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this is a world famous magic academy called aura it trains you magic users into becomeing powerful witches and warlocks and everything in between since magic is world wide this acedemy lets in only the brightest students except there is one that can only use his magic 8 times if he uses all his magic he will die but as it goes already he is not well known and not cared for by his fellow class mates excpecially his female peirs but suddenly it all changed when it was found out his family was one of the most powerfulest in the world now girls ty to get with him the guys try to befriend him and a transfer student a new girl to aura acedmy started calling him her husband ...this is going to be a long year

needed other characters
transfer girl-taken by animefan127
best friend-open
best friends girl-mira
and other students

magic counter-
love interest:
accepted characters

name:zack futta
magic counter-(8)
skills:hidden powerful attacks-
love interest:transfer student
bio:zack futta was not liked since he was considered below average in magic but now he has hell day in and day out

name:Mira Asano
magic counter-16
skills:trained in hand to hand combat and weaponry
love interest:Zack Futta
bio:Mira's own father graduated from the school at the top of his class and had been training his daughter himself until he died in an experiment gone wrong. Shy and quiet, Mira tends to keep to herself despite wanting to make friends and finds herself being drawn to Zack Futta.

name: Ryo Angel
age: 16
magic counter- 8
skills: hand to hand combat and fire magic
love interest: none yet
bio: She isn't your typical girl. She's somewhat reserved and quiet, she observes people and situations from a distance before she gets into the middle of anything. She has her own secrets and nobody really knows anything about her other then she can be cold-hearted and mean at times

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one sec im getting the transfer girl
  zeke markess / zerato / 9y 250d 13h 6m 1s
"Same here." Ryo replied as she turned back around and opened her notebook. She started writing a short story, she thought it sounded good but she didn't really like sharing and glared at anyone who dared come near her in an attempt to steal the notebook and read the story out loud.
  Ryo Angel / RenearaXMisto / 9y 252d 18h 15m 59s
"It's okay," Mira smiled, "I don't mind a bit. I don't care much for the gossip or being another one of the mindless automotons that run around this place. I prefer my originality."

Mira glanced around the room noting that the teacher hadn't arrived yet so she went back to doodling in her notebook,writing little random bits of thought as she drew.
  Mira Asano / Broken_Angel / 9y 252d 21h 45m 8s
Ryo turned around and looked at Mira. "I have to agree with you on that one." She said. "But I don't think they get that quite yet. Not trying to be mean or anything, I just think they're afraid to be a little different because they like being popular. I, however, can deal with not being popular because I don't want the attention. It would get annoying after a while. Sorry for jumping in to your conversation, but its the only one that's not really gossip." She said.
  Ryo Angel / RenearaXMisto / 9y 253d 5h 46m 24s

Mira smiled looking down at the little teddy bear he gave her. It was the only present she had recieved from another person in a very long time.

"Why would I not be your friend? You're a good person and there's no reason not to be your friend. Besides, it's not like people flock to me either," she smiled, "People are a little afraid of how much more training I've had than others here."

Mira glanced around the room for a moment eyeing their fellow classmates, their similarities, the way they all almost seemed to be exactly the same in every way.

"Besides, who wants to just be a part of the crowd when we were all made to be be original and unique."
  Mira Asano / Broken_Angel / 9y 253d 18h 1m 24s
ill have you as my lover and mira can be my best friends lover cause i did promise you if you joined you got the part
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 253d 20h 9m 54s

  Kaiki Mari / Animefan127 / 9y 253d 20h 25m 7s
{Sorry for jumping in randomly}

Ryo walked into class 2-b and took a seat in front of Zack and Mira. She paid no mind really but listened to everyone in the room. Everyone thought she wasn't really paying attention but they were dead wrong about that, she was very good at multitasking. To say simply she was always on guard no matter what the only chatter she really drowned out was the gossip.
  Ryo Angel / RenearaXMisto / 9y 253d 20h 27m 1s
  Kaiki Mari / Animefan127 / 9y 253d 20h 31m 9s
<<<yea but unfrtunatly the transfer girl is taken i can give her a rival if thats ok with you both>>>
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 253d 20h 35m 50s
  Kaiki Mari / Animefan127 / 9y 253d 20h 38m 3s
"oh hey mira" he says with a smile "how are you doing?" he says and then hands her somethin a teddy bear with a orb floating around its head saying thanks "its for being my friend i dont get why you wanna be seen with me most poplular girls hate my guts cause i cant use my magic but your not like them why did you befriend me anyway???" he asks curiously
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 253d 20h 40m 17s
Mira glanced up from her desk hearing the commotion. Two students were rough housing nearby and she watched with a small smile. She always had to smile though whenever she saw Zack. She had been drawn to him since her first day here. The teacher had even assigned them to sit next to one another. He was the only one in the school she could actually talk to and not feel the need to run and hide. He never treated her strangely for being able to use her magic more than some of the others in class and it made her happy.
"Good morning Zack," she said shyly, wondering if he even heard her.
  Mira Asano / Broken_Angel / 9y 253d 20h 46m 30s
zack shrugged "not really it sucks that i cant use any of my magic otherwise i kick the bucket... he looked at her and went to his class of 2-b were he was put ina head lock by his class mate fuca whats up mon???"fuca was from austrialia and was litterally his only friend but he would always be worryed about his low status friend he said to him that who knows maybe somthin good will happen today???. which zack scuffed at sumthin good for him yea right nothin goes his way ever....
  zack futta / zerato / 9y 253d 21h 3m 57s
Ryo was at her locker quietly putting some books in for when she was bored along with her sketch pad and small book bag. She kept her note book on her in case she had to write anything down to study or just to doodle in when she was in class with nothing better to do. She saw a kid walk in looking really sad, she sighed again and slammed her locker shut and walked over to him. "Hey you ok?" She asked him.
  Ryo Angel / RenearaXMisto / 9y 253d 21h 10m 24s

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