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Lyssa and her best friend have been feeling some tension between. However, on Lyssa's 17th birthday, they discover why they'd been feeling so much tension: they had feelings for eachother. They express these feelings that night.

However, after that, they both have doubts. Could they make their relationship work? Should they hide it? What would people think?


(b Lyssa
Age 16, turning 17
Mini-Biography Lyssa was brought up in a strict and financially ready household. Her parents, conservative lawyers, don't have anything against homosexuality, but are a little nervous at the possibility of their daughter being one. Lyssa feels this nervousness, and she's worried as well.

(b Best Friend - OPEN

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  Ryo Nishikido / Hyrojukii / 10y 45d 6h 47m 17s
Sorry, I don't remember my password for my other account. X3
  Lyssa Marie James / MercuryCocktail / 10y 45d 13h 52m 53s
"I know," she said with a grin and held back a gasp as Ryo tackled her. The idea of Ryo's frame dominating her small one made her shiver, but she held it back.

"I bet you can," she said. Lyssa was small, short and skinny. When she looked up at her and stuck out her tongue, she wanted to just kiss her right there. Lyssa knew Ryo could do amazing things with that tongue.

Lyssa was generally playful, but her face was serious, "Hey, Ryo. I... I need to tell you something."

She was blushing now, deep scarlet covering her cheeks, and looked up at her friend, but made no move to remove the girl from on top of her. With another few glances down her body, she sighed.

"Have you ever... you know... about being with a girl," she asked hopefully. If she said no, Lyssa would make up some lie about a rumor or something. If she said yes, Lyssa would try to get up the courage to ask her about herself.

She gripped her sheets and wanted to desperately for Ryo just to fuck her brains out.
  MercuryCocktail / 10y 45d 13h 53m 40s

  Ryo Nishikido / Hyrojukii / 10y 46d 29m 19s
Lyssa smiled, wear black shorts and a white tank top saying "I like New York as a Friend.". Laying down on her bed, she laughed, happy the party was over and it was just her and Ryo. She liked all of her friends, but Ryo was... special. Lyssa knew she'd started having feelings for her, but had pushed them aside. Now, she couldn't help but want to express them aloud.

"Yeah, I'm sure the policemen will be so excited to see their new decorations," she said with another giggle. When Ryo spoke again, Lyssa stopped laughing and looked at her.

"Because you're my best friend, silly. All those people are just regular friends."

Lyssa didn't want to admit she had feelings for Ryo, but was okay with the fact she was seriously to her. She wanted nothing more than to pin her down and make her scream for hours. The idea made her squirm with delight, but she tried to hide it. She offered a smile, her blue eyes glancing at her body, and thinking over how exactly she would tell her best friend she wanted her.

ooc; I know it seems like she's just horny, but she's trying to deny her love, and is instead putting it out as lust. I didn't want to be all "Damn, that girl is HORNY." x3
  Lyssa Ally James / Allyson / 10y 46d 1h 25s
Ryo fell back against Lyssa
  Ryo Nishikido / Hyrojukii / 10y 46d 1h 9m 25s
Sorry it took so long. Found my picture! (:
  Lyssa Ally James / Allyson / 10y 46d 1h 25m 35s
Hmm, how about when everyone leaves and they're are both in her room, like sitting on the bed or whatever. :P
  Lyssa James / Allyson / 10y 46d 1h 27m 27s
I don't mind cybering. PM's though, I don't wanna get flagged. Want me to start when she's arriving, or just straight to the juciness?
  Ryo Nishikido / Hyrojukii / 10y 46d 1h 34m 8s
Awh, she's pretty. I think I'm going to make my character bigger. X3

Wanna do the first post while I do that? All you have to do is post at her birthday party. I don't really have a problem with cyber if it's part of the story, and this would be their night of passion or whatever, or would you feel more comfortable skipping it?
  Lyssa James / Allyson / 10y 46d 1h 35m 43s
I've got it. (:
  Ryo Nishikido / Hyrojukii / 10y 46d 1h 39m 52s
Sorry, I know I didn't specify, but I would like a real picture! Other than that, you're in! (:
  Allyson / 10y 46d 1h 48m 7s
Best Friend- Ryo
Age- 16
Mini-Biography- Ryo had grown up with her drunken mother, and drug dealer/druggie father, living in the ghetto. They'd never had much, and still didn't, but Ryo had always been happy with what she had.
OOC: Working on the pic. ^^
  Ryo Nishikido (Female) / Hyrojukii / 10y 46d 1h 52m 57s

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