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venticus wasnt always what he was he was human at one time but a curse on his town changed that turning him into a beast like wolf that walked on two legs a new life form was born that day the warg a beast that rivaled the werewolf because it was a werebeast as well but it could were armor or cloth and wield weapons but what happens when the wargs learn that there is a way to free them from the curse but is it really that much of a burden venticus doesnt think so anymore since his new form saved his love some time ago and he always wondered what happened to her after she saw him change into a warg this is the story of venticus and how he journeyed to find his beloved only to find she had married a wealthy man will his heart ment or will the beast inside take revenge for his sarrow??

characters needed
oc-venticus sister-Mistress Black
his married love-open
old loves husband-open


Name;; --- Mistress Black
Age;; --- 16
Gender;; --- Female
Sexuality;; --- Straight
Personality;; --- She is mysterious and cut off, not much is known about her.
Flaws;; --- She has a habbit of alieniating people and has no respect for those who are lower than her.
Strong Points;; --- She never needs anyone to protect her and she is very laid back. She never makes a big deal of anything and she is completely independant.

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im doing good you?
  venticus (warg) / zerato / 9y 249d 15h 1m 31s
So How you Been?
good to know
  venticus (warg) / zerato / 9y 249d 15h 4m 52s
Well I'm back.
i haven t seen you for a while thats what
  venticus (warg) / zerato / 9y 249d 16h 54m 32s
Laughs. Whats wrong?
<jaw drops!!!>
  venticus (warg) / zerato / 9y 249d 18h 32m 10s
Ya.. Behold XxSilentCriesxX
wait silent..... did you have another username before???
  venticus (warg) / zerato / 9y 249d 18h 37m 59s
Wow I'm surpirzed you didn't click.....
im known as zerato here or zera for short
  venticus (warg) / zerato / 9y 249d 18h 39m 57s
You Normaly Are.... Oh you can call me Silent too.
ok well im here all night
  venticus (warg) / zerato / 9y 249d 18h 45m 14s
I will join as the New Love...

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