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I wanna do an FLCL Romance Roleplay, but instead of Naota being with Haruko, i would like to have my custom charecter to be with Haruko, anybody wanna play Haruko? and has seen the anime and can do the zaniey role of haruko, and ready to do romance!


and No oneliners, proper paragraphs and knows how to play haruko

and if you've read this, say 'FLCL Rocks'

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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OOC: okay see you soon, and one point, sorry if i'm being a nagger

but if you may, please make your posts longer, and have a bit more descriptian in them, if that's k with you?
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 45d 21h 44m 38s
She opened her eyes seeing he was squirming around and went over to retrieve her guitar she smirked getting back on her vespa and rideing away with a huge grin
  THE HARUKO HARUHARA / animeluver / 10y 45d 21h 47m 14s
Arcuied eyes opened instanley as that crazy vespa lady suddenly thrust his lips agianst his. A hot red blush came to his cheeks and he gasped. He lay there stunned for a few seconds before squirming around. "HEY!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" He cried into the forced kiss and tried to push away from her.

But she was like stone! she would not budge from where she was....he just lay there squirming, right under her grasp on his lips. "Hmppph!!!" He cried out agian into the kiss, trying to get here away from him.
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 45d 21h 50m 42s
Haruko skipped over childishly and leaned next to him and started pokeing the bump "huh so maybe he is dead after all" she gasped dramatically "oh this poor boy DEATH BY MOTOR BIKE!" she said gasping again very dramaticaly then violently started shakeing him by his legs upside down "OUT OUT OUT!!!!" she roared the layed him down carefully "yep sooooo dead" she said in a catish voice "COME BACK TO -KUN" she cried kissing him on the lips
  THE HARUKO HARUHARA / animeluver / 10y 45d 21h 59m 58s
OOC: Tis k!
Arcuied simply looked astonished and shooked. "What the Hel-?!" He cried out before the bass guitar connected with his head, sending him flying in the air backwords, he did a flip and ended up landing flat on his face, a huge bruise swelling on his head.

"Uhhuuuhuhhh." he moaned, he was knocked out cold from the shot from the guitar. That crazy woman came out of nowhere...why the hell would she just attack him like that! she could have killed him throwing something like a bass guitar at such hight speeds at him like that. "Ughh...." He moaned agian, only slightly moving.
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 45d 22h 7m 29s
Haruko Grinned widely bearly able to see through her goggles her hair flying everywhere her vespa zoooomed loudly she smirked her guitar slung over her back she let out a ooooooooooOOOO noise she was only holding one handle on the vespa a fly flew onto her nose and she moved her other hand and swatted at it. Her and her bike and guitar where swinging around her guitar went flying directly at Arcuied fallowed by her and her vespa.

  THE HARUKO HARUHARA / animeluver / 10y 45d 22h 10m 45s

Okay, go ahead and follow up from my post, i sorta led you in, so it's all good, have fun!
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 45d 22h 19m 35s

  THE HARUKO HARUHARA / animeluver / 10y 45d 22h 21m 22s

Would you like to join then?

Just follow the rules, One thing, you can role play well right? I wanna make this a good roleplay.

and also, can you make a haruko charecter for this roleplay?
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 45d 22h 25m 21s
HEY HEY you fond the perfect haruko HAHAHA
iv seen the anime over 100 times XD my friend even told me i act like her and bought me a vespa X3)
Arcuied took his leave from home, he drapped his bag over his shouldur and sighed. "Hmmph....school agian..." He muttered as he looked around the small town, nothing ever happened here.....it never has and probably never will.

He slowly stopped at a drink machine, and bought a lemon soda, he liked the sour taste in the morning, it woke him up after his dreamless nights.

He slowly walked onto the bridge, cars slowly driving by each other, the same as any other day, the repetive cycle that is Arcuied's life. He heard something rumbling behind him, a engine...a vespa? nobody owns a vespa in town. "What the....?" He said and turned around, seeing the strangest sight in the world.
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 45d 22h 44m 17s

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