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"They're murderous bloodthirsty beasts and that's all their kind will ever be!" Even four years after her father's death, his words still rang in her ears like a newly struck bell.

Melina Warrick was born into a world of darkness, blood, and war under a race of people known only as The Slayers .
These people kept control over every magical and mythical creature that roamed the earth, and were known for both their kindness, and their cruelty.
Melina was the only daughter of the greatest Slayer of all time. Vladimir Warrick. He trained her from the moment she could walk to fight and hunt.
But a dark cloud settled over the Warrick family, for on the eve of Melina's 16th birthday her father was sent to hunt a large clan of vampires.
He never returned
Melina took his place, and began hunting the clan herself, seeking revenge for her father's murder.

After four years of searching she finally finds the clan, and the son of the very man who put the knife through her father's heart. But despite what his father has done, Melina can't find it in her cold heart to hate the boy. There's just something in his eyes that melts the ice that's encased her heart.


1.) Don't ask to join, cuz I always say yes anyway.
2.) Get creative with characters.
3.) NO ONE LINERS!!! I absolutely HATE one liners! Please give me something to read. It doesn't have to be supremely long, but give me some details!
4.) Romance is needed
5.) Have fun!

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Melina worried about Adri. She knew she could defend herself, but she still didn't want her friend to get hurt. She was tempted to follow her into the room and help her take out the guards, but she knew that might jeopardize the mission. She nodded to her friend and mouthed I will as the men led her into the room.
She sighed softly, still worrying as they shut the door, but she didn't waist time. She pulled off her long sleeved shirt so she was just wearing the tank top underneath. She was tired of hiding. The boy would die knowing exactly who she was. Then She and Valerie ran for the room, pulling out their weapons and getting ready for the ambush.
  Mimi / secretkeeper217 / 10y 36d 5h 40m 13s
Adriana eyed the men. "I..." She paused, feeling at her back. "If I can distract them, you guys go inside, and get the mission done, okay?" Adriana put on a pretty smile and made sure her outfit was perfectly in place and she curiousl walked out around the corner, acting like a airbrained girl who had gotten lost. She walked over to the muscular vampires and and feigned innocence. She even flirted a bit. Melina had been right, all guys are perverts. She flashed a little cleavage, twirled her hair and acted interested and the men offered to show her to 'safety'. She followed them towards another door, wondering where it lead to. She looked over her shoulder at Melina and mouthed, come get me when you are done.
  Adriana Vendette / isabelladawn / 10y 36d 5h 52m 58s
The path grew colder, and darker as they moved farther underground. The smell of death was so potent that it almost made Melina sick! They even past a skeleton or two on their way and she mumbled a soft prayer for the lost souls that still wandered these catacombs.
These vampires were truly disgusting horrid creatures and she would have no problem riding the world of one more filthy leech.

The path seemed to stretch endlessly. In fact, Mimi was beginning to wonder when the would reach the end, when suddenly she looked around the corner and saw two large, muscular vampire guarding a door. A small wooden door.....with a black sun burned in the center. She turned to look at the girls and whispered, "We're here."
  Mimi / secretkeeper217 / 10y 36d 9h 19s
Adriana smiled. "That's the Melina I know." She whispered. This was great, they were finally going to avenge the man whom Melina called father, and whom Adri considered her father as well. She looked at Val for reassurance before plunging further into enemy territory. It was going to be hard. Killing someone who has no idea why you are killing them or who you are. She sighed. But her heart said she had to do it, she just hoped her heart wouldn't change its mind after it was too late.
  Adriana Vendette / isabelladawn / 10y 36d 9h 11m 34s
Melina took strength in her friends words and they snapped her out of her stupid thoughts of the past. Her eyes locked on the path in front of her as she became very aware of her surroundings. "If we continue heading south and travel to the path that's the deepest and farthest underground we'll find a room marked with their symbol. The black sun. That room is where The Diabolus Clan's leader has hidden his son for safety."
She looked at her friend, a bit of a smirk spreading across her face, "We'll teach that murderous monster what it's like to loose someone you love." With that she continued forward, her senses at their peek and her will stronger than ever.
  Mimi / secretkeeper217 / 10y 36d 9h 15m 11s
Adri grabbed Melina's hand after hearing her answer Val's question. "No you aren't, but you will be..." She sighed, looking at her friend with concern. "We were born to do this, everything will be fine, so no worries okay? Stay strong." Adri looked around. Death mingled in the air. She closed her eyes and breathed it in. Rage and death were something she owned. They comforted her, and she could feed off their presence like a vampire does blood, it kept her strong. She puled her hand back and smiled again. "Now come on, let's keep moving."
  Adriana Vendette / isabelladawn / 10y 36d 9h 24m 8s
The pathways that lead through the catacombs was nothing short of a maze, but it never worried Melina. She knew where she was going.
The path was damp, dank, and reeked of death and blood. It was also dark, with only a smoldering torch here and there to light their way and oddly enough there were mirrors embedded at random points on either sides of the walls. Melina stopped at one, glancing at her reflection. Her dark brown hair fell over her face, hiding her violet colored eyes. Her thin but muscular body was completely covered in black. A black long sleeve shirt, tight black jeans, and her black combat boots. She had to completely cover her body to hide her tattoos. Tattoos that marked her as a slayer from the Warrick line. Tattoos that would get her killed in a place like this if they were seen. The Warrick slayers were the most feared and hated in all of vampire society.
The longer Melina looked in the mirror, the less she saw herself and the more she saw her mother. Her brow furrowed, creased with lines of anger and hatred and she was tempted to break the damned thing into a thousand pieces, until Val spoke, breaking her from her thoughts, "Mimi? You ok?"
Melina looked away from the reflective glass and sighed, "Yea." she mumbled.
  Mimi / secretkeeper217 / 10y 36d 9h 28m 46s
Adri rolled her eyes, giggling. Sometimes she wished her father hadn't been a Slayer.... but oh well, life wasn't that bad....

