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zack was on his way to the academy and was just as sad as ever even though he could do magic he could only do it 8 times and this has a side effect if he uses up all 8 he will die he walked to the academy while he saw others flying sprinting like the wind and hovering they laughed at him and went on by since he had no friends ,he sighed and went inside "this will be a long day i can just tell......"
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 293d 22h 1m 2s
ill start us off if someone is here
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 293d 22h 4m 58s
anyone on
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 293d 22h 6m 16s
your both in
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 294d 1h 45m 36s
name: Ryo Angel
age: 16
magic counter- 8
skills: hand to hand combat and fire magic
love interest: none yet
bio: She isn't your typical girl. She's somewhat reserved and quiet, she observes people and situations from a distance before she gets into the middle of anything. She has her own secrets and nobody really knows anything about her other then she can be cold-hearted and mean at times.
  Ryo Angel / RenearaXMisto / 9y 294d 6h 9m 27s
name:Mira Asano
magic counter-16
skills:trained in hand to hand combat and weaponry
love interest:Zack Futta
bio:Mira's own father graduated from the school at the top of his class and had been training his daughter himself until he died in an experiment gone wrong. Shy and quiet, Mira tends to keep to herself despite wanting to make friends and finds herself being drawn to Zack Futta.

  Mira Asano / Broken_Angel / 9y 294d 9h 44m 24s
please join
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 294d 13h 59m 10s

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