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For hundreds of years humans lived alongside magical creatures. Witches helped them heal, vampires protected Kings while they slept, werewolves kept the forests clear of robbers, and dragons gave light to villages in darkness. Life like this was happy and beautiful, but soon the humans got cocky. Their numbers increased incredibly while those of the magical creatures did not. Soon fights broke out, raids were organized, and then the hunting started. So much blood was shed during those years, enough blood to send the creatures into hiding.

Many years passed and the humans began to forget about those creatures. Their stories became legends, legends became myths, and soon no one believed in them anymore. But they are still there, hiding in the shadows while you sleep.


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Satomi and shinji sat in there small hose on the outskirts of the new york. "hey shinji wanna go out im tried of being in the house and since school is out can we go to the lake please" she called to her twin brother who sat lazily on the couch. "sure i have no problem with that maybe we'll run into some one from our old village". he said smiling as she stood up and streched his stiffend limbs. "should we walk or take the shadows".Shinji though for a moment as he open his lip slighly revealing small fangs. "let's take the shadow then we can walk around once we get there". Satomi nodded in agreement as she grabbed her brothers hands "all right let's go". they nodded before saying a small chant "darkness take hold of us in the shadows we lurk.... steal a soul and consume the remains" they finished as there bodies began turning dark and they dissapeard into nothing. "hey shinji were here already". she nodded as shinji let go and they walked closer to the lake. "feels good to be free" she sat looking around at his sister who was in a all black dress that was up to her feet and he was dressed in a pair of jeans and a nomal "human" shirt.
  Satomi & Shinji / suzaku1 / 10y 157d 1h 56m 32s

The large Victorian mansion that was known as Vladescu Castle sat atop the largest and best kept estate in the entire New York countryside. It was well furnished with beautiful works of art hanging on the walls. It was well designed with high ceilings and a grand staircase or two. It was also incredibly vast. It made Alex feel like a grain of sand as she sat cross-legged in the very center of their marble ballroom floor.

She missed their small cottage in the English countryside, and their tiny cabin in the Himalayas, and even their little shack in Chile. She missed the small safe feeling each new destination brought, even if they were running for their lives, but now everything was so open. Her parents did it because they didn't have to hide anymore from the hunters, but Alex still felt vulnerable in the giant house.
Finally, when she could bear the crushing walls around her no longer she grabbed her messenger bag and snuck out of the house, praying that her parents wouldn't see her.

The streets and New York City were filled with traffic and clubbers despite the lateness of the hour. Alex rode her motorcycle between and around cars, her long, muscular legs clad in black jeans and combat boots while her long, messy brown hair flew out behind her. She didn't wear a helmet. She didn't need one. She pulled her leather jacket closer around her, keeping the cold air away from her body as she turned a sharp corner, heading into a much darker part of town.

The farther she went down those roads the less populated and more dangerous the area got. Yet she wasn't afraid. She felt free and safe on her bike. Plus, who could hurt and vampire princess?
  Alexandra Vladescu / secretkeeper217 / 10y 157d 2h 17m 55s
okay then i;ll wait but i may have to leave to go to bed
  Satomi & Shinji / suzaku1 / 10y 157d 2h 34m 5s
  Alexandra Vladescu / secretkeeper217 / 10y 157d 2h 37m 14s
Name:Satomi & Shinji Kazaki
Species:vampire/shadow demon
Your Side: they are undecided but lean more toward shadow
Short Bio: They are the son and daughter of two diffent species. there were loved by the small village that holds half breed human and demon children there mother is head of there village while there father protected them from any danger ,untill there parents were brutally killed in the raids Satomi and shinji heard there fathers word. "escape live amoung the humans" they ran and started a new life never forgeting there home they hoped to one day gather the children from there old village and restart again. Satomi & shinji are to cold twins that share kind personalities sometimes. shinji is colder while satomi can be cruel yet shy.
  Satomi & Shinji / suzaku1 / 10y 157d 2h 41m 35s
Name: Alexandra Vladescu
Species: Pure Blood Vampire Princess
Your Side: Undecided
Short Bio: After surviving the vampire hunts and nearly three hundred years of hiding Alex and her parents take back their seat of power in the oldest most powerful clan of vampires to ever walk to the earth: The Black Iris Clan. She's respected, and feared. She very calm, nonchalant, and uncaring about everyone and everything, but she longs to get away from the throne and out into the dangerous world.
  Alexandra Vladescu / secretkeeper217 / 10y 157d 3h 5m 44s

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