard the bid and smiles cause none ever try to outbid him 1000 gold peaces....he smiles at her I must have her he says to himself and waits to see if anyone dare outbid him

-i hope that was good enough..-
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can i join?
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Zeeta sat in the cage at the back of the carriage with the other women. Her hands and feet were shackled and there was a steel collar locked firmly around her neck. She would be sold into slavery as soon as they reached the nearest town. She! Princess Zeeta!
How could everything have gone so wrong?!? There were far more than we expected. She thought to herself We weren't prepared for so many. Dammit! We've gotten far too cocky! If I ever get out of this I'll make sure that never happens again!
Suddenly the wagon ground to a halt. Zeeta looked out to see a large city bustling with busy people. One of the soldiers opened the cage and pulled on the chain connected to their collars, "Come on! Get out!" He screamed pulling harder and making some women fall out of the wagon completely. Zeeta jumped out and helped them up, glaring at the man though he didn't notice.
He pulled them behind a large wooden stage and had them undress and put on something different from their armor. Zeeta swallowed her pride and put on the red, black, and gold outfit that barely covered her. How I wish I had a cloak. Then, one by one, women were brought onto the stage and auctioned off. Zeeta silently bid her friends goodbye, praying for their safety.
Finally, it was her turn. The man pulled on her collar until she'd walked to the center of the stage, facing an enormous crowd. He screamed in a triumphant voice, "How much would one of you pay to own Princess Zeeta Moratri!?! We'll start the biding at 400 gold pieces!"
  Zeeta "Z" / secretkeeper217 / 10y 36d 9h 8m 47s

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