She nodded, following Melina towards the archway. This was going to be fun... She ran a hand through her hair,thinking. What were they going to do once they got into there? She knew Melina already had a plan, but Adri only came up with plans spontaneously because she knew with plans, things went wrong...
  Adriana Vendette / isabelladawn / 10y 36d 9h 40m 40s
Melina smiled softly at Adri as she commented on the vampire boys. "Vampire, slayer, human, or werewolf. It doesn't really matter. Boys will always be pervs." They all giggled, acting for once like the normal girls they could have been, but life was never that easy.
Melina whispered to her friends, "We'd better start the mission before they ask us to murder children with them." Melina scowled at the boys, her beautiful face filled with hatred as she led the girls through the crowd towards the giant arch leading into the catacombs.
  Mimi / secretkeeper217 / 10y 36d 9h 47m 50s
<<you said not to ask so I wont....therefore, instead of asking im telling: Im joining as Melina's bff, or second best friend, lolz>>

Adri danced in and out among the other dancing people. A smile showed on her face and for once she could understand why her mothr left them for a vampire. Some of them were kinda cute. She laughed softly at herself. Wow, she thought, never thought I'd say a thing like that. she stopped dancing and pushed her way through the crowd, looking for Melina and Valerie, the two girls she had came here with. Her father had been friends with Melina's father, so Adri had grown up with her. She had even viewed her father as a second dad, and it had caused major havoc in her life when Melina's father was murdered. He had been family to her, and she had insisted on helping Melina avenge him. Finally! She spotted them.

Adri laughed as she watched Val sneak up on Melina. It wasn't something most people got away with, but it was rather funny. She walked up to the two of them, making her presence known before she got too close. "Hey guys!" she yelled, then when she got closer she whispered. "Any ideas on what to do now?" She looked around casually and blushed when she saw one of 'them' watching her curiously. He grinned when he saw her looking back at him, and she turned her head quickly. "Eww yucky, who would've thought they could still be perverts..."
  Adriana Vendette / isabelladawn / 10y 36d 9h 56m 11s
The club pulsed with loud music, making Melina's ears throb. Speakers placed throughout the dance floor pulsed with each beat of a drum or each strum of a chord. It took everything she had to repress the urge to rip the speakers to pieces. Melina absolutely loathed loud music! It deafened her sensitive ears to much more important sounds. Like the sound of the person sneaking up behind her.
"Mimi!" A small hand fell upon her shoulder, as if trying to turn her around.
This small gesture was enough to trigger her instincts. She whirled around and had the person pinned to the ground by their neck in seconds. She was about to plow her fist into the person's face when she realized who she was choking. Her second in command and the only backup she'd brought.
"Valerie!" The poor girl's face was turning as red as her scarlet hair. Meme released her iron grip and helped her to stand. "You know better than to sneak up on me like that! Especially in a place like this." She scolded in a soft whisper.
Val coughed a bit, regaining her breath, "Sorry Mimi. I thought I lost you in the crowd."
She sighed softly and looked around the club, fully taking in her surroundings. There was a large dance floor, the giant oak door which led back up to the surface, and a large archway that opened a path to hundreds of tunnels leading deep underground. Written in blood above the arch were the words: THE CATACOMBS. The entire place was very sparely lit. To any human unfortunate enough to stumble upon this place all they'd see would be a bunch of thrashing bodies in the dark. While Mimi saw a club filled to the bursting with vampires, none of which suspected that two Slayers were dancing among them.
Her gaze fell to the archway across the room. The Diabolus Clan must be hiding somewhere in the catacombs. If she found the Diabolus Clan she'd find her fathers murderer, which meant that vampire blood would be spilled tonight.
She pulled down the long sleeves of her shirt, making sure they covered the tattoos on her arms. If any vampire saw them they'd know exactly who she was, and she wasn't sure if she and Val could take on so many vampires at once.
She checked all around her, making sure no one had seen before she made her way across the dance floor. Val could see they were headed for the catacombs, and although she didn't look the least bit happy about going deeper underground to search for a vicious and deadly clan of vampires, she followed her commander's every step, knowing she's rather face the wrath of a million vampires at once than dare upset Melina.
  Mimi / secretkeeper217 / 10y 36d 10h 4m 13s

